The Bastard of Camelot (update 26/12)

With Pendragon magic reinforced fists

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Now you’re giving me ideas! :eyes: Imagine the SINY and BOC characters meeting.

Well right now, you’re not really on any side? Mordred is just a kid shaping their opinions, and sides can be switched along the way. And what people see you as doesn’t reflect your side, but either your personality or how they perceive you.

Like @Okami-Nora perfectly said, Mordred will remind Lot of Morgana due to the loathing he holds for her. It doesn’t help that Mordred looks a lot like Morgana, and depending on personality, can act like her.

I was thinking without magic. With magic it would be like SINY lol

Yeah, coding wise no problem at all! Just gotta think of some cool tricks. And finding time to do it.

I usually refer to a scene, a text where the setting changes, so if I say scene, I don’t mean the file. But I agree, kinda confusing.

Consider this: Merlin baking cookies in a “Kiss the chef” apron.


I know one who would be happy! :wink:

Sorry for starting all this! But it’s because of @Okami-Nora. I just mentioned Lancelot’s swinging ! Things got out of hand shortly afterwards… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Mine likes magic, the outdoors, and visiting new places. The modern equivalent would probably be a scientific researcher, not one working in a lab but someone going to do fieldwork in wild places (something like my first job after university in the BAS). Although I imagine they’d make a good replacement for David Attenborough as a presenter of TV nature shows.


Mine probably would be a psychologist, and live in a house full of plants.


Maybe Mordred is trying to strike out on their own in the Modern AU, attempting to make a life for themselves away from both sides of their family ties due to having enough of all the tension and bad blood and being so done with being caught in the crossfire. They move to another town and somehow find themselves the owner of a small store of some kind (the tyoe of store depending on the Mordred) and decide that this will be their starting point as they settle down into this new home.

Morgana often visits both due to concern for her child being on their own when they’re barely a adult and also to try to go against their uncle Arthur’s large business called Camelot. Arthur truly just wants to bond with Mordred as family and finally bury the hatchet between the two sides, but Merlin sees Mordred’s shopkeeper status as a threat to the complete control over the local businesses and plots in the background (all while convincing Lancelot that Mordred is trying to weaken Camelot). Lot is a big business guy whose business has been stable but stagnant in growth. Accolan and Gareth are the only ones who visit Mordred without some form of ulterior motive and like to check up on the recently independent kid while times offering advice.

Depending on their shop, hiw they come across the ROs and other characters vary, but Mordred will slowly meet the rest of the cast (who may or may not know who Mordred truly is, as some Mordreds may choose to change their last name and a couple of other things in order not to be recognized in the new town) as they go about tending to their small business and discovering who they are in the quiet town of Avalon.

At least, that’s my imagination running off with the idea. :laughing:

Feel like my male Mordred would either be running a cafe or bookstore while working on making children’s books on the side.

My Female Mordred would probably be running a farm that also is used temporarily fostering wild animals before reintroducing them into the wild. Or running a inn renowned for its homemade drinks and food.

with Mordred crossing out the ‘ss’ with permanent marker and replacing it with ‘ck’.

Way to throw me under the bus, @daughterofolympus . :joy: That betrayal hurts more than when Julius Ceaser was repeatedly whacked with the Animal Crossing nets by his former allies until he left Rome that how his downfall went right?.


I have been thinking since Arthur has excalibur then it would be better for Mordred to have caliburn/clarent, two birds of a feather and I wonder how it will feel using the same and not so same sword against each other maybe it will be like that time between Voldemort and harry potter

Morgan Atwell?

Also, Eva is almost old enough to have been through both… I think.

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Does that mean…paradox time travel?

