The Bastard of Camelot Announcement on post 3193

So excited to see you and many other authors finally make the switch to Itch-io. As an active user of said site, well, it’s way better at this point I feel for advertising your game, building a fanbase, and gaining wealth through patreon (if thats a thing ur ever willing to do… hint hint)


I for one definitely support the move and will continue to follow both games on!


aw shucks I hate’s UI but compared to CoG the pros outweigh the cons so good for you! I guess I’ll continue supporting this book nonetheless


Oh yeah, Lot has already been proven to be very opportunistic with how he gets his indirect petty shots against Morgana; we see a good deal of it from how he reacts to watching Accolan being openly attacked by Lancelot in the tournament. Its easy to see him finding any excuse to target Mordred with those frustrations, regardless of the Elaine situation (I mean, the guy has raised his hand against Mordred in the past for standing up for themselves against the bullies in Lothia; seems like it takes very little for Lot to find some excuse to bully Mordred). Though It was stated that the sight of Mordred (possibly) lashing out at Lancelot with their magic actually gave Lot a reminder of what kind of power Mordred possesses and has given him some pause about how he deals with Mordred in the future, but its hard to say how much pause and for how long.

That said, I’ve also come to the conclusion Lot has a lot in common with the Pukei-Pukei; being more than willing to bully those smaller and weaker than him, but much more unwilling to actually face someone with equal or more power (in fact, being quick to run/stand aside in the face of such opposition). And Mordred is only gonna get bigger as time passes. I’m curious to know how the people of Lothia may react if they see with their own eyes their current Duke does not actually have the moxie to face Mordred fairly (some of those bullies are likely embolden by the Duke’s own behavior toward Mordred, so if the leader is shown to not be able to back up his talk with walk, then I imagine there’s going to be a lot more hesitation on those type of bullies’ end to continue messing with Mordred).

I can’t wait to see that and how Merlin or Lancelot come to react to Arthur growing beyond them. Arthur kinda seems to rely on both of them a great deal right now (in different ways), so it’ll be fun to see how both men react to the young king not only standing more without their help but also at times standing against them.

I tend to make more than one character for WIPs when I get interested in check out alternate routes; don’t really got a handle on code diving and I might as well have fun with the exploration with a new character while practicing play a character who is some kind of counterpart to my other one can’t do full on jerk characters though; every time i try it i end up reseting because i can’t even pretend to put my shoes in a jerks shoes.

In regards to Arthur himself, I’m looking most forward to Female Mordred interacting with him because I don’t know how he’s going to respond to her. I feel like the similarities she shares with Morgana would have him on edge half the time, even if a part of him wants to try having his daughter in his life. But there’s nowhere else for the two to go but up, so while she may never be able to see him as a father, maybe something positive can be nurtured between them with time. Maybe he may even come to see that there’s no actual malice under her harshness; rough she may be, but she intends on being honest with his performance as a king and is trying to push him to be better for the kingdom at the least.

I also do like the idea of Arthur coming to see what he could be capable of with Male Mordred, who shares the most traits with his father, but differs in the fact that he is more independent with stronger convictions and, in a way, harbors more life experience than Camelot’s king for a while.

According some of the past asks, we may end up seeing that in the story in some form or another.

Based off the few asks that make mention of Lance coming to change opinions on Mordred, he can come to acknowledge that some Mordreds are what he thought himself to still be: a decent human being a knight who truly is loyal to Arthur and strives to do good for Camelot without resorting to a ‘the ends justify the means’ attitude. Its clearly going to be a while before he gets there, but his denial can only hold strong for so long when faced against more than one voice calling him out on how he’s being and also seeing Mordred being a good knight with his own eyes. There was even a mention of the possibility of Lance actually coming to realize at some point that Merlin had been playing him like a fiddle the whole time.

I’m gonna take a guess that Lance’s self-reflection will be most noticeable during the 2nd Book and half of it may happen once he experiences his fall from grace (after all, he’s probably have a lot of time on his hands to really look at himself, the mistakes he’s made, and consider what he wants to do from there after the affair gets made public). :thinking:

As for the making peace part, I do think Lance can eventually be capable of taking a better turn with his life and getting to the point where he can do a honest attempt at making amends for the harm he has caused (unlike how he’s currently trying to make amends to Arthur for continuing to see Guenivere). Whether forgiveness ends up being extended by either of my Mordreds themselves would be dependent on how he changes for the better and what kinda grief he put them through before all that though. And considering he was more than OK with attacking Accolan in broad daylight in front of a crowd and feels very little shame for his actions, right now it looks like the skies are the limit for what the Knight Champion may be willing to do to give Mordred a hard time.


Love the author for being able to make Morgana into a sympathetic character who isnt evil for evil’s sake. She is a damaged, furious human who was dealt a very bad hand in life. She absolutely loves Mordred, she protects and gets angered for Mordred’s sake. But she had Mordred for vengeance. To spite the people who wronged her and use Mordred as a vehicle for that hate. I think Morgana is confused as well in regards to her hate. yes she wants payback, but does she want payback so much that she hurts Mordred? Thats a theme I CANNOT wait for @Rebelgirl to explore and write about.

Arthur is however a good person. He has helped Camelot become a happy place, he truly cares for his people and friends. Arthur is by all means a good person, but not a perfect one. I love the fact that we see his POVs because without them, I would dislike the character. He would be a deadbeat dad from my view lol. But with the POV we see he actually cares for Mordred and is in a way haunted by them. He cannot help but see Mordred as a blemish, a scar he would rather did not exist. So I have to wonder if cares for is the same as loves.

This dynamic is going to be AWESOME to explore. Hopefully Mordred can cope with all this drama cause honestly at this point it may be better for lil Mordred to catch a boat back to Avalon haha.


Forgot to share ths, but this feels like a pretty interesting and relevant trope talk, considering what’s going on with Morgana, Arthur and a number of other characters in the story.


OMG I love Red and Blue! They also have a King Arthur video which ALWAYS makes me chuckle when I learned that Lancelot was a fanfic OC maybe possibly a self insert of the author to be with waifu Guin.


They originate in Britain. The fact that Arthur is ‘King of the Britons’ is a bit of a clue. :wink: Britain is the primary setting for the story, with virtually all the locations, real and imagined, being set there. The earliest stories were British, from early medieval times. There was a popular French re-imagining a little later too. Most of the best known later versions were British as well. In modern times there have been endless re-imaginings, from all over the World.

It’s a shame you’re moving to Twine. I’m not keen on th UI and I don’t really follow it, so will probably lose track of your book, unfortunately. I have looked at Twine before but found the vast majority of stories to be so poor, that I couldn’t be bothered wading through them all, in the hope of finding a good one. I wish you well. Your story shows great promise and you deserve success. I’ll try to remember to check out Twine occasionally but can’t deny that my primary focus for interactive fiction will undoubtedly remain with CoG/Hosted, just because it the best regular and reliable source for decent, or better, interactive fiction. It still produces duds, admittedly but not as many as it’s rivals.


I just found this game and I am enjoying it alot.