The Battle of The Nobles (Interest Check)

Hello, there! I’m a new user and I’m using Choicescript for the first time. I just wanted to know if anyone is interested in this kind of game:

After you father’s death, you become new lady/lord of House Calvert. Taking advantage of your father death, House Glyn which is your longtime rivals of your house, becomes embroiled in a conflict for control of the Wychwood. You have two options: War or Peace. Can you protect Wychwood from Calverts? Or will you just marry Lord/Lady Blair Glyn for peace?

House Calvert
Lord Heron Calvert (Your father)
Lady Lysandra Calvert (Your mother)
Lykos Calvert (Your brother)
Demetria Calvert (Your sister)

House Glyn
Lord Cryus Glyn
Lady Elena Glyn
Blair Glyn (RO)
Kleon Glyn

So, let me know what you think about this. I will give more information if people is interested in this game.

Thank you!


This looks interesting, I can’t wait for the demo!

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Welcome to the community Miss Ayka

These are some questions that popped in my mind after reading the summary -

  • is this only main plot based game or are there any side plots
  • are there going to be more ROs
  • politics ?
  • when does the game start - when we become king or from a bit before the death of our father
  • magic , dragons ?
  • other houses ?

Thank you!

  1. Of course, there are side plots.
  2. Yes, there are going to be more ROs
  3. Well, the game is about politics :smiley:
  4. No magic, no dragons.
  5. No, when game starts, MC’s father will be still alive and MC will spend some time with him.
  6. You will get more information about the other houses in demo.

After you father’s death, you become new lady/lord of House Forrester. Taking advantage of your father death, House Whitehill which is your longtime rivals of your house, becomes embroiled in a conflict for control of the ironwood. You have two options: War or Peace. Can you protect Ironrath from the Whitehill scum? Or will you just marry Lady Gwyn Whitehill for peace?

Just teasing :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly! :smiley: I was inspired by that game and Asher is my favorite. But, of course, this game will be very different from Telltale’s.

It sounds interesting regardless. Will genders be equal or will gameplay be different for the genders?

I really want season 2 :sigh:

Well, if you’re straight woman or gay man, Blair Glyn will be a man, if you’re lesbian woman or straight man, Blair Glyn will be a woman. There’s no homophobia in the game.

And yes, I want season 2 too!

How are the dynamics/lore of the setting? Are females considered equal to men? If the whole having kids to extend your lineage thing is not in place, how do you get more nobles/royalty or become a nobel? If we are the new lady/lord of the house because we are the most qualified instead of just being born first that could make more sense.

Why can’t we just marry one of our lesser siblings or mom off to the rivals? Are they all staunchly against marriage? What do the rivals gain from marriage? Will a lady have to sacrifice all of our power to a husband?

For war/peace how trustworthy/ easily manipulated are our rivals/husband and how strong is our army. Both paths should have pros and cons so a person would have difficulty choosing a side. (If I don’t like the RO, I’d agree to the marriage and attack them on the day of the wedding when they least expect it.)

The concept sounds good, but it just needs to be fleshed out more.

As soon as i heard that we were fighting over land with and our father died, i thought GoT telltale games and i am VERY excited as i love the idea of people warring over land and i guess we will be able to have our brother to take the throne in case we fail?

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Season 2 is on it’s way. I’ve seen some concept art and it’s good.

Anyways, what’s so important about the wychwood?

Where is this concept art hiding??!?!

It was at a private even that my friend went to. He showed to me but couldn’t give it to me.

Heyo @MissAyka! Just want to welcome you to the awesome village known as Choice Of Games.

First off, I love medieval/old age types of games, and this one fits the mold perfectly. Can’t wait for a demo!

Some questions however:
Will we be the prince/princess first, then ascend to the throne, or start as the ruler?

And is Blair Glyn your only RO? If so, can you cheat/secretly date another character?

And finally, is House Glyn the only other house in the story? If not, will you be able to pursue romances/allies with other ones?

Good luck on the game, and I hope you enjoy your stay at the village! See ya!

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Will it be random for bi/pansexual MCs? Or also set? (I have seen it work both ways.)

And can we just start a war as a form of flirting with Blair? Nothing says I love you more as an army in front of someone’s door. (Foe Yay and passive-aggressiveness taken to a new level)

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I like it that we can possibly gay marry here, which makes it more of an option for my mc’s than being “nobles” in world’s that insist on a strictly opposite sex-natalist definition of marriage.

Well we need to make it clear to the guy (gal in your case, I presume) that they better treat our mc right and take us seriously and if that needs to involve an army or two, then that’s what it’s gonna be. :wink:

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They have to prove that they are a worthy opponent partner. (Both, it’s both)

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Sounds interesting looking forward for it

Yes im so excited about this (i love medieval things and fighting with others for power)

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