The Bastard of Camelot (update 03/03/2021)

Absolutely! There’ll be a private beta and I’ll look for beta testers here.

Oh yes, forgot about that one. Will add it!

No spoilers :eyes: But without too much details, yes

If you have a low relationship with Gawain or if you refuse to go with him when he says he wants to play the lute for/with Mordred the second day of the tournament, you get an alternative scene. Also, if you chose to be confused/betrayed about Morgana and Accolon keeping the prophecy secret, you can choose not to go with Accolon at the tournament and get an alternative scene.

And it’s perfect :joy:

She married Lot at about 15-16, got pregnant with Gareth a few months into the marriage. Meanwhile, she’s been befriending some of the knights and healers - including Accolon and Robin. She got particularly close to Accolon, but not in a romantic way. And while Accolon developed romantic feelings for her along the way, Morgana only realized she felt more for him when he came after her in Avalon.


not sure if anyone’s mentioned this, but there’s a typo here with thought instead of taught.
great writing btw!

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Oh god I need to be part of it :rofl:
You couldn’t believe how important this game became to me (not to mention it’s already my favorite interactive fiction type game, even if it’s not finished :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yup, same here. This is absolutely an amazing work.


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Same, causing chaos and being a gremlin child is my Mordred passion


Gremlin from the Kremlin?

i recognize that the bastard of Camelot is a very compelling story,but I’m honestly here for the memes,here’s a couple featuring an older Galahad and Mordred,aka the versions I just default to drawing too bc they’re easy to drawcamelot_burns_galadred_meme camelot_burns_mordred_memes


Will there be an option where moredred’s just become desensitized from everything or just plainly doesn’t care, essentially going “:woman_shrugging: well biology happened, i ended up existing in the end anyways, can’t do much about that”


So happy to see people already interested in beta testing! :heart:

I love it! :laughing:

There’s gonna be different reactions to it, including this one


Hey, just wanted to let you know that I really liked how you integrated the option of being trans into the game!! I’m really excited to see how you continue to develop it further into the story.


I have a couple of typos for you


There’s quotation marks missing

This is so good! Just replayed it again, love the writing and characterizations. <3

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Out of curiousity will there be polyamorous options?

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There will not.