The Bastard of Camelot

Depending on choices Mordred can gain Lots respect but not more than that. :nerd_face:

Here are some asks about Lot and Mordred relationship from @Rebelgirl tumblr:

Also we are suppose to get Lot’s pov in the game (this or next chapter ?), so it should give us a chance to learn more about him.

Hope it helps!

  1. History is written by victors. So, stories of Mordrid are going to be, then, by proxy, nasty. You don’t get browny points by takeing down a nice person who people just didn’t like.
    You get browny points by takeing down a nasty person who. Insert nasty habbit here?
    I don’t mind the dragons and such, though. At least in my first playthrough? I am going to basicly go. Ok, Garith. You rule. I got my own stuff to do. If he dies? Yeah, I might take over. Though, that’s just my first playthrough.
    That’s just me, though. We all have our own Mordrids, and will all do things differently. Personally, I have a mind to just go, "Screw this hole ruleing thing, I want to go back to Avalon, and do Goddess magic with.

I do not remember her name. The one who is currently a noviss? The one you meet when your 6.


@TheOfficer Morgana would certainly have been disappointed if Mordred didn’t inherit her powers, since she wants to have a child she can teach, and who is so much like her.

As for unlocking the powers in someone… I’m sure someone is looking into it :eyes: that’s all I can say

It is, something Morgana will actually point out.

In what sense? In a way, not having magic like his Le fay family has pushed him to become the best Duke he can be, learning a lot about politics, diplomacy. Basically, Gareth wants to show he’s capable.

@Netos I really don’t appreciate the sarcastic tone. So what if I added dragons? My adaption of the myths are based on a book idea I didn’t write about a girl with powers similar to a Pendragon, because I love depicting humans and dragons shading a bond. My inspiration for this is How to train your dragon.
You say it distracts from the core issues. I know what the core issues of my story are. I don’t know what you’re talking about. And instead of distracting, I see it as adding a new themes, revolving around the bond, dragon’s place in the society, where the Pendragon power comes from.
Everyone is a Tageryen? It’s more that dragons are widespread. Instead of the knights having horses, they have dragons. It’s more similar to the world of How to train your dragon, where dragons have become companions.

Mordred has had a happy childhood in Avalon. Then they moved to Lothia where they are bullied, regarded as a bastard, glared at, ignored by the one who claimed them as their father, who fills their half-brother’s head with bad ideas about them. People don’t let their kids play with them.
Their biological father, Arthur, abandoned them. And now they want to be a father, but only in secret.
Morgana is manipulative.
Then later Mordred finds out how they were conceived. That there’s a prophecy.
If you’re going to tell me this doesn’t leave scars…

And this game allows you to stray from the story. Be a hero or the villain. The trauma is enough to motivate Mordred to become a villain or try to be a better person.

Two of my favorite things about a story are characters and lore. Building an extensive magical world, working out its rules. Creating characters with believable motivations. My intent with this story was to take important storylines of the original legends, and rewrite them.

Entitlement isn’t the only thing driving Morgana. In fact, it’s not even the main motivation. Revenge is what’s driving her. It can be Mordred’s motivation too. Revenge for what Uther did. If you’ve played through her conversation in her study in chapter 3, you’ll see that if Mordred expresses a lack of interest in taking the throne, Morgana retorts with, “Don’t you want revenge?” because that’s what taking the throne is to her.

Thank you! :heart:

Thank you, and you’re right! They will play an important role.

That’s Nimue!


May I ask what the core issues are?


What @Rebelgirl offers us here is a new interpretation of Arthurian myths, with her own pen, her own style. We must not forget that this is her story and therefore her choices! So I know that an author must know how to accept criticism in order to grow and evolve, but I find the criticism here a bit too harsh and unfounded, it is based solely on a preference. No need to be condescending. At the end of the day, you may or may not like the author’s work, but in this case, nothing prevents anyone from writing their own version of the story. After all, choiceofscript is pretty easy to use! And if what you read is really unbearable, then why not just skip it?

For my part, I really appreciate your work, @Rebelgirl and I guess you already know that because you already propose a story on the forum but, you will never be able to satisfy everyone. Just know that for a negative opinion, you have much more positive opinion here, so don’t worry, don’t put pressure on yourself and most importantly, write for yourself before writing for us! This is the most important thing for an author (I speak from experience!).

That’s it for me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_closed_eyes:


I like dragons in books.


I will admit that I’ve never really been interested in Camelot stories, but the premise of The Bastard of Camelot was really something. Having the PC be the result of an incestual affair is definitely a choice, but not in a bad way. It really adds a lot of layers to the whole thing: Arthur’s conflict between his position as king, the morality of his and Morgana’s affair, and his desire to be a good father; Morgana’s desire for revenge and how far she’s willing to go to enact it; and the PC who’s left dealing with the ramifications of the whole thing.

