The Beast? WIP- With Short Demo


Woo boy, lookie here. Yet another aspiring writer, writing yet another unoriginal fantasy game. I’m sure you’re all dying to discover what I have been working on this past week!

The answer is, not much. I’m still world building, but I’ve got a basic idea for how the story will go and, I know what I want to do with it.

The beginnings of this idea came from a Tumblr post floating around the Internet, claiming that Disney was going to make a film about two Princes who fall in love while they go to rescue a Princess.

Now, being a gay guy myself, I find a lot of choice games leave me wanting for something that feels like actual romance. And the ones with romance satisfying enough for my black hole of a heart, either won’t let me be a guy (See: Guenevere) or won’t let me be gay. So, here I am. Writing a story. Starring either a Prince or a Princess. Full of a bunch of gay.

My plans are for this story to be very mature. 18+ mature, probably (no, I don’t plan on trying to go Hosted) with all the sexy scenes, as well as some violence (because who doesn’t love some good old fashioned violence?) And… I don’t know. Other big kid stuff, I guess.

So, here’s a link to some crap I wrote.

There’s no sexy yet, but there’s like, one curse word.

Once I get a better Idea of where this story is going, this will probably be completely revamped. At the moment it’s just here because I wanted to prove that I am working on it. And hopefully get some support from random Internet people. So I don’t give up.

Edit: Finally solved the coding issue I was having last night. Made some progress, though the MC still hasn’t met any other characters yet. I’ll update as soon as I feel I’ve added a worthy chunk of information to the story.


Check out the choicescript help section. Also, if your not going to try to publish it on CoG, where are you going to publish it?I’m pretty sure the stuff your talking about is allowed in Hosted Games. Check out Samurai of Hyuga-if the sexy and violent scenes are similar, it’s okay.


Samurai of Hyuga is my favorite hosted game, actually! Nope, by sexy I mean straight up… sex scenes, really. (And if SoH has those then I seriously must have missed out.) I thought I read somewhere that games with that type of sexual content won’t be published.

But if they will, then obviously I would be fine with publishing! I don’t want any money for my writing, though. I just want to make people happy.

As for the help section, I did. The gender tutorial I found just kind of confused me. As I said, it just didn’t click with my brain. I only saw the one, but I guess going through again couldn’t hurt.


You could always find someone else to publish for you, but off the top of my head I can’t think of any site. Giving your game a try…now.


don’t know if I’m scared of it. I find myself overwhelmed by too many emotions to possibly comprehend. Anger. Lonliness.
Correct spelling is loneliness.


All I know for sure is that a feeling of panic is slinking it’s way up my spine and no amount of shrinking away from The Beast can slow it’s advance.
It’s=it is its=possessive
I know who The Beast is.


So familiar and yet so… wrong. It resembles a feral hound in some ways. The ones I used to see as a young, stupid and adventerous child.
Correct spelling is adventurous.


Our father is Stephen Harper? Yuck.


@TheTrueKing, you know, you could first take notes on windows notepad, and then paste it all in one message, or you could just use the edit button in your post. That way you don’t need to create a wall of posts.


It would be nice to see Disney get with the times and do this. I’d pay money to go watch this and get the bluray later. Homosexual entertainment deserves to be accepted by mainstream society as much as the people do.

Most (if not all) of the CoG games allow for male/female straight/gay and romance. Not sure if you’re indicating here that just the ones you enjoyed missed the boat on the gay romance or not.

Get in touch with @Mary_Duffy and see if you can negotiate what you can/can’t do to get published under the Hosted Games brand. If you go with self-publishing it can’t be to make money unless you get written permission from CoG - Mary can fill you in more on the business side of things, but they’re are pretty open in the content they allow under Hosted Games.


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Got you. They’re are is not a sentence, and even you can’t disprove that. And you’re right. I want two medals.
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@DarthDovahkin Sounds like you don’t want to submit as a Hosted Game? You’re certainly welcome to, though we can’t really publish erotica at this point . . . if you create a game and don’t want to publish it as a HG, but DO want to sell it yourself, you’d have to license CS from us. Putting it up for free elsewhere or here on the forum is fine, of course. Email me at if you have qs.


Hey, I like where this is going. I’m always down for well-developed gay romances.

I really enjoyed the MCs snarky/sarcastic attitude. And the bodyguard being so caring was super sweet.