The Beginning of an Era! (Interest Check)

Hello Everyone I am pretty new to this community as I have been only playing Choice games since last year but I only found this forum recently and I have been extremely intrigued!

The Empire of Euphar’s Second Golden Age has just ended with the death of Emperor Aero X and slowly begins a recession which forces the new Emperor to abandon the colonies and consolidate the Empire’s lands. Although the Empire appears to be weak and desperate to their tributaries and new powers across the sea, never underestimate a desperate person backed into a corner. Because of the situation the new Emperor decides to work with experimental technology and investing the Imperial treasury into the economy and these experiments. Rumors spread around the nation that new devastating weapons are being made by the Emperor, these new weapons are said to use an explosion to kill a man. With the new weapons being introduced to the Imperial Armies there also comes a tactics change which begins the modernization of the Imperial Army into groups of soldiers called regiments, brigades, and divisions. You are a young noble who wanting to prove him or herself to your parents so you enlist and go to one of the new military academies to learn about these new mysterious weapons and these new tactics that will save the empire.

This game is set in the 1400s which deals with the introduction of Gunpowder, and cross sea colonies in a whole new world while also dealing with the shifts in the culture and nobility. It might also include elves and dwarves, or just one of them not sure yet. I am going to be adding racism to a certain degree because I feel we shouldn’t shun the mistakes of the past but instead look at them as to make sure that never happens again.

No Demo as of yet still trying to figure out how to properly code before I get too carried away.


Sounds good looking forward to the demo

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Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Sounds somewhat like an earlier era game sorta of like Swords of Infinity. Which I am totally fine with! I both enjoy the way Infinity handles warfare, and I also like the introduction of fantasy elements into an era where it is uncommon, in Infinity it was the Napoleonic era, here it seems like it seems like it will be the Renaissance, Age of Exploration. Besides the Infinity series, I have not seen it done, so I am definitely interested in this!


Sounds interesting, do you plan to make the weapons be flintlocks or bolt action rifles like ww1?

I want to beta test if you are doing that

I think I’m going to use Flinlocks because 1. it makes sense. and 2. I think it would add an interesting dynamic to the battles


It’s going to be a WIP so once i get the demo up which will probably be the prologue and maybe chapter 1 and everyone will be able to play it

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Plox do this. 20 characters.

I have been busy the last couple of weeks as I have finals coming up and I am graduating so I haven’t had as much time to work on it as I would have liked but just know that I am still working on this

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