The Ballad of Devil's Creek (WiP) (CH6 Up, Major Update: 09/03/2021)

I was going to stay out, but @MeltingPenguins, please stop attacking @hustlertwo. He’s voicing a genuine concern that authors writing for this company have, myself included. I don’t want the company burnt to the ground over something that Jason has already said is unlikely to happen, and will not impact the majority of people writing for them as it was geared towards ADDITIONAL income for their artists. Asking people to boycott COG because you no longer plan to publish through here on your blog is not cool. Speaking for all authors is also not cool. There sounds like there’s been some major miscommunications going on here. Please calm down, no one here is your enemy. I recommend you speak to @KaiDeleon and see if it can be sorted out. Otherwise there are many other IF communities out there that you may find suit you better. Jason is the co-founder. Asking him to get out of the company over something that was floated as an idea but never happened is not going to happen any time soon.

At the request of KaiDelon to keep the thread back on topic and generally hating getting involved in unnecessary drama, I’ll withdraw now.


What Jason is saying is that he wants it to happen, come hell or high water.
I don’t know which authors you are talking about, but looking around the forum and tumblr I see many more that are very upset about jason even considering the step and not dropping the idea when people voiced their concerns and anger.

Or are their concerns not worthwhile?


Nothing is being done anytime soon, maybe never. You won @MeltingPeguins. Why are you still yelling about it?

If you don’t trust his word and no longer wish to publish through HG and wish to leave due to their business model then no one can stop you. All we’re asking is you don’t continue burning the business down as you shut the door. If you wish to stay and actually want a company left to publish with, then perhaps you should calm down unless the whole NFT thing rears its head again in the future.


You seem under the assumption I am genuinely the only one unhappy about the sheer idea, and the fact that ‘not anytime soon’ is not the same as ‘never’.
If you can trust someone who when faced with arguments against their plan resorts to ad hominem attacks, mockery and whataboutism, that is on you.
I can’t.

But alright. Back on topic: you got anything to say about my story?


meeps has not insentivized anyone to leave the platform. for people who were already on the fence about giving the company their time and work, the thread and the staff response were just the final nudge.

people don’t want to spend years working to host their projects in choicescript and through HG only for the company to suddenly announce that “now’s the time they start working in NFTs”. that’s why people are leaving, that’s why authors have already left the platform.
it’s that nefarious “yet”

anyways thank you meeps for giving us charlie and his atrocious sideburns


we know! the issue is that a lot of us don’t even want to associate with a company that has anything to do with crypto schemes, which an NFT invariably is

this is already happening. people are leaving because they don’t want to support this
i haven’t seen any already-published authors leave, but i can name more than 5 WIP authors off the top of my head (with a large readerbase!) who are pulling their WIPs from the platform to pursue other publishing methods


I beg to differ. Just as an example from her blog which she linked in the original thread:

I’d say we actually openly boycott CoG until jason and everyone supporting his plan has to leave. Because he’s not going to get some sense into his head.

Oh my crap guys! They’ve never once said they were going to pay anyone in crypto, just they were considering selling a few NFT’s to support their artists using a low emissions scheme version of it. I wouldn’t accept crypto payments, but I’ve already got games with them and this has never even been offered as an option for payment. Given the backlash, I doubt that will NFTs would happen, but I’m not the owner of the company. If you write for COG/HG, that makes you a contractor of sorts. The downside of not owning and running your own business is you don’t get the final say in decisions made about the direction they will take. If it’s that much of a deal breaker, then I suggest moving to a different platform now where you can distribute your game as you see fit, as that’s the only way you’ll have that sort of certainty in your life.

BTW- Which published authors have already left the platform and withdrawn their games from sale? I’m genuinely curious as this is something I am not aware of. You can edit your post so not to pull the thread further off topic.

And yes now I really am out as this is only serving to derail this thread further.
Edit: I can see Meeps writing a reply and I really did mean it, I’m out. There’s really nothing further to say as no one is going to change anyone else’s mind here and this thread is not the place to continue the convo anyhow.

Edit apparently I’m lying about MP telling people to boycott the site according to MP’s blog so… screenshot.
BTW I’m just having a conversation, I have zero stake in whatever happens with the NFTs and have not been doing any gaslighting, guilt tripping or lying or whatever else you seem to be accusing me of. I actually don’t particularly care if you stay or go, even with you badmouthing me on your blog. That’s what happens when you assume people are out to get you. It’s a big world out there, and life’s too short to be caught up in needless drama. Hope you find what you’re looking for out there MP. Best of luck with your new adventures from the sounds of it.


Shhhh. The sideburns are magnificent D=


And here I thought this is about the game.
Maybe we should keep this thread about the WIP, please, and not derail it or any other thread?


I don’t think at this point it matters.

The thread will be gone soon enough anyway, as the game’s moving to twine (which is sadly not as screenreader and mobile friendly as CS) and it wouldn’t be the first time that threads like that just get unlisted instead of having the category moved.