So the premise caught my eye, but your writing kept me here. It’s so good! Detailed, but not overwhelming. I like the multitude of options and personality traits you included; I was honestly surprised that I found myself really considering which to choose. I usually tend to play a more introverted/emotionally-driven PC, so the fact that there was often multiple options that lean in that direction was a pleasant surprise. It really made it a joy to see the subtle differences between the choices in the characters. (Also, I had way too much fun making everyone feel bad for me crying LOL) And the chapters themselves are fun to read, the relationships between NPCs dynamic and the plot keeping me guessing. What does the ruin of Camelot really mean? o.o

I’ve only really skimmed the rest of this thread, but I want to say that you should write how and what you’d like. Just because it’s a high-fantasy middle age setting with dragons and one (1) incestual relationship doesn’t make it a copy of any other property. And even if it shares similar elements, every writer has a different way of executing them. It’s up to the writer in how they choose to combine familiar fantasy elements into something unique. So in other words: you’re doing great, and I’m really excited to see how The Bastard of Camelot evolves from here. Keep it up!!


Will we be able to choose our hight in future chapter?

Hopefully, I always make my guy a giant of muscle.

Fascinating! Would love to see more on the Scottish version!


It’s from the Historia Gentis Scotorum (History of the Scottish People) and I’ll try to explain what I can of it since it’s extremely hard to actually get my hands on the text. Basically Arthur usurps the throne from Mordred (Arthur’s illegitimate so Mordred should technically be the rightful heir since he’s the son of Anna, who is Uther’s daughter) but is willing to name him his heir. At some point, he is talked into naming his nephew or cousin Constantine his heir instead and bars Mordred from the throne so Mordred rebels to try to claim his rightful throne.

It was pretty common in the Scottish version of the myth to make Arthur the villain and to portray Mordred more positively since Mordred was the son of King Lot whose kingdoms were located in Scotland. Also the fact that Arthur is usually shown as conquering Scotland and becoming associated politically with the English didn’t make the Scots too fond of him.

It’s really interesting to see the different portrayals of Arthurian figures in literature from different countries. The Dutch have some pretty interesting ones too since they focus a lot on the political feud of Kay vs Guinevere & Gawain, with Guinevere and Gawain being portrayed as being the real power at court.



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I don’t know if you’ve already heard or played the game, but may I recommend Golden Treasure: The Great Green? It’s a visual novel where you play the role of a dragon from infancy to its adulthood. Solid experience all around, right down to its replayability (got a demo that gives a good taste of what it has to offers too). :ok_hand:

You can check it out at Itchio or Steam

couldn’t have put your whole post better myself. :+1:

Yep. We’re all here to offer constructive criticism and possible suggestions on the WIPs (even varying opinions on characters and events that pop up), but at the end of the day, it is the author’s story and their call on what to take into consideration as they craft the WIP to point of being fit for publishing.

Can I place a bet on Merlin? Guy seems like he has a habit of unlocking things whether they should be unlocked or not.

That’s going to be a interesting perspective to watch unfold, to put mildly. I do poke him for probably being one of the characters that is probably even more stubborn about changing for the better and I do personally feel like Lothia would more likely improve as a place once the old Duke steps down and Gareth takes over leadership. But I am still curious to get a glimpse of his mindset and see how justified he feels in letting himself and his lands treat Mordred poorly for things the child had no control over and just how set in his ways he may really be about his choices and actions (or if there’s some small part of him that wavers about something). Or how raw the wound of Morgana’s betrayal may still be from his side.

Most likely will happen in one of the future chapters.

I make some of my characters like that as well. But for my own main Male Mordred, I don’t think I’m making him much taller than Elaine (maybe even a making him a little shorter than her) and just having a sort of subtle build. I like the idea that people hearing all these terrifying rumors about this child of Morgana and then meeting the very person of the rumors and being like “wait you sure this is the one”. :laughing:

My Female Mordred likely feels more intimidating, but that’s got more to do with her presence rather than her appearance. Like if I can compare my two Mordreds to one element, my Female Mordred would be fire while my Male one would be water.


It’s not a very risky bet you’re making here! Who else could try to find out about this kind of thing in Camelot! :laughing:


If I was looking to lose money, I’d bet on Lot. :joy:But I’m not, and Merlin really does (currently) feel like the strongest candidate to that scenario.

…Of course, whose to say that the advisor isn’t being outplayed at his own game by an unknown bigger fish. I’ve seen such a situation happen before: the supposed chessmaster is messing with powers that they could not even begin to truly comprehend due to personal ambitions /desires, thinking they are the ones truly in control…only to learn the hard (and often fatal) way that it was those powers that were in control the whole time and they were more a pawn they originally realized. :thinking:


I had a dream where Nimue and Merlin fought and Mordred and Arthur had to break it up. And then behind the scenes Morgana congratulated her and took her on as a apprentice.


I would be curious to see that in the story. To realize that he’s not that much in control, that he’s just a pawn in a game that he started would be very satisfying to see.


Thank you so much :heart: It really means a lot to hear it. I appreciate all the feedback I get!

@lili251 Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




Does Arthur know about Accolon’s involvement with us? I mean he’s trying to be our dad but so is Arthur. I feel like Arthur would get really upset, and make another tournament arrange it to where he faces Accolon and then beats him up.

He know and is thankful to Accolon to have been the father he couldn’t