The Bastard of Camelot

I suppose Boc has a villain romance too, if you don’t want revenge but romance Agravain… But they are redeemable

I mean… Mordred can be that


Now I’m just imagining a crybaby villain Modred somehow romancing a hero character.


One of my friends is also into that dynamic, but I often don’t see the appeal of a villain or jerk romances. There has to be a level of redeemable parts to them, a turning point, and a bunch of other factors before I would ever consider taking a peek of what their romance route looks like and even then I’m more likely just explore the friendship because outright villains/jerks/unpleasant characters in general just don’t interest me. I like characters with kinder dispositions in even the toughest of times and are just pleasent people to watch banter and interactions with (i speak generally because most of the memorable characters tend to be a mixed bag of positive and negative traits). :sweat_smile:

Of course, that’s a matter of my personal tastes. Others do tend to desire the more dangerously forbidden of fruits and the forbidden it is, the more interested people get.

Messing with him does seem fun, don’t mean I wanna date the guy. He stole my target and is making me put in work more than I should right now. :joy:

And even then, thats a little complicated for some of the Fallen Hero MCs, as they might not be complete villains (in personality, goals, or actions or all the above) at the end, even while they’re on the other side.

Which is why I may check out their romance but why, like with Gally, they’re not a first run romance for me.


Pretty sure the majority of the ROs are knights of Arthur’s round table. So you’re not far off base with that possibility, though each has their limits on what they could, and won’t tolerate.

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Lmaoooo girl u need therapyyyyyyy

Meeeeeeeee I just don’t find Villains likeable it’s the hurting people for no reason for me. I don’t like them unless the redeem themselves or have a turning point or they become an anti hero. Heroes and anti heroes are more my types.

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Everyone talking about villain romance

Meanwhile I’m over here like:



In that one, I make for one very-evil villain wishing to be stopped… :sweat_smile:

But that is there and this is here and I am off to bed. :grin:

Pretty sure Gally is in that same GIF corner due to Lance teaching the kid that Mordred is the villain by default (whether that be true or not). That guy probably feels like he is a knight who is falling in love with a dragon when he’s supposed to be saving the prince/princess. :joy:


Lol, that’s actually galahad “the pure” from monte python and the quest for the holy grail in the gif


Thought I’d give it a shot and… Omg this is so good, and so enthralling I didnt want it to end!!

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Idk guys I just don’t know I think I’m catching feelings for Merlin :scream:…anyway me and my friend were having a conversation about villians and stuff and she brought up a point about that how would one classify a villain and it made me think of Morgana. Like to some she could be considered a villian and to others she could be considered as someone who isn’t necessarily bad, just made some poor decisions.
What are your guys’ opinions about that?:face_with_monocle:
What classifies someone as a villain?
Just wanted some opinions :grin:


please, not again ((( ;゚Д゚)))

Sorry? I didn’t know that this was already discussed🙁


Well, the nature and views about Morgana has certainly popped up in many discussions and from varying angles in both forum and Tumblr. :sweat_smile: I’d recommend looking back on some of previous posts in both places due to it being a topic popped up quite often.

The general consensus is that its…complicated. There are just many reasons to hate Morgana for the choices she has made so far and the people she has hurt as there is to sympathize with how crappy of a situation she ended up being in due to Uther and the people around him not stopping his cruelty. it’s really dependent on both the reader and Mordred’s view itself.

Don’t worry about it. Morgana and Arthur both have just been a matter that has been discussed in so many circular debates, that its best not to revive it too much. Needless to say, people definitely have their opinions on it. :sweat_smile:


If that’s the case I’ll delete the message as to don’t start problems

Nah, I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to be rude…

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NONO you weren’t rude at all
I should have checked back
But there’s a lot and as much as I love to read
It’s hard to read it all


A moustache they can twirl and a cat to keep on their lap, oh and a killer laugh.

No, seriously though, generally speaking not just for characters in BOC I don’t like to use the term hero and villain, in my opinion a good character wouldn’t be morally black or white, the “villain” will be antagonistic to the MC but will potentially have a few understandable traits or motives not things that can necessarily be condoned by the MC though.

Like @Okami-Nora said, in relation to BOC now, it depends on how you view it, are her actions extreme? Probably, are they justified? Depends on your point of view. Everything she does is for Mordred but whether the reader agrees with the methods. :thinking:


And the famous line: I’ve been expecting you