The Bastard of Camelot

Morgana was originally a champion and a strong, successful defender of the Old Faith.

The Christian writers of the Middle Ages took her and warped her into the villain most of us grew up knowing.

I think it is good that @Rebelgirl is reworking her into a new character.


Lets also not forget the confusion caused by the existence of Morgause, who may or may not be Morgana.


We’re playing baby Mordred right now, there’s only so much credit I can put to their awareness of certain situations. :rofl:

Joke aside, there is that chance that older Mordred will harbor more awareness about the circumstances of their birth and other aspects that involve them. But there’s also a chance that both parents don’t tell Mordred about the prophecy and other things themselves, leaving them discovering these facts a little later on their own or accidentally (or purposely) told about it from a more aware outside party.

And seeing Elaine or Gawain show protective instincts for Mordred even more fun. The possible tension between the friends particularly interesting since both sides wouldn’t be completely wrong either: there are likely parts of Mordred that each side has better understanding of (like how Galahad is more aware of the prophecy).

Oh, I know that. I just stand by the fact that the Merlin of this story has certainly not done anything to make teaching that goal of reconciliation easier (if anything, he’s done more to make teaching that goal harder than anything else).

I’m going to relish the day Merlin finds himself in a position where he’s not as trusted as before due to Mordred proving him wrong time and again.

Pretty much my Mordred’s thoughts even at a young age.

Yeah, I noticed stuff like this when I was a little kid due to being such a big bookworm even then and having some good libraries to go to.

Am also glad that there is more to this Morgana than her wrath and desire for revenge.

Age will not help my Mordred too much with his flirting skills, but dang that sweet boy is going to try his best. :laughing: It’ll be fun watching the ROs reaction to it and seeing how they’ll respond.


Yeah, I love it. I’m still debating with myself about which one to go with. I may go for that one in the end. It was so awkward and cute how they were both confused in the end and kind of forgot the initial issue.

Yeah. Usually when I work with this myth I tend to say it IS the same character, but really, it’s up to the author

Haha, same here!


I loved it! Everything about it was great! Can’t wait for more to get done!!


Is it bad if all I can think about is Fate Mordred?

Although my Mordred is well… she’s shy but also doesnt care about peoples opinons. And get on her bad side (which is extremely hard to do) and prepare to find yourself with the most petty pranks being pulled.


Honestly I’m curious about what route Guinevere is going to take. She seems to vary between incorruptible pureness and queen bitch depending on the story.

Then there’s the versions of the legend where she has an affair with Mordred, which is a whole other bongo drum of craziness.


Or the story where she has an affair with Morgana … our very own Guinevere



I’ve heard of that version. The one where Guinevere has the affair with Mordred.


I hope we can tell Gareth about Arthur being MC’s father rather than having him find out on his own or be told by Lot.


Such a beautiful drawing :star_struck: I admire your skill, my friend :wink:


baby mordred has such a positive view of morgana for now so it’ll be interesting to see choices that allow them to assert their independence from morgana’s schemes.


I’m pretty sure it’ll basically be choices where Mordred thinks by themselves. Like for example deciding they want to try and get to know Arthur before deciding what to do, rather than blindly listening to Morgana and stuff like that. Independence doesn’t necessarily mean they would start to see her in a bad light - it may simply mean they think she’s wrong and would want to make her see some things their way instead of the opposite.
At least that’s what I think. My Mordred is shy and pretty meek he loves his mom, but I’m sure he’ll still be independent.

Yeah, I’m kind of freaking out because of that. Obviously when they met Mordred wouldn’t have told Gareth the truth, since Morgana apparently wanted Gareth to think he and Mordred are full brothers. But with time, it would be good to tell him. I fear the lie will explode in their faces at the worst possible moment, if Mordred doesn’t admit that to his bro.

Thanks a lot! I’m happy people seem to like it! I can’t wait for Mordred to get older in the story so I can draw him again with the new look. Can’t really do so before reading the events in his life at that point in time.


@Konoi No, I don’t plan on including any game overs, but choices have consequences.

A lot of people respect him, but trust him? Only fools.

Morgana told Mordred they are meant to take the throne, the rightful heir, the one who will exert revenge on Arthur, but not about the prophecy.

@Eiwynn Thank you! I really think it’s unfair to portray her as truly evil, and I do have a soft spot for sympathetic villains/ redeemed villains and showing a different side to the story.

@miky That will be an option for later!


Does this list of “fools” include our dearest King Arthur?


Right now, though Arthur is starting to make his own mind about Mordred, without heeding Merlin too much.


Good for him, I swear Merlin’s going to burn Camelot to ground one day, with his emphasis on “the prophecy”.


Wonder where Uther was on that scale, seeing as he apparently got Merlin’s advice on things much like his son is right now. :thinking:

OK, I’ve been holding this back for a while, but I have to be completely honest:

Every time I hear her talk about Mordred about taking that throne, I get sort of reminded of that Lion King 2 song, That’s My Lullaby. :laughing:

I’d honestly add Lance to that list of fools as well. Maybe in the two 3, seeing how seriously he is taking the prophecy involving his son and the one involving Mordred right now. :sweat_smile:

Well, at least that’s a start. Wonder how long until that day when Arthur fully ignores some advice from Merlin.

Seeing as Merlin prefers having people around him that he can easily manipulate into some direction, I get the feeling he might not take it too well when that day comes (probably would add that as another thing to blame on Mordred).

Maybe that’s the undoing good Mordreds might end up being for Camelot: the undoing of the disasters Merlin’s stubborn assumptions possibly end up being to Camelot. :laughing:


Considering Galahad’s behavior right now, yeah that makes sense. For now.

And with the power of hindsight bestowed upon us by Arthurian literature, I would say the same in the future as well… :upside_down_face:

See, by trying to avoid the “prophecy”, Merlin might fulfill the prophecy himself. That’s bad.

I give it a few years. Probably.

Actually, is there any chance that Arthur may end up being possessed by Merlin, for the sake of “greater good”?

Also, is Arthur an illegitimate child of Uther and Igraine in this version?

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I don’t think Galahad’s behavior is secret enough to put in spoiler tags, guy is barely subtle about it. In fact, I could see GAWAIN catching on to whats going on pretty quick. :laughing:

That ‘for now’ for Lancelot is probably gonna last a good many years or until he gets badly burned enough by his choice to put such strong value on those prophecy.

And it will be up to our Mordreds (or Galahad, if we decide he’s the best person to rope into the job) to repeatedly whack him with a sign that say ‘foresight’ if they want to stop his inevitable downfall.

Well, rarely does a prophecy show the prophet of their own possible role in the future event (and prophecies often get told in a vague enough way that the full outcome or the way the prophecy gets there is never really shown). So I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended up being the case.

…Then again, some with the ability to see the future DO see themselves in it and i would not put it past Merlin to keep his own part in the vision quiet.

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