So /shrug


As you say.
It seems that I won’t be reading your IF anytime soon (as you said twine is hellish for mobile users and I’ve had problems with every twine if I’ve tried to read on mobile), so good luck and thanks for your work.


well, the demo is still up on dashingdon.
And again, I’d have loved to continue in Cs and publish through HG, because the community is mostly pretty awesome, supportive, progressive, creative and kind.


Longer bit on that:

The community here has seriously been one of the kindest, most creative and most supportive I’ve seen. (Yes, this includes jacic and hustler, as frustrating as they might be right now. Just in case someone tries to say I wouldn’t include them)
People here are helpful and full of brilliant ideas, usually lifting each other up. And I dare say the other thread has shown that people are absolutely on board with supporting the CoG artists, and people’s kindness and wit are what makes them say ‘no’ to the whole cr*pto plan.

I doubt that anyone (or at least a lot of people) here would have been averse against CoG changing the payout model from 25% for the author to 15-20% for the author and 5-10% to the respective artists. That would still have been a lot more than other companies offer.

I dare say we all (or at least most of us) want to support artists and authors more, but not through cr*pto. There are better ways to support people, ways commonly quicker, easier and safer. Sure, merch would take investment, but one can start with small runs/redbubble. To say ‘but that consumes energy too’ is plain dismissive whataboutism.

People here have kind hearts, and kind hearts know when something’s not a good idea. Which is great, and, again, not something you see in a lot of communities, sadly.


That being said, back to the game:
We got a new RO


Hustler, I think you’re missing something very, very important here. Boycotts are the weapons of the consumers when they feel like their voices aren’t being heard. When people feel like they’re being steam rolled over their concerns for an idea that a company is floating, the main way to make them listen is by using your money, or rather in this case, not wishing to use your money.

Also, seeing how many HGs in particular seem to rely more on patreon for income, I very much doubt the credibility of this hurting HG authors in a significant way other than maybe making their reach a little smaller. That coupled with the fact that HG profit splits are far and away in favour of CoG, many aren’t too fond from my research anyway. This isn’t the hill that people are choosing to die on like your comments seem to make it out to be, but rather that this is the final straw for many who feel like a place they once loved is slipping further and further away from them.

I will admit as I have done in my previous time of posting nearly 5 months ago around the banning furore back then, I am not intimately tied to this community as yourself and others are. My connection is more by association with friends who care for this community, so I will concede if I’m proven wrong on any stance I’ve taken in this message with all the respect in the world for everyone who loves this place. Though what it ultimately stems down to is that this place is less and less recognisable, and with competitors coming to the fold, some people are choosing to cut their losses and move away.


Apologies for stealing the topic away from your game, no disrespect intended.


No worries. And you know, in some bizarre meta-level way this is game-related (not just the obvious meta)


(I think we need some comedy)
/The Ballad of Devil 's Creek Fan little Story/
The worst muggers
On the road
Zen; god dammit Jerry you’re doing it all wrong again you don’t give them money you’ll take it
Jerry: why do we take money boss
Zen; God damn it did you really say that we take it the feed our self to eat and sleep I can’t believe I’m explaining this we are muggers got a f****** charity I can’t believe you can’t with us
On the side of the road is 3 muggers and two people on horseback but you are putting their hands up and not wanting any harm but completely confused at the situation they’re in someone giving the money at gunpoint
Fred: you did just dragged us out of our homes to come with you on an adventure and it didn’t bring any fruit of gold mining and your next big idea was to mug people on the road
Zen: shut up Fred let’s do this again just give us all your valuables and money and no one gets hurt!
Polite guy with an eye patch: I’m guessing you guys have not done this before
Fred: yes
Zen: No
Zen stares at Fred like he’s about to punch him
Eyepatch; I see how about this I’ll teach you how to do it give me your gun
Jerry starts giving the eyepatch man his gun Zen stop him *
Zen: what the f
** are you doing
Jerry; giving him my gun because he politely
Zen: I’m this close to punching you in the face who win their f****** right mind gives their gun out to a person they’re mugging
The argument continues to happen between Jerry and Zen Fred is the only one looking at the people who he’s mugging
Fred: I’m sorry about this
Eyepatch man: it’s okay can I go sir
Fred: sure can I ask your name though
Charles: is this guy Charles what’s your name
Fred: it’s Fred I’m sorry about Zen for wasting your time
Charles: it’s okay my partner is the same
MC: shut up
Two Ride there horses away from the the three muggers when the argument is done
Zen: okay where we give us all your mon= where the f*** are they
Fred: I let them pass this is a waste of time
Zen: you let them pass with the money we had thanks to Jerry
Fred: … f***
I tried my best to a little comedy I only started doing this at 3 a.m. I’m a little tired and I was closing up at work because there was nothing left to do I hope you guys enjoy



Quick update on the game’s future:

I will continue coding in CS and update on dashingdon. I will, however recode in twine as well, and then decide how and where to publish depending on the developments with CoG.

(As said above, I’d LOVE to publish through HG, mainly due to its accessibility for screenreader and mobile devices)


Fwiw, I’m glad you made that call, and I hope CoG remains an acceptable place for you to publish.


Me too.
points up I love the general community here, as much as I sometimes butt heads with people.