The Changeling Exchange - WIP updated July 2,2021

I’ve begun work on my new game The Changeling Exchange.

Faerie is dying. You are one of a small group of Fae foundlings who learn this secret along with the truth about your parents. When they send you on a nearly impossible task in the human world to save your people, will you find the answers you need to save your home?

The game will alternate between the last nine months of your life in Faerie as a teen and your current life as an adult changeling In the human world.

This is heavily focused on romance/relationships. Play as m/f/nb, gay, straight or bi.


July 24, 2020 - grammar and spelling fixes, save system added, teeny, tiny update (WIP is now 20,700 words, but the plot thickens :eyes:) and stat fixes.

August 28, 2020 - Chapter 1 complete, WIP is now 25,000 words.

July 2, 2021
Added chapter 2, total word count is now 35,300

To play the demo go here:


You can use opposed pairs for personality traits so that you’ll only have to juggle half of those variables


OH MY GOD! The story is so my cup of tea!!! It’s unique and refreshing. But I think you should replace the word “sour” with smth else. I sincerely hope that you’ll be able to finish this game. I really love it :'D


I love this so much. I’m so super excited for this story. The characters are amazing and I like the MC. I’m living for Josie’s curses.


So far really enjoying this story. Noticed a few grammar errors, but was too caught up in the story to write them down. I’ll do a grammar playthrough tomorrow and send you the typos and such I noticed, if that’d be useful.

Really love the atmosphere and characters, and the dialogue is very rpg. Is this something you’d be open to or want to add music to? I feel like music would really enhance the atmosphere of this game.


You can use opposed pairs for personality traits so that you’ll only have to juggle half of those variables

That’s definitely possible, but I admit its kind of refreshing seeing a personality that isn’t a list of axis and which gives you more variability in all of the stats individually. Still, either approach is definitely workable.


Okay I am in love, this has already shot up to one of my most anticipated WIPs I’m just so in love with the characters and the MC already. So many good things in this one update: great ROs, great worldbuilding/lore, adorable flirt options, hilarious dialogue, jealousy (love triangle?!) and plot twists. Definitley looking forward to more :relaxed:


I absolutely love this! I never really comment, but this really caught my interest. I love all the ROs (kinda hoping for poly but it’s all good if there isn’t any) and each of there personalities. I’m really looking forward to the next update and what direction you take this!


Was I supposed to be able to get to 160 in the cautious stat?


I had so much fun reading this!! I couldn’t agree more with all the points @spiriter made – lots of good stuff so far!

So we know for sure Rayf holds a torch for the MC :eyes:. I think it’s so cute how awkward the whole situation is. I’m very eager to lean into this – my MC’s gonna be aware of it all: Rayf always finding a way to be with her, his constant leaking, the not-so-lowkey hints the clan have been dropping…yeah. She knows. It feels weird! He’s kind of like her little brother, almost! This entire situation embarrasses her so much, and she would really, really much rather go back to being just bros…but deep down, part of her kinda likes that R likes her.
Lots of confusion. We love the tension between ROs.

One of my favorite scenes so far was when we find out Nax is Farros! I thought that was so funny, especially because my MC did not hesitate to let her mind run free haha! Oops.

I highkey live for the lil jealous moments! :heart:

Quick question: so Gavin is a separate RO from Nax, Kazrin, and Rayf, right? Gavin’s not an incarnation of either of them? Just wanted to clarify!


“Pedo home-wrecker” :joy: lol, I’m sold.

On a more serious note… this is actually incredibly good, I love everything about it.


The Farros thing was sooo cute he really sat there and listened to the MC give an entire history lesson and fell for them so hard they just had to test the waters with some over the top selfie that’s so endearing :sob:


A fantastic start to a surely entertaining storyline.
Nice work overall and I feel the current end of demo was unexpected for all the obvious reasons!!
Continue the good work & progress!!! :heart_eyes:


Wow…just…Wow. That was amazing. The story was pretty good so far and the romance, in my opinion, was rather natural. I’m definitely gonna keep an eye on this and give my signature 10/10 claps


Oh wow x)

I had so much fun reading this!

The pacing is neat; the characters all seem very interesting and make me want to learn more about them.

There is some great humor in it and I really look forward to what you have planned for this. :smiley:

As others mentioned before, the only ‘problem’ I have right now are the stats. I don’t mind the lack of opposing stats, it’s interesting to see. I’m mostly confused about the numbers and percents both being there?

Do you have something planned for that later, like flavor text in the stats or something of the sort?


OMG I’m freakin INLOOOOVEEE :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Keep up the good work AND WAITING FOR THE NEXT UPDATE!!!


Damn, that was amazing, its been a while since I read a wip so good I instantly went to draw my mc ><!
I like the concept and the writing and I can’t wait for more ><!



this is so interesting and funny! I’m really excited for this. I’m so excited for more!


Josie is such a riot! :joy: I had such a great time playing and will definitely keep an eye out for the next update! I’m so happy that there’s another WIP about the Fae. I’ve been thirsting for it, so bless you! Also, do I smell a love triangle? :speak_no_evil:


Wow, I’m blown away by all your kind comments, thank you so much, I sincerely appreciate it and am thrilled at the interest in this story!

In response to a few questions:
Stats - I know there are some stat issues, I haven’t worked through them in detail but will give them some attention/refinement in the next update.

No, big oops on my part

I may do this, but prefer to try to keep them individual for the moment, we’ll see if I can manage :sweat_smile:

This would be VERY helpful and greatly appreciated. I notice errors every time I read through so please send them when you find them.

Nope, G is the 4th RO, not a changeling (but may be keeping some secrets from you)

This had me laughing out loud, perfection, I may need to use this​:joy::joy:

Heck yes you do!

@Hamps - I am in love with this gorgeousness, thank you so much!

I’ll be making grammatical fixes this week and am desperately trying (and failing) to get the save system working. Also, glad to feel the love for Josie, she is near and dear to me!:joy: