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So a couple questions, when will the game be done and 2 how many words will the final product have.

Hi @Im_Infamous , please don’t ask authors for updates, it’s against our forum rules.

If @Rebelgirl has any information they want to share relating to a release date, then I’m sure they will do so when they are ready.


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Asking for/about updates is against the rules.

There will be an update. It will happen when the author is able to release it.


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Poor scaly i wish i could choose it to be my partner.
We don’t deserve Accolon he’s just so kind, so understanding even if my character wants to make Arthur her father he still supports her and treats her as his own daughter😭.


Same I am a softy for childhood bonds


Love this game. Very excited to see where this story goes!



I’ve decided to move both my games to Twine and Itch io. I’ve actually made the decision some time ago, but I’m only posting about it now that I’ve actually made some progress on porting them.

For now, you can still play the dashingdon versions, I’ll leave them up even as I continue to work on the twine games, but I won’t be updating them anymore.

If you want to keep up with updates, you can follow me on my tumblr I’ll also update the first page of the dashingdon demos to redirect to the itch versions once they’re done, and I’m thinking on posting on the interactivefictions subreddit.

I’ve received so much support and helpful feedback here, I really hope you folks will continue to follow the progress of the game even in this new form!


I’ll try to make another announcement here when I release the twine demos if the thread is still open. You can follow me on itch io too for updates


Aw beans, mind if I ask why the switch from Choicescript?

Llama made a post about it in her blog.


This part is a little hard to comment on since you are right on the idea on how the deepness the bond grows between Mordred and Elaine can be somewhat dependent on how much time they are given to bond before before the wedding (especially if some Mordreds in general deepen bonds at a slower pace for various reasons like gaining their trust takes more time). But considering that its possible for.some Mordreds and Elaine to develop mutual feelings and Elaine herself to feel some conflicted when it happens, it sounds like enough time passes before the wedding that the two can have a solid enough bond for the feelings to be deep enough.

Besides, feelings don’t always follow a straight logical path if they did, Lancelot would probably have been more inclined to use the right head and not continue an affair with Arthur’s wife once the arranged marriage happened, so the heart is not so easy to predict when everyone’s heart beats in a different way (metaphorically speaking of course).

i think @Rebelgirl once said that there was a chance Lot could find out about Mordred’s feelings toward Elaine before the whole marriage canceling thing if Mordred is a honest-to-a-fault type of person (take this for a grain though; this is a WIP and story/characters are bound to change in some parts). So if a honest Mordred could be caught by Lot at a not ideal time, Gareth learning about their feelings toward Elaine BEFORE the wedding drop doesn’t sound like a far off idea (especially if Mordred is the one to go out of their way to talk with their brother about). Of course, all we can do at the moment is take guesses on how things can play out until we get to Chapter 5 to see for ourselves

But even if he isn’t too keen on the arranged marriage himself, it doesn’t change the fact that (in the case of a Mordred he is close to), Gareth currently struggles between his care and protectiveness toward Mordred and his hesitation and uncertainty about how to deal with his father Lot, whose familial bond he yearns for yet who Gareth also acknowledges, to some degree, is the biggest bully toward Mordred in Lothia (who has potentially hit Mordred in the past and has allowed his citizens to get away with treating the child poorly). So to discover the sibling he cares for has forbidden feelings toward the girl he’s supposed to be arranged to and possibly knowing just how badly his father will react to said sibling could be cause for some inner conflict and stress for Gareth. Because when crap ends up hitting the fan (which it may), he may find himself having to take a full stand in some direction.

Of course, this is assuming nothing happens in Chapter 4 itself that may cause Gareth to start protecting Mordred more than yearn for Lot’s affections like learning from Mordred the true nature of his little sibling’s origins and who revealed this fact to them. There may also be a chance that event itself could make Gareth more protective of Mordred and weaken his connection with both of his birth parents.

I’ve been playing a lot of Our Life: Beginning and Always and because of all those playthroughs, it just kinda of crossed my mind after a while. :joy: I wish I could give more direct examples, but honestly part of the fun in that VN is seeing how all the characters (not just Cove) grow throughout the years and how certain choices can play a role in that to some degree. I like seeing that for all the stumbling Cove’s dad does in the beginning, Clifford really does come to learn how to handle things better (especially once he understands Cove better as the two communicate more). He doesn’t learn it all overnight; it clearly took time and some guidance from different sides to help him get to that point, but he got there.

And seeing how things unfold for Cliff was good reminder Arthur would be capable of doing the same thing with more time and experience. that It will be fun to see how Arthur himself shows his growth both as a king and man (possibly even as a father or uncle), and how he heals from the trauma of what happened to him in the past.

Anyone who may be curious in trying the slice-of-life visual novel out themselves (it can be played free, but those extra Moments are worth seeing as well) here are the links to both (Our Life: Now and Forever is currently just a preview page)

​Our Life: Beginnings & Always by GBPatch

Our Life: Now & Forever [Preview Page] by GBPatch

in general, this situation will probably mean that with my Female Mordred, Lancelot won a battle…but ended up triggering a war. :joy: He effectively made things personal for her after he attacked Accolan and while she won’t want to see Arthur right now as a kid (and if she does, she’s gonna do one heck of a heated callout toward the king), the event has given the knight a relentless adversary to come to deal with in the near future (and Lancelot of all people should have known how tenaciously driven a Le Fey can be when given a strong enough motive). Arthur’s own relationship chances with her take a pretty bad blow (one that will take noticeable time to recover into something more positive), but she won’t continue avoiding him for long either, even of its only to make sure he does better from now on as a king.

