The Bastard of Camelot

Eh, I’m getting used to playing the part of Hermes delivering messages from another realm. :laughing: Especially when that realm may have some information or questions that hasn’t been brought up in the forum yet.

I would not go so far as saying that Arthur is a bad king; Camelot seems to be doing well under the new ruler and I don’t think he has many personal enemies like his birth father. He’s just a inexperienced one that doesn’t have too much confidence in some areas, which leaves him to rely and trust on the questionable advising of Merlin more than the half-fae sorcerer deserves (though it can’t be fully denied that some of that consul did benefit the kingdom).

Arthur could very likely gather the former allies of Uther and get them into gear to help fix some of the mess Uther may have left behind. He just needs a little more self-growth to be more confident and decisive to make his own calls without Merlin’s input.

I’m honestly not even sure anyone (besides his adopted family and maybe even Morgana herself in some way) has really asked Arthur that question. Most probably just heard Merlin spouting off another prophecy that involved Arthur being the next true king due to the blood bond with Uther and many (including Arthur himself, if a little reluctantly) went along with Merlin’s words to some degree, especially after Arthur came into possession of Clarent.

Kind of want Arthur and Mordred have a bit of a heart-to-heart with each other where Mordred can be one of the few people to honestly ask Arthur what he really wanted in his life and what his dreams used to be, now that you’ve brought it up.

There’s definitely no mistake many were dragging Arthur in different directions in the beginning and not often for the young king’s sake. Maybe it was even Merlin himself ‘protecting’ (I use that word VERY loosely) Arthur from other ambitious former allies of Uther that gave the sorcerer that edge he needed for the very young king to develop a strong trust and reliance on Merlin that would take years to shake off.

Merlin probably doesn’t even have to be banished or whatever else right off the bat. The more some Mordreds develop a good bond of some kind with Arthur (be it as his knight, his niece/nephew, or his child) and show best sides of themselves even while the winds are not really in their favor, the more people are going to doubt Merlin’s words and the less power the sorcerer’s words are going to have. Heck, Arthur showing to have faith and care for Mordred alone (along with Mordred pushing their mother to go through her own changes) could make many of subjects start questioning Merlin, which can greatly weaken the old half-fae’s influence.


His turd levels aside, the Lancelot situation is kinda hard to fully judge right now (from my end at least), since I do want to see more of how Lance is in the story. And from the sounds of it from the Tumblr and how strong of a reputation the guy has in the eyes of the people, Lancelot did do a lot for Camelot in the end.

But the fact that both him and Guen did put their feelings before everything else would likely leave their (especially Lance’s) trustworthiness in question, from the eyes of Camelot and possibly Arthur himself. Might even do so from the supposed end where Lance was overcompenstating for that constant betrayal he was doing to Arthur by treating Mordred like the embodiment of the plague, which could bring obvious doubts from people’s end toward the Knight Champion’s ability to accurately judge things like threats when he (possibly) epically failed to do that in regards to good Mordreds for who knows how long (for all we know, Lance’s hardheaded views may extend for a while more even in the second book of the trilogy).

So doubt that Lance would possibly get a job return as a knight (unless something dire was going on and all hands were needed on deck) after one of his more major bad choices explode right in his face in front of both his king and the public. Of course, I could be easily proven wrong later down the line; who knows what the future holds.


I love Arthur… but just as I’m not very fond of being manipulated by Morgana, I also don’t want to begg at his feet for crumbs and fatherly love ( / °~°)/, but I will keep an open mind if he is willing to approach.
What’s happened to him sucks, but Mordred is not to blame for any of this…
The only ones who owe him anything are Merlin, Morgana, Lancelot and Genevieve.


Unless I’m forgetting something, the only thing that Morgana has done that has caused lasting damage is the curse on Arthur.
The issue is that lifting that Curse means that there suddenly isn’t anything stopping Merlin from just poisoning Mordred’s food.


I recommend looking through some of the past discussions on the forum and the Tumblr in regards the Morgana/Arthur matter and I will leave it at that (as it is a discussion that has cropped up one too many times).

There’s no denying Mordred’s well-being will become a gamble if the curse gets lifted and Merlin is once more able to get another Pendragon child from Arthur (one he likely would feel would be easier to manipulate than a Pendragon raised by Morgana).

That said, other factors may come into play that would make dealing with Mordred once the curse is lifted difficult for Merlin to execute. Including dealing with a Arthur who is more independent and assertive than he was in the past, a Mordred with many allies of all kinds, a population’s growing adoration for the underdog knight, Mordred just being a straight up stronger magic prodigy when compared to Merlin, and bunch of other things Merlin may be underestimating the value in or not into account.


And then what happened grampa?!

Well child, then Arthur became so enraged at the sight of the bullying of his only child that something inside him just snapped, and he destroyed all of Camelot with fire, thus fulfilling the prophecy.


is he inexperienced, though? he’s been king for more than 10 years, right? that’s a lot of time :face_with_monocle:


He is a “king”, but he doesn’t run the place. Merlin does. Plus, royals can be really naive, especially when it’s sometone idealistic like Arthur.


