The best game ever


i think that @CJW @Vendetta @Jimd and @Nocturnal_Stillness should make a game together, not saying that they have to but it would be great cause they r my fav authors. i think they should make the BEST GAME EVER. just my opinion i know that they r busy


So the unnatural zombie gangster???


@irule9344 @Talon5505 @CJW @Vendetta @JimD

Terminal Zombie Vendetta: Rise of an Unnatural Gangster’s Exodus lol


Oooooh that would be good.


And lot of poison!!! Poison everywherr :ar!


i think cjw should be the coder and every1 else be the writers, cause to me cjw is the master coder… cause of his great success in terminal and all his inventions


ok i am serious this could be the BEST GAME EVER so plz plz plz plz make it


I don’t know about it being the best game ever, but it would certainly be interesting.
It’s not something I see happening anytime in the near future though. We’re all pretty busy with our individual pursuits.

@Nocturnal_Stillness That name is killer xD


@irule9344 Sadly, I have to echo @CJW here–the timing just isn’t right. That’s not to say it won’t ever be possible . . . Maybe. :wink:

You’ve also omitted from your “wish list” some really excellent writers and very clever coders. I know it wasn’t intentional, but it does come across as a little disparaging to the rest of the fine folks here–some of whom have already actually completed very good games, which is more than I can yet claim.

FWIW though, I do very much expect to see more collaborative efforts over the next year or so. Combining talents with the aim of producing something superior, and faster, would be a natural evolution for a system like ChoiceScript . . . “The best game ever” might be stretching it a bit though! :smiley:


how bout @allengies And @andymwhy also @waywalkerleigh they’re one of the best sorry if miss anybody else


Am amazed that Terminal Zombie Vendetta: Rise of an Unnatural Gangster’s Exodus actually sounds like a good name even though it shouldn’t… O_o



Glad you liked it lol


I don’t know. These are obviously brilliant people on your wish list, but it takes very special people to finish and sustain a collaborative effort. At least, a lot of the people I know are really unproductive in group efforts since it requires constant communication and checking on other people. It’s so hard. *whine lol*



Not to mention the issues with timezones!


Time zones. Ugh. Working with so many different time zones would be a nightmare. I’m getting a headache just considering the schematics of getting these people together @Nocturnal_Stillness


May be a fun project to do as a free marketing effort. CJW starts a game with 2000 lines of code, passes it to Vendetta for 2000 lines, then to me, etc. We can include as many people as want. Then we just have 1-2 people edit for consistency. Each person will write in their own style.


@JimD Intriguing. A possible twist on that (if someone can come up with a good enough premise for the game) would be for each author to write one character’s story in the game. For instance, it might work well with some sort of murder-mystery thing, so there’s a set number of defined characters, one of which gets killed, and you have to play one of the other characters and solve the murder before becoming the next victim… Only thing is, in each case both the victim and the murderer are different (dependent on which character you’ve chosen to play) as each short story has been written by a different author.

Not given it a whole lot of thought, just throwing out vague possibilities.


@Vendetta @JimD
Unnatural is in episodes so I don’t mind having guest writers for an episode or even just a case.


Thats would be epic @Nocturnal_Stillness it can be an extra paying more money to cog games even a chrismas special!!


I sense a twinge of Heavy Rain in the air…