The Cellar of Mystery (WIP) (DEMO TOMORROW)

SUMMARY: You’re a police officer of New York Police Department. After you successfully arrested Mark Black who is the most dangerous serial killer, your life takes a dark turn.

On your way home, you got knocked out and kidnapped by someone. You open your eyes in the dark and cold cellar. You have no idea where are you and how did you get there. After you notice four more unconscious people around you, you realize that you’re not alone.

All of you get together for only one task: Escape from the cellar.

Well, it won’t be easy because the cellar is full of traps.

You may have to make sacrifices, betray the others for your sake.

You can choose your gender and sexuality.

Demo will be released tomorrow.


So I’m guessing this game is basically going to be like the saw movies? If so is it going to be based off a specific movie (character or trap wise). Sounds interesting and I’m looking forward to demo. :grinning:

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No, it’s not like Saw.

Sounds like saw lol. What with the traps, other victims and sacrifices.

People in there are not bad guy. Things are very different.

I got the saw vibe as well towards the end with the mention of traps. However, I like escape type games so could prove to be intresting.

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Also what kind of feedback do you want on the demo. Spell and grammar check or suggestions?

I want this to happen so bad! Though I’m not a big fan of horror, I love puzzles and mysteries!

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Sounds fun, love escape room kind of games and funny how people associate things differently cause I immediately thought of the zero escape game 9.9.9 XD

Can’t wait to play ^^

I like escape type games if there talking and what ever

Who else liked the demo that came out yesterday? XD

I understand these games take time so I don’t mind the wait.


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