The Bastard of Camelot (update 26/12)

Yeah, I did the same thing. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


I mean, part of me kinda gets the intent behind Arthur’s request; he likely wanted find some way to help Mordred despite his mixed feelings at the time and genuinely thought for some reason that Lot was his strongest bet that unfortunately Merlin approved of of offering Mordred some form of stability. The silver lining I can say also is that Mordred got to have Gareth in their life (potentially having a close bond with him) and may have avoided (to some extent) some of the worse stuff that could have come from being a officially unclaimed bastard due to the arrangement. But Arthur really chose the wrong guy to do something that he himself could not bring himself to do (especially since both men have their own reasons for having some complicated feelings toward Mordred). Not that Morgana is off the hook from this, seeing as she brought young Mordred to Lothia knowing on some level that Mordred was not going to have it easy (and her current behavior/reputation really doesn’t make things better for her youngest child right now).

As much as I make my own opinion clear on how low my views currently are on both of Lancelot and Lot, I will be the first to admit that it does feel like Arthur had asked too much of the Duke when he made such a request (even feels like a kind of selfish request to ask). Of course, it’s also clear that Lot didn’t take Mordred in out of the goodness of his heart (think I remember reading a ask where it said aside from Morgana pretty much threatening Lot against a divorce, the other part of the reason he claimed Mordred and allows the kid on his lands is because a part of him takes pleasure with how poorly received Mordred is by his people), so there’s still fault on the Duke’s end with how he willingly lets his people get away with their behavior toward. I’m not sure Arthur will really ever confront Lot on how Mordred has been treated in Lothia, though I’m not sure what he can even say about it since he was the one to ask the Duke to claim Mordred (and Arthur is intimidated my Lot anyway).


this!! i feel like arthur consistently TRIES to do the best/right thing in certain situations but is pretty often misguided. Well-intentioned,but misguided. also fuck lot,all my homies hate lot.