With my Male Mordred, Lancelot just straight up loses in every possible way. His actions didn’t scare Male Mordred off, it pushed the kid to go “Enough is enough” and start not taking people’s crap anymore. Mordred has no intention of keeping distance with from Arthur, but Arthur’s (seeming) lack of actions will be one of the other things that forces Mordred himself to mature faster because outside of Accolan, his birth parents don’t seem to be in positions to really guide him in a good way (Morgana due to her wrath blinding her and, as far as he sees it, Arthur due to the fact he has a lot self growth he needs to tackle in himself first). And that in turn would lead to Male Mordred becoming another voice of observation and reason for Arthur to take into consideration, especially once Mordred comes to Camelot as a Roundtable knight. Arthur still may need to put some work in to gain the full trust and relationship of his son due to the tournament event, but it won’t be as much of a uphill climb as it will be with Female Mordred.

Or, depending on the person, I’m wrong. Opinions can be funny like that. :laughing:

Now this. THIS little tidbit makes me raise my eyebrow at the duo’s relationship even more than before.

I did give them credit in the past due to seemingly having a loyal-to-a-fault bond to each other much like Accolan and Morgana, but now that loyalty to each other feels its on its own shaky grounds that both achknowledge to some degree yet at the same time ignore (if that makes any sense). The fact the relationship is a off-and-on dynamic feels like its a good show of the fact that Guenivere is aware enough that Lancelot is changing for the worse and is not in current listening position to actually get himself into shape and Lancelot himself being in a deep enough denial about the idea that he’s changing for the worse that he won’t even truly listen to Guenivere…and yet, they continue to come back to each other in the end. From these actions, not only does it come off as the knight and queen are half-assing their own betraying of their best friend, but that maybe the fact the relationship being a constant on-again-off-again affair doesn’t make the idea sticking together in the end sound like a positive outcome all of a sudden.

Of course, future parts of the story could change my mind on this matter. Lancelot could be shown in the story to be going through his own possible positive growth like Morgana and Arthur before the affair reveal and may actually be working confronting the problematic parts of himself and his choices that others (especially Guenivere) have pointed out to the past and even stopped hanging on Merlin’s word so much. And maybe Guenivere herself shows to be growing her own way during that time as well (or at least, being more honest with her faults and the state of her relationship with Lancelot). As of now though, I feel like those two might need a true break from each other before considering the idea of actually being together for reak. Just my thoughts of course.

Good luck with the move! I have no idea what the transferring process to the Twine format is like (or anything regarding coding for that matter), but I hope the experience will be a smooth one!


Yeah, it makes perfect sense - hence me being surprised I didn’t think about it. Especially since I play both games a lot. I guess it’s because the settings are so different.
I really can’t wait to see Arthur’s evolution. And also how Mordred’s behavior and personality may influence said evolution.
I may only have one Mordred, but I still like reading alternative dialogues while code-diving. It’s harder on Twine since I’m less used to the code, but oh well, I’ll manage :rofl:

I guess in the case of an affectionate, kind and ever caring Mordred like mine, Arthur may feel pretty bad about hinding their true relationship to the world, seeing how sincere his kid is and how much he longs for his affection. Especially true on the long run, as for the time being he still thinks there’s no other way than hiding it.

I guess to an extent, that is true even if Mordred doesn’t have feelings for Elaine, though :thinking:
No one knows what will happen in the future (well, except for the author :sweat_smile:), and Lot may use an opportunity that could present itself to him to really go against Mordred. I mean, I guess this is something that may be avoided to begin with, depending on what the player does, since, if I remember correctly, Lot may end up being impressed by Mordred, but still…

With that being said, I really REALLY hope there’ll be a way to make peace with Lancelot. Obviously, what he did is something that even my Mordred would have a hard time truly forgiving, but I doubt there’s a single person my Mordred would NEVER forgive at the same time - well, if the person makes amends and actually wishes for forgiveness, obviously (not much hope to have about Merlin, for example). I do hope with time Lancelot will come to realize how wrong he was - well, at least on my playthrough / on playthroughs with truly virtuous and nice Mordreds.
I’m also curious if Lancelot will start to feel guilty if he sees such a virtuous Mordred… Not even talking about feeling guilty for what he did to Accolon and how he treated the kid and things like that (though I suppose in that scenario that kind of guilt would be present too). What I mean is guilt about his own actions, like his “betrayal” of Arthur with his wife and things like that. He’d see the person he always treated like evil incarnate be so much more of a worthy knight than him, after all.


I can’t say I am happy with your decision but it is your to make. And I wish you and this amazing story the best


Good luck with twine we are all rooting for you


So excited to see you and many other authors finally make the switch to Itch-io. As an active user of said site, well, it’s way better at this point I feel for advertising your game, building a fanbase, and gaining wealth through patreon (if thats a thing ur ever willing to do… hint hint)