The Battle of Hoag's Object (WIP)

There’s an easiest way to do it with Cside.

There’s an Popout button along the show stats and the likes wich appear when you run the game.

You just click there and it will lead you on another pages where you can copy your link then you just share it here.

There’s authors who used to host their Wips there in the past before dashingdon i think, i’m not sure.

Odd. The popout doesn’t provide me a link to copy, only the game. Do I need to use the web version of Cside to do that?

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Was really enjoying this. However, I did get a game-breaking bug after searching the office in Outpost Lima :

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Hmmm… I’ll take a look once I’m able to get back to my laptop. Did you choose to go alone or bring a team before that point?

Thanks for the bug report, the screenshot really helps!


Working on fixing it now. It seems Cside messed around with the spacing when I imported the txt files to it. Shouldn’t take too long to repair.

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Excellent! Might as well say that, from what I saw, you’re doing a great job. I was a bit sceptical when I read the description - would it really be possible to replicate the Mass Effect experience in a text game? - but I think you’ve got as close as it’s possible to get, and you even added ship combat which we don’t get to do in Mass Effect! Great work, will be watching this one closely.

I’m really glad you like it! There’s a delicate balance between mechanics and story that needs to be maintained, so making a true open-world experience is pretty tedious. I’m still refining it as I go, but the finished product should turn out really nice! (I hope)

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Alright, I fixed the bugs (I think) and reuploaded the dropbox file. Redownloading the file ‘should’ get you a bug-free copy. I did a quick run-through myself just to make sure and didn’t encounter any errors. Hopefully it’s all set now.

Dashingdon link should still be bug-free, but there’s no way to check it until the website is back up.

Yeah… I mean i’m using the web version with my mobile phone so yeah. If it doesn’t provide you a link then try oppening Cside directly on chrome or another navigator.

Hmm… okay. I tried it on desktop, managed to get the link but it wouldn’t work. I’ll give it a shot on mobile instead and see if it works there.

Link still won’t work for me on mobile. I can play it myself, but if I copy and paste the popup link in the browser, I get an error message:

TypeError: undefined is not an object

Hmm… Hey @CJW sorry to bother you but can you explain what’s happening?

I’m sorry, but I’m not really sure what you’re trying to do here. The ‘popout’ functionality is not capable of providing a shared link, if that’s what you’re after. It literally just (and only) allows you to launch the game (still within CSIDE) in a separate window.

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Oh… I tought the link can be shared here XD my bad. @Evan3Michaels sorry friend


Lol it’s all good. It’s the thought that counts haha

Thanks for the clarification @CJW

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Dashingdon is now back up. Please look out for bugs in the Dashingdon link, as I haven’t been able to update it until now! Thanks!

This was really interesting. Definitely going to be keeping an eye on this for future updates!

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your writing has such an evocative voice! the flow of the events, whether fighting or exploring, is quite natural and leaves me so immersed into the world. this is definitely one of the most stand-out demos i’ve ever read through and i plan on keeping tabs with this ambitious project :heart_eyes:

also, i’m willing to offer artwork for character concepts if needed :slight_smile: unfortunately, i’m not too sure if i could offer much with item and plant conceptualization as i rarely focus on those areas and i’m not sure how it’ll mesh well with my style.

p.s the director’s cut is the most cutest function i’ve ever witnessed in IF. absolutely love the exposition about you and your brother!

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Thank you!!

If I end up deciding to allow folks to contribute to the game I’ll likely make a post about it under this thread (or I’ll edit it into the original post)