The Cain Foundation WIP updated 04/07/21

Glad to hear you trust my advice lol. I apologize again for being nitpicky but I’m studying the language currently so I like to let others know about stuff. I’m excited to see what will be in the new update and for what it’s worth this is definitely one of the more promising wip’s I’ve seen in a while, and the concept is wonderfully original, keep up the good work!

i dont usually comment a lot (first time commenting lmao) since im a hardcore introvert but this brought back so many emotions. reading through this wip made me cry so much cause i too have a stuff toy that i deeply love and the fact that we get to play as one just hurts me so much. i cant wait to see more and i would definitely be sticking around to find out. the way you write also makes my heart hurt, stop it (lmao jk pls continue)


life as a long abandoned and bitter stuffed animal reanimated with a new purpose? sign me up! the mc kinda reminds me of that clown from toy story 3 and i love how we can choose to be old and cranky with a dry sense of humor. the perspective text is really well written and really descriptive. nice work so far!