Time doesn’t always create experience; I’ve met people older than me that harbored a great deal of immaturity and those younger than who were wise beyond years. Its often life experience of various types itself that gives someone their growth as a person, not the steady ticking of a clock. Time has its part, but it doesn’t mean its always connected to experience, just as intelligence isn’t always wisdom.

Lets not forget he has Merlin around this whole time. Want to start taking bets on how many times the older sorcerer has stepped it to take care of the matters with his own hands or convinced Arthur to hand him the reins on issues before Arthur can fully deal with them himself? In a way, Merlin (and even Lance to a lesser extent) may have been playing a part of hindering Arthur’s full growth because he deals with things without giving Arthur a chance to learn from experience.


I know what you mean. Currently I’m having Mordred hesitantly reaching out to Arthur but once we have a better established relationship the angst and sadness about Arthur not recognizing me ( not because of any desire for the Throne but simply because he’s my father who purports to love me ) will come out. At that point I’ll probably refuse to have a relationship with him if he can’t recognize me unless he can provide a reason outside of it being difficult/shameful for him to do so ( like the recognition harming his efforts to improve the lives of the people in his kingdom ) as it’d be too painful to interact with somebody who can’t put me in front of their own self interest.

Edit: Also, just realized this is the first time I’ve commented here. This has currently ascended to my favorite WIP on the forums. I’m a huge fan of the Arturian mythos.


@W1first Thank you! :heart:

@Okami-Nora I agree, the whole feel of the song and animation fits their romance!

A happy one as squire. The family loves him as if he were their son, which, given they’ve raised him, is.

Which also reminded me that I have completely overlooked what Arthur knew about his powers. Arthur’s powers obviously manifested and Merlin had a lie at the ready. Instead of letting Ector tell Arthur who his father is, he told him to lie that he is a war orphan, from a lost dragon bloodline who must keep the secret of his powers. So Arthur got the chance to practice in secret.

Elaine appears in chapter 5! Chapter 4 features training and dragon, and this chapter, 3, features Arthur seeing how people treat Mordred

Not really. In the prologue it’s mentioned Arthur finds the court hostile, and he feels lost.

When Arthur came to the throne, he was 15 and not only is he thrust on the throne, but he also finds out his half-sister is bearing his child. Merlin offered council and comfort, and Arthur clung to it. He’s convinced Merlin wants the best, even if he wavered, in moments like when he suggested that the bastard be dealt with. And slowly, he’s coming to realize Merlin is wrong in some matters, and being more independent.


(Some of) y’all: “As far as I can tell, the only bad thing Morgana did was curse Arthur”
Bianca’s answers to some of the asks on Tumblr:

S/n: I definitely recommend looking through her asks. She answers all kinds of stuff! (not just about Morgana lol)


Yeah, my Mordred trusts the curse more than Arthur.
If that thing does get lifted he’s outta the Kingdom to become the wizard of the wilds, I guess.

Requires a very specific playstyle I don’t plan to follow with my Mordred.

Who aren’t much use against Merlin’s possible magical or more subtle methods, including poisoning.
I mean most of the powerful and influential people who were poisoned historically had more allies than Mordred, the point is that you only need to bribe or impersonate one kitchen servant to pull off a succesful poisoning.


Hi guys. I dreamt about the game last night, more precisely, I redid the scene of the stable between Mordred and Arthur and I realized that I had a lot of trouble figuring out the size of the dragons in the game. Mordred’s dragon is the size of a horse, so it’s fine, but Arthur’s dragon, for example, how big is it? How big are the stables? It’s probably a dumb question, but I admit it questions me.

You make my mouth water even more! Well, it’s a bit horrible for us to want Mordred to suffer so that his father can gain some importance and strength of character, but I think Arthur is the kind of person who discovers themselves when they face horrible things. The bullying of Mordred, the betrayal of his wife and his best friend, deep down I think both the father and the child will suffer just as much in this story, but hopefully both will come out of it stronger and happier in the end. Please @Rebelgirl, spare us in the end!


Ahhh, I want to paint the whole kingdom with blood


Author i think emotional stats aren’tworking) i choose to cry, or my eyes end up with tears (when i meet arthur) but i didn’t increase

There’s a few spots where I thought a stat change might happen that didn’t, but I didn’t bother bringing those up yet because the stats are even more of a WIP than the story portion of the WIP itself. I think once the final page, of the last chapter for TBoC Book One has been finished, then Rebelgirl will have a better idea of how to spread them out, while also leaving room to grow in the later two books. Projects like this take a few years to complete, after all. :slightly_smiling_face:

That in mind, I tend to disregard the stat screen unless something got completely inverted (as in ‘applied the stat change’ to the wrong half of the inverted pair) along the way. That would be an issue that might impact play-testing for flavor text.


When arthur say that

Elewen this is my daughter.

All choices appeared even thought it’s not in the correct gender


Never mind my question it does change by a small margin like 2 percent to be emotional, but j guess it’s understandable for the author.



They’re huge to be able to host the dragons!


@LadyUmbreon89 Yeah, the stats are very much a wip right now. As I write I realize I need to tweak or add some, but I do try to make them work properly for flavor text.

@The_Shadow The increases are very small, but they change!


Just a random question but how toxic would being in a relationship with Merlin be? :joy::joy:
Ik he isn’t a ro but let’s say he is

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