The Battle of Hoag's Object (WIP)

Hmmm this is tricky. On one hand I’d say option 1, mostly because, who doesn’t like having options to choose from? But on the other I’d say option 2 cause it would be simpler.

But I’d have to say option 1.

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So, it’s been a long while since I was last able to do any real work on this game (personal issues on top of complications due to the outbreak of COVID-19 forced me to put it away) and have finally managed to sit down and crank out a bit of creativity.

I decided to work on a new mechanic to introduce into the game: random events.

These will mostly be small, inconsequential events like interactions between different characters aboard your ship, though I have vague plans to add more significant events in the future.

I have written up a basic framework for how these events will work, but have encountered a potentially game-breaking issue that I’m struggling to think my way around.

Basically, here’s what I’m dealing with:

*label event_roll
*rand event_roll 1 100

 #Go to the Galaxy Map
  *gosub event_roll
  *if (event_roll <= 80)
    *goto galaxy_map
  *if (event_roll >= 81)
    *label event_reroll
    *rand event_choice 1 2
    *if (event_choice = 1) and (event_1 = 0)
     *set event_1 1
     *goto event_1
      *goto event_reroll
    *if (event_choice = 2) and (event_2 = 0)
     *set event_2 1
     *goto event_2
      *goto event_reroll

Explanation for what’s going on here:
“*rand event_roll“ decides whether or not a random event will take place at all.

There is a 20% chance (may change in the future) for an event to occur every time you access the Galaxy Map, otherwise the game continues as usual.

If the roll is successful (you roll 81-100), a second roll takes place to randomly determine which event will occur (currently there are only two, there will be many more in the future).

“event_1 = 0”/“event_2 = 0” are variables I created to ensure a specific event can never occur more than once. (It will also be used to keep track of what ‘stage’ of each event the player is on. This is necessary because my game is not linear).

Here is where the problem comes in: if all of the events have been played, the code will keep re-rolling “event_choice“ into an infinite loop.

The only solution I have thought of to this is adding a chance for “event_choice” to roll 0, which would then “*goto galaxy_map“ as if the event roll failed.

My problem with that solution is that:

  1. There is a chance the roll will skip an event, even if one is available to play, and:
  2. If there are no available events, there could be a large number of redundant rolls before it gets a 0, which I’d rather avoid.

So, if anyone has a better solution to this issue, I’d really love to hear it!!

Thanks in advance!

I think a possible solution would to create one more stat that tracks how many events a person has seen since they can’t see the same one twice, then have when it reaches the total amount of scenes(or whatever amount you want) you have for that part, it stops the game from going back to the random scene selector.

Maybe something like:

*if seen_scenes = 7
	*goto next_part

Or what I did for painting MC’s room, they’d have to pick the rainbow option 4 times to get the rainbow room:

		*set rainbow + 1
		*if rainbow < 4
			YOU ARE NOT GETTING A RAINBOW ROOM!!! Sheesh... We'll paint this wall Obstinate Orange!
			*set br_color4 "obstnt_orange"
			*set br_fourcolor +1
		*elseif rainbow > 3
			Oh, for the love of-! Fine! YOU CAN HAVE YOUR BLOODY RAINBOW ROOM!!!
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Unfortunately, this won’t work in my case:

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Hello Friends. It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything about this game. Unfortunately life hit me pretty hard over the past year between COVID, work, and other things so finding time to work on BOHO has been rough at best.

However, I’ve recently started sitting down and recommitting to it and I’m happy to share that some progress has been made.

The initial demo-mission is now complete barring one possible path, and the main-story is under construction. (To play said demo mission: after gaining access to your ship, head to the Indigo System of Quadrant One).

There’s a few more new things that have been added as well, like the Missions Log in the stats menu (I’m still playing with the UI on that, it feels a little clunky imo).
Also Squad Combat, which I’m actually pretty happy with the framework I’ve set up for that.
Also also, a “debug console”. There’s a detailed explanation of what that is in-game.

For those who don’t know, this is a game about exploring a new galaxy and liberating it from an evil empire! There’s aliens, spaceships, bandits, rebels, and more!
I won’t get too far into the details about the game on this post as the original post covers it well enough Here
(the dashingdon link on that post leads to the same demo, but the downloadable link is outdated)

Also Important to note: The game includes strong language/cursing, for the record.

Without further blabbing, I give you the latest update for the Battle of Hoag’s Object:


Please please please let me know if anything breaks (errors, bugs, inconsistent values).

I’ve tested it pretty extensively myself so nothing should break… but you never know, and bug reports help SO much!

If you do find a bug, make sure to note exactly where it is, screenshots are very handy.

I like it. And interesting concept. One question though, is there RO’s?


There definitely will be but it is also an option to disable romance altogether if a player doesn’t want any.

Yes I’ve finally found game about space exploring I’m going to bookmark this

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great game

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Dear God the Mass Effect references :rofl::rofl::rofl:keep them comin


Glad you enjoyed it!

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For better or worse, I fully intend to :wink:

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I love the title of the project! I haven’t gotten a chance to play yet, but Mass Effect references + explorable star systems and planets sound awesome!


Enjoyed what ya got so far will be keeping a eye out :smiley:

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What type ship are we flying

Enjoyed it :slight_smile:

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I’ve always been biased to the Destaria. I like to name it “Silphede” after an old arcade-style game.