The Battle of Hoag's Object (WIP) ((Significantly Insignificant Update: Demo v3.0)6/23/22)

Hello, friends.

I give you: “The Battle of Hoag’s Object”. A sci-fi adventure set smack in the middle of a galactic civil-war. In it, you play as “Specter”, a rebel agent of mysterious origin. You’ll be able to choose your name (Specter is just a code-name), gender (male, female, or non-binary), orientation (hetero, homo, or bi), and other defining features.

You’ll also be given command of your very own ship (which you may name) and crew.


Game-play will include 3 forms of combat: Solo, Squad, and Ship (which are described in greater detail within the game) as well as an extensive equipment system that allows you to alter your skills simply by changing your clothes and weapons. Also included is a checkpoint system: upon death you’ll be able to return to a previous point, your stats all returned to their exact state when you first reached said point, rather than be forced to restart entirely.

Explore the Entire Galaxy

Most excitingly, and perhaps the most unique feature of this game… You’ll be able to travel across the entire galaxy. Right now, the galaxy is fairly empty. However it is my plan to eventually fill it with hundreds of star-systems and planets, each with their own unique atmosphere (both physical, social, and political) as well as countless missions which may either contribute to the main story’s arch… or simply offer fun and exciting side-adventures that deepen the overall lore and history of the galaxy.

And of course, there will be references to games, movies, and TV shows that helped inspire and shape this game.

I could ramble on forever but, it’s probably best to let you see for yourselves. Here’s the demo link:

I genuinely hope you find it a unique and fun experience. I’ll be sure to update the demo and this post as more content is written. Feedback is wholeheartedly welcome.

Thank you for playing :slight_smile:

Most Recent update:


Thought it was a good start! Can’t wait to see where it goes


A quick question. You said at the end screen that you might allow others to contribute to the game. For those that want to help you with or contribute to the game how would they do it or get into contact with you?


Well, there’s two options: either through this forum, or by email. Though like I said at the end, as you pointed out: I’m only considering it; I haven’t quite decided it’s something I’m going to do. Mostly because of the legal complications it could cause.

But I am super happy to hear that some folks might be interested in contributing!!

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Sounads interesting and Specter like mass effect


Haha, Mass Effect was definitely a big influence for this, but believe it or not, “Specter” is one thing I didn’t take from that game. If you’re interested in finding out where I came up with that name, you’ll want to enable the “director’s cut” mode at the beginning of the demo. :slight_smile:


Oh the memories. So far getting a lot of vibes from Mass Effect, which is a good thing! Very interested in the following updates and what they’ll bring.


Really glad you like it so far!

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Really enjoyed the story. You have a good start and the fighting is really into the flow of the story. When first choosing the ships, I really thought that the third ship would have been one of the alien rebels ship long lost… Still we be enjoying the rest of the story as it proceeds.

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Oh man, i just loved your writing style. So couldnt stop myself from commenting. Hope to see more of this soon.:slight_smile:

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I’m seriously loving this. So reminds me of mass effect. Ah the good old days :slight_smile: . Keep up the good work, can’t wait for the next update.


Is it just me or is the link broken?


Wow i certainly wasn’t prepared for that XD. I mean before i read any wip, the first thing i look at is the title and… Uhh it isn’t so appealing XD. But actually i really enjoyed what you have got so far, the story flow is really good, and i already like Roy’s personnality, aside of the MC he is my fav NPC so far. You have a good writing style too. Looking forward to the next update. Keep up the good work.

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Oh no! I hope not. I’ll take a look and see what I can do!

Edit: It looks like itself is down! Awful timing for my demo :frowning:
Does anyone know an alternative for hosting the game in the meantime?

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Have you tried Cside?

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Haha, Hoag’s object is actually a real galaxy! I picked it because of its unique shape (it’s a ring-galaxy) so that’s where the title comes from! Glad you like the story!!


No, I haven’t. is there a link to it I can use?

The link is:
But you need a dropbox account (for storing your game files) to use it.

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Thanks! I’ll give it a shot when I get a chance!

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New link is up as an alternative to Dashingdon (while the site is down)

In order to run the game, you need to download the file from Dropbox first. Once the file is downloaded, using it should automatically open the game up in your browser. Hopefully there’s no issues.