The Blood of The Dragon: Dynasty of Greatness (*UPDATED* 15/8/23) [28K]

I found that male brothers wear gowns, unless that’s intentional.


I enjoyed the new update, the depth and variety of ROs, and the descriptions of all the great houses and the maps. I was wondering what the physical characteristics were of the MCs parents and brothers as the MC would probably have similar eye/hair colors as them.

Also is our mother having an affair with Uncle?


I already decided that Hanniel is going to be my love interest, can’t wait for my mc to grow up and meet him.


I hope not

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You looked at yourself in the mirror, dressed in a red gown, ready to go out.

I’m not a native English speaker, so I don’t know if I’m right about, but… Isn’t “gown” a word for women’s clothing? If so, it’s kind of weird when my boy MC is dressed like that :sweat_smile:

My lessons are going great, Mother! I’m learning so much, and my governess makes it fun. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve learned!"

“My dear, you must understand that this is necessary,”

Hmm. I wonder if that response was written for MCs less enthusiastic to learning, because it sounds like it was.

He looks at my brothers with a twinkle in his eye, and I can tell that he understands why they are so eager.

First POV suddenly? :thinking:


Even in english a gown is woman clothing. Unless used for graduation purposes

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Or it’s a dressing gown, which is a unisex item that we would also call a robe.


It’s better to be specific

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I don’t think MC would wear this during the day when they have classes etc. xd


Forgive me for my curiosity, but will there be poly relationships in this story?


One of few game of thrones intrigue esque that still being continued being updated, thank you for that and stay healthy


As it was not teased anywhere I would love to know if there is a possibility too, still bitter about the probable discontinuation of Sword of Rhivenia and its promising polyamory.


I almost forgot about that game now I’m sad :cry: yeah I’m going to keep my fingers crossed this one doesn’t end up like that one.


It might still happen considering that game laid the foundation for another game.


alright that is something that I will definitely look it up, as it wasn’t intentional.

I thought I already had the family descriptions on the menu, I’ll add it up in the next update.

:sweat_smile: wait to see in game

Mc will meet him much more sooner, when MC is a child, Hanniel is going to be the new squire for MC’s uncle.

okay, several things to get fixed here, thanks

indeed, There might, just them towards MC like a V poly, but will eventually turn into a “mess” or Harem

Aww thank u, and thanks to you for showing interest in my story :sparkling_heart:


Oh, Sword of Rhivenia, I’ve always loved Nutella’s stories (still not over The Unwanted Warrior :smiling_face_with_tear: now I only replay the demo, but oh the possibilities, of course I was an Eleanor mancer- the forbidden love chef kiss, or unrequited as she was still pining over her ex) I sure hope that maybe some day it returns or something, it would be a shame.


Same. The only thing that put me off the Unwanted Warrior was u would die if u had a child.

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I just have to say, I love this definition.