The Changeling Exchange - WIP updated July 2,2021

Such a mood tbh. I am so torn as well aaahhh

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mane ^^

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I really like the plot, and especially the characters! Not gonna lie, I can’t help but flirt with Rayf, Kaz and Nax , it’s just so hard to choose who is the best because they are all fricking perfect (in my eyes, atleast). The lore is also very interesting.

Keep up the good work!


Not me thinking me and Nax was gon do something😅

I’ve been looking for something like this
I threw my phone and giggling and laughing smirking to damn I LOVE THIS🥵


i finally found time and courage to finish this. i was honestly originally going for the dense mc at the start then slowly fall in love with their best friend but gods damn nax, you cannot just flirt your way to my heart. i had a hard time choosing between rayf and nax since i felt so bad that rayf has feelings for the mc and im not reciprocating it. he is cute but honestly i felt really guilty whenever i would i reciprocate nax’s flirting. i was trying so hard to avoid the LT route. that kiss with tyler was just very surprising. i do think i have made my mind with romancing nax though, i always did have a soft spot for flirt ROs and shy MCs. (would honestly torture myself and try the Lt route whenever i want to feel pain lmao)


Damnnn i never commented on any of the forum before but this wip is def Awsomeeee af!!
From the writing,story,the world,the humor,the interaction and don’t get me started on the characters!! Oh absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for making my days better with this wip :grinning: