The Bar on the Abyss - WIP [170k+ words] [Updated: April 21] Your new afterlife awaits!

Thanks for the feedback! Will be fixed on the next update, probably tomorrow

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Well if you have not then its basically this wip. Even some of the characters like shelly. I though this was based on death parade.

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I’ll give it a try, then :slight_smile: Don’t watch tons of anime, except Ghibli films, which were definitely a big inspiration for this game!

Although after reading the plot synopsis on wiki I don’t think I’m going for the same vibe or plot other then the basic premise of a bar in the afterlife



Added a new chapter, titles with artwork, made bug fixes, rewrote a lot of the 1st chapter, and added the first half of the 2nd chapter.

Have fun reading :slight_smile:


Is the Mc the main bartender or just the manager? Either way, I’m really enjoying this so far.

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Thank you! Your PC is the manager, but In the near future I’ll incorporate a skill system for the different things the MC can do, including bartending, accounting, performing and even cleaning!



  • We are now at 40k words!
  • Recreated the stat screen, added artwork and more
  • Added a skill system (early stages but has some unique interactions already)
  • Added 10k+ words to the 2nd chapter

Have fun reading, and let me know what you think so far!


Hi everyone! working on finishing the 2nd chapter with the opening night and introductions of all romance options.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d check your opinions on the characters introduced so far.

Got any Favorites so far?

  • Death
  • The Raven
  • Hastur
  • Yaga
  • Shelly
  • Peisione
  • He Without Name
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The short, round woman with curly red hair stands up energetically. “Right here!” she says with a broad smile. “Come with me. We can chat upstairs,” you direct her.

The short, round woman with curly red hair springs up from her seat, her face alight with a mixture of excitement and anticipation. “Oh! That’s me!” she exclaims, waving her hand with infectious energy.

Heyya! I noticed this.

Also, idk if I read understood but we can choose the name right? or is it always The Bar on the Abyss? I chose ‘home’ by He without a name, but then it said the sign said TBOTA.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback! Will look into the naming problem and fix it with the next update (and the repeated text with Shelly’s scene that should have stayed in the drafts lol)

Oh yeah, I meant to also add, that I really loved the first two chapters of this!!

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Yay! really happy to hear! The 2nd chapter is going to have a huge expansion :slight_smile: stay tuned!

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:star2::sparkles: Chapter 2 Complete - The Bar on the Abyss Opens its Doors! :sparkles::star2:

Hello Spectral Patrons!

Get ready to raise your glasses high because the first night of our otherworldly bar is now fully crafted in Chapter 2 of “The Bar on the Abyss”

Here’s what’s inside:

:sparkles: Spirits Shenanigans: The tavern is (un)alive with the clinking of glasses and the whispers of spirits from realms untold. Prepare for an evening filled with choices galore!

:sparkling_heart: Romance the Unknown: The official unveiling of all main romances - where attraction transcends the mortal coil. Will you find love in the embrace of Death? Start an infernal affair with a Devil Prince? Or maybe romance a living witch, one whose very presence at the bar could spell more than a few troubles?

:open_book: Unfold Their Stories: Begin to unravel the mysterious backstories of your devoted staff - and help them resolve issues during the long shift!

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Epic Expansion: The story is now a grand 60,000 words! Explore every corner, every conversation, and every hidden shadow in the depths of the bar.

:bug: Tons of Bug fixes

I can’t wait for you to dive into this new chapter!

So grab your favorite libation, and let’s toast to the night - it’s just getting started!


I’m really enjoying this one so far! Looking forward to the next update :slight_smile:

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I’m really enjoying this one so far! Looking forward to the next update :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

If anyone’s interested, I finally found the time to make a characters page (including romance options!) mild spoilers ahead, although I think it’s as cryptic as possible.


Hey I caught something and now i’m wondering, Doesn’t Peis go by They/Them pronouns? Or are they Gender Fluid- switching between pronouns every now and then?

I because I noticed after the update They’re now being referred to as She/Her, At least on this page here:

Peisinoe takes her place on the small stage, her ethereal voice weaving through the air, setting the perfect mood.

Her melody is captivating, drawing in anyone who listens, and you can see the passion in her performance, a rare glimpse of joy in her eyes.

Just wanted to see if that was on purpose or if maybe Peis has always been referred to as She/her yet I somehow never realized lol :slightly_smiling_face:

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Damn! Totally my fault here. Pieisone comes from a realm of non-binary beings and that is why they have they/them pronouns. Will be fixed soon.

The Epilogue of Chapter 2 is now available!

  • Revel in drinks and merriment with your crew after hours!

  • Sneak a peek at the upcoming adventures in Chapter 3.

  • Uncover a startling revelation about the origin of your unique condition.

  • Delve deeper into the enigmatic witch.

  • Introducing new options for players who are still undecided about romantic paths.

  • And, of course, various bug fixes for a smoother experience.

Have fun reading!


Hey everyone! I just wanted to update you that the writing of Chapter 3 is going splendidly.

I added a realms page where you can read more about the world of the abyss and the realms beyond it.

I plan to release the first half of the next chapter the following week— it has many variables and interactions, so it takes some time.

See you in the abyss!


Hello everyone!

Exciting News: I’ve just released the prologue of Chapter 3, and it turned out to be quite unexpectedly longer. What was initially meant to be a brief segment somehow expanded into a whopping 15k words! Oops.

The next part I’m working on, the night shift, promises to be even more eventful.

Here are a few spoilers:

  • Death indulging in a bit too much liquid courage and getting absolutely hammered
  • A tense showdown between Yaga and the Devil
  • The arrival of a representative from a distant realm, here to collect a long-standing debt
  • Could it be that Shelly has a secret crush?
  • A late-night rendezvous with the Witch
  • A sneak peek into the mysterious enigmatic Hastur
  • Plus, a plethora of other afterlife shenanigans!

Looking forward to seeing you at the bar – cheers! :beers: