The Beast of 76th Street


So I’ve started work on a werewolf game forever ago, and for various reasons it’s been slow going. But the release of Zombies has gotten me thinking about it again, so I dug out what I’ve already got and… it’s gotten me thinking that maybe there’s something worth pursuing here. But I crave opinions, and my circle of friends doesn’t really go much for interactive fiction, so…

Here is a three-chapter demonstration for The Beast of 76th Street. So far, it’s a lot of character building; the player has to deal with the early stages of lycanthropy, culminating in her first transformation.

I’m not sure exactly what sort of feedback I’m looking for. If there are any obvious structural flaws, that’s obviously handy to know. If the pace is wrong – too much prologue, or needs more background scenes – I’d like to hear it. If any of the choices seem stupid or the consequences seem wrong, that’s great. If there are more choices you’d like, or points where I didn’t offer a choice where you would have wanted to make one, that’s handy. If you just really enjoyed it, that’s also encouraging to know.

A lot of this is still pretty rough and malleable, so feel free to suggest just about anything. I may have my reasons for things being the way they are – there are a few elements that I plan on calling back to in later chapters – but I certainly want to hear what works for people and what doesn’t.

So yeah. Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:


It’d probably be easier if you put it up on a site (If you need help with figuring out, just ask, but it’s fairly easy, and if you at least know how to make a zip file, you should be able to figure out I’m rather iffy on downloading a zip file, particularly when there is a perfectly good alternative (Even if I can be certain it’s clean). (Also those DS_store files are unnecessary. They’re something mac just drops in.)


Hmmm. Well, I think I’ve got it up on, but my account will be provisional for a week. I can’t be sure I’ve got it set up correctly until then. And it seems like I don’t have everything set up in that zip file correctly anyway. 9.9

And I wasn’t even aware of the DS_store files.


the index stuff dont work on google chrome.


yep even when i get it up the text won show


Use another browser just for the game, Chrome restricts local file access somehow.
I like the idea by the way, looking forward to seeing what you can do with it…!


tried it with IE didnt work. No text or next button.


well-written, interesting and a project I’ll keep an eye on. I didn’t notice any obvious grammatical or spelling errors. Will there be any “game-overs” for, say, overly high corruption or anything?


Well written. I think you could trim a bit more fat from some of the sections. Try to get it up on, you’ll probably get a better response here. I was hesitant to download a zip onto my computer.

A couple of things that bothered me :

– “Kettles” on the first page.

– Wolves’ paws don’t grip things (the first dream describes you as gripping the ground with all four paws), and though your werewolves can grip things, they presumably would still want to run on their pads, not gripping.

– I went to the state park and felt something inside of me stretch and purr like a cat. It seems like you’re mixing your metaphors.

– Some of the physical descriptions seemed too “doggy” instead of wolfish. But then I liked the option to crap in your boss’ shoes, so go figure.

– I killed a guy after transforming, but took it very matter-of-factly. Surely the first kill would be a big deal, and described in some detail? In general the character has no particular reaction to becoming a wolf, just thinking about the best way out of the restaurant, etc.

– “Ferity” on the stats page is rather esoteric. Even though “ferocity” isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, it’s more accessible. Or just “Human / Feral.”


I loved it soo far, only complain would be how u bring forth the question of our gender. You should find a way to ask but without being so straight forward that its jarring.


I don’t understand how to start the game?


just finished it really interesting!

i agree with the point @HoraceTorys made
If i found out i shifted in a wolf i would freak out. and then think its awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


is there another link to this, yours does not work for me byt it sounds interesting??


This worked for me.
After you download the zip, open up the “web” folder, then the “werewolf” folder, double-click “index.html:” click “okay” to “error loading script” and then click cancel on the second pop up.

…It’s a bit of a mission isn’t it? Perhaps if you can upload it to a webpage, CPFace? Or maybe it’s just my computer giving me a hassle.


@Bikkje @Raven Have you unzipped the file? To get it to work, I extracted the download, went “web” -> “werewolf” -> “index”. That should work


It won’t open up in Chrome and all I have is Chrome. Not that interested in the game anyway.


@Aritour Thanks, I just didn’t understand what I had to click on to make the game work. :slight_smile:


I’ve gotten it pulled up but it wont load the game after that. It just says the title…


@Bikkje :-bd


cant you just make it a webs please so we can all play without pulling our hair out.