The Case of Alys Hope [WIP]

Lean up and kiss. That’s a funny sentence.

They’re also my favorite, too :slight_smile:

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Brittany is the one true spelling… just thought I’d point this out, from one Brittany to another :stuck_out_tongue:

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The premise seems interesting. I found it odd and a bit disappointing that you can only choose between pale or tan skin and light natural hair colors despite being able to pick an exact height.

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A sentiment I understand, I assure you, but I’m playing with genetics here. It is still being fleshed out, and more choices will slip in, but I am taking care with it. It’s unlikely a child born from fair-skinned parents are gonna have dark skin. Or a redhead born from blond or brunettes (red hair is a recessive trait, after all)

But it is still being fine-tuned and more options will unfold. I’ve a ton of research written in notebooks and binders.

I will, however, keep your input in mind.

I do have to say, however, the choices present aren’t actually what they seem to be. But I’ll say no more because that’ll spoil a large part of the story that’s not yet even written in.

Thanks for writing!


Hello! I’m fairly new to posting in the forums so forgive me if I do something incorrectly!
The premise of the story is interesting and has certainly caught my eye but I do have some questions. With the way the character creation has been set up are you planning to weave it into the story or keep it as is? Also, is there going to be an option for hair texture (straight, wavy, curly)?
Other than that, I enjoyed the multiple options we’re presented with for the character creation.


Captain, you’re fine.

I’m glad you find the idea of the story promising (that’s every writer’s intention, I believe), and you are more than welcome to question me on whatever pops up. As for the character creation being weaved into the story, that is a yes. For me, I’d rather go ahead and do the appearance before the story so I don’t have to interrupt the narrative with choices regarding appearance. The idea is that choices in appearance will be woven into the story in a natural way, so I’m smoothing out the path for that.

And, yes, I’m going to be adding into choices. The hair options haven’t been completely fleshed out. I just got off work (11:30 PM for me), and now I’m going to go back and work on more of the character creation (coding in hair choices, such as the length and texture while also looking into ways to vary more color in a way that fits with how genetics pass from parents to children)

Also, welcome to the community! There’s a lot of helpful people lurking in the background, and I’ve had the privilege to speak to a number of them. Thanks for stopping by my own little WIP Demo, and I hope the content I’ll be putting out will be worth the wait.


I like the character creation :smiley:

Sorry for asking this, but after the character creation, that’s where the demo ends at the moment, yes? thanks in advance! <3

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Morning, Redfield:

At this moment, that is where the demo ends. I wasn’t planning to release the demo just yet, but the issue I kept having beforehand (now solved) pushed me to share it earlier than intended. I was planning to wait until the prologue was done.

I’m glad you like the character creation. It took forever for me to get it where I wanted it to be, and there are a few things left for me to do – looking into a few more skin tones other than pale or tan that fits with having fair-skinned parents, different kinds of hair textures, more colors for the dye should the reader choose to dye their hair. Also, more natural hair colors. Been surfing through a few cosmetology books.

I’m quite happy you like what the story has to offer so far, tho!

The Dark Dreams Saga is my passion, and it’s something I’m super excited to get rolling. It takes time, yes, but all good things don’t happen overnight. Usually.

Thanks for stopping by!


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Morning, everyone!

Just a quick update on my end. Working on TCOAH and should have the adjustments fixed and reuploaded.

Last time around, the only thing available was the Character Creation. I want to give you all more than that, more of a view of the story itself than just a bunch of options.

Also, there’s roughly six or seven inches of snow around my home – so I have the whole day to work on the update you (and I) deserve.


Update and demo are available!

The link is posted above and a note about the password is below it. Took longer to get it put together. A few parts were giving me a bit of trouble. Stubborn. Fun to beat, though. I enjoyed it a great deal. I hope everyone enjoys! :slight_smile:


cannot Run System Checks

It is currently 12:59AM
IOW – it’s 1AM, Tuesday Morning, and I’m Still Up

Got a message yesterday from @Mistyleaf123 about an error with Run Systems Check choice in TCOAH, which should be fixed. I was intending to update when I had a sizable chunk of the first chapter done, but this needed to be corrected.

Preferably now, as morning breaks, than later.

Also: if you clicked the link within the first twenty minutes since the update was published, there may be an error in the normal eye color – I forget to reload the updated file into the folder, and it downloaded the old one I had before hand. Which, obviously, caused a few issues as I was using different labels that aren’t in the main file.

Took me a moment to figure that one out. But everything should be okay, at this point.

There’s quite a bit more to the demo, as I was adding in more things I had forgot beforehand. Such as eye color. And, yes, there is a reason why many of the PC’s appearance is as detailed as it is – which will come into play later, but not right now.

I hope everyone enjoys what’s there, so far!

And be on the lookout. I plan to keep working hard on this.


Is the demo meant to be private?

no, i dont think so- the author put the password on the first post, so that everyone can access it. Maybe will be private later on??? not sure

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My bad. I went straight into the story blurb while reading the first post and didn’t notice the demo password until now. Thanks.

@Redhood53 and @MistyLeaf123, the demo is set as private for one main reason. Later on, there will be some extra content added that isn’t overly friendly. TCOAH has three Content Ratings (CRs) – T, M, and E.

CR: T is what’s available at this moment. I’m planning for things to play out differently depending on the CR that’s chosen. T is the “friendly for all” rating. M is more mature, and broaches adult topics with some detail.

CR: E doesn’t shy away from anything.

CR: M and CR_E both have adult content, but one is more graphic than the other.

I’m getting ready to add the password for CR:T into the actual demo. I keep forgetting to do it.

If you (or anyone else, for that matter), have questions – please, ask.

I’ll always do my best to answer. :slight_smile:


I was so excited to play this until I’m hit with the ‘Play again’ screen lol. Definitely looking forward for the next update! Good luck, author =)

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WoW… I actually love nightmares (however creepy that sounds saying it) and horror is the best…

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