No, but time travel would be an interesting concept to play around with

Man forgive me for asking this scummy ask for the sake of fulfilling a morbid curiosity, but will it possoble to romance an RO for the sake of using them? Like go into a romance lock with forged feelings or when you stand on opposite sides of the field to tell the truth that you never loved them in the first place.
Like a mordred can end up inheriting Morgana’s way of manipulation on Lot, like seeing how much giving false affection to a person can reward you and wanting to try it out themselves. I’ve seen characters being sus of mordred manipulating them and people wanting to prove em wrong but what if mordred was really manipulating them like Morgana did and was really good at hiding it?


Wow! Well, you were inspired! :laughing:

You’ll get over it! :kissing_heart:


oh boy that sure is a question to ask. my mordred likes art and music. he’d probably make a career around something like that,once he gets in a position where most people in his life arent using him as a tool for their various feuds.


Wait what really, when does Gawain comment that Mordred reminds them of Arthur, is there something I have missed? :sweat_smile:

Does anyone want to speculate with me about what happens next with the information @Rebelgirl gave us?

We know that the next time we will meet Gally, we will be in the forest, we also know that we will spend time with daddy Accolon and that hypothetically, Arthur will meet our dragon, so any ideas? :thinking:

Concerning the encounter with Gally in the forest, I hope that it will not take place in the place where Mordred and his/her/their dragon meet to talk freely. It’s a special place for those two, from what I understand, it has to stay that way. But it might give us a clue about Gally, that he, too, likes the peace and quiet that Callum’s company offers him, and also quiet place.

I can’t wait to spend more time with Accolon.
We will surely get a demonstration of “paternal” love from him. Something that Arthur will perhaps see from afar… and who knows, it might speed up his decision to act or stay with his arms dangling as he has done so far with Mordred.

Maybe we’ll see Mordred and Accolon training too! Nothing great, after all, Mordred is only ten years old, but if, depending on our choices, we could manage to impress the people who might be around us, that would be great. (I’m thinking specifically of the other squires and knights of the round table) I find it hard to believe that we’ll see Lancelot again given the night he’ll have spent.


Hello. I’ve played through the demo a few times now, and I have to say that I’m really looking forward to watching folks like Lancelot and Galahad gnash their teeth as they watch my Mordred save Camelot and fail to become the monster they think he is.

One piece of feedback I’ll offer is in regards to the options we have when meeting Arthur. I would recommend that we be allowed to select our reaction to Arthur calling us his child before we get to decide if we feel any gender dysphoria.

Splitting those options up into two different choice selection screens would be a good way to keep the story going and not get the player bogged down in comparing a dozen options against each other.


I love this trope! And since the world of Boc is based on Europe, and Camelot on Austria specifically, I can imagine Mordred moving in a small mountain town in Austria.
But since you mentioned the town as Avalon, that would place Mordred in an equally lovely place - an Italian island :eyes:

I don’t know why but I find this so funny

Excalibur and Clarent are both Arthur’s, but Mordred can get Clarent, either by Arthur gifting it to them, or them stealing it.

He’d certainly be very happy about it!

It’s an interesting idea to explore, but unfortunately I won’t be adding it. You can befriend people just to use them, tho.

Gawain doesn’t remark on any similarity.

@N-Rogue Thank you! Should I do this with all such choices, to be easier to read?


Oh, I see, thank you for clarification, I was afraid I had missed a path. :blush:

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I think I was rushing game again to see if I can change something in my stats sorry for that confusion lol :sweat_smile:


Thank you! Should I do this with all such choices, to be easier to read?

Not all the choice selection screens need to be split up. I imagine most readers will be capable of choosing between 4-6 options within a reasonable amount of time. It’s when you offer a dozen choices at once that you start running into problems.

That scene with Arthur and Elewen was really the biggest example of this problem for me. It was the first time in the game that I really went: “Uh… This is gonna take a while to figure out.”

To a lesser extent, Mordred’s reaction to learning Gawain plays the lute is also a good example. You can have the player state what they want to say to Gawain, and then you prompt them for the motivation. Kinda like this:

“I know how to play, too. We should duet sometime.”
That does sound like fun. But why play together with Gawain?
Gawain is cute, and I want to spend more time with him.