The Arksville Homicides - 3D Animated Horror Series


Anyone interested in horror? This is called ‘The Arksville Homicides’ and is 3 episodes in so far. I’ve been working on this for two years, so the quality gets better with each episode.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3 - link can be found from previous episodes (I’m new)

Hope you like it :smiley:


Is this actually interactive fiction?


Bugger sorry, I guess I should’ve posted this in off topic, I mean it is fiction, but probably not very interactive :confused:


Okay I shifted it into off topic.

I was hoping that it’d be one of those interactive youtube stories where you make a choice at the end and depending on your choice you get linked to one new part or another. I’m sad that’s not the case.

Have you considered making some interactive fiction?


That would be such a cool idea, I really do want to eventually do something like that, only problem is you’d have to make so many videos based on the different story threads, but one day when I got my own little render farm, I think that’s my plan! :smiley:


@FairyGodfeather is that a thing?? If so is there any way you could post the link to some of them?


@FairyGodfeather for sure would be good to see any attempts at it, which would be worth getting ideas from too :slight_smile:


Well there’s ways you can cheat it. Like how video games can provide the illusion of choice when the story continues on regardless.

You could use the same footage for each branch but have different dialogue.
You can use the same footage for each part but with a slightly different section at the start.

Rather than having a branching storyline you can reuse footage and have one that loops back into itself. Or you could cheat completely and make the choices completely fake.


Oh yes, it’s a thing. I’ve seen it done as advertisements.That’s quite a lot of them out there. Off the top of my head Twix has one, however I’m not linking it since it’s about winning a girl as a prize and is rather annoying. Strange that I find it far more objectionable when there’s an actual actress playing a part then when just playing a dating sim.

The one that stuck most with me is It’s a horror zombie video. I hated them all, wanted them all to die. Fortunately I think you can lead to their deaths.

Chad Matt and Rob have a few interactive adventures on youtube. While I’m sure I watched them I can’t remember

Oh there’s also but I couldn’t get past the first 10 seconds I found it so annoying. If I muted it it might be easier. I think I’d rather have the zombie one.

Actually what I prefer is just plain text since it’s far less annoying.


Yeah very true! Reminds me of games like Command and Conquer where they had FMVs and depending how you did in a mission or perhaps what mission you chose they would have different FMVs but would always use little bits and pieces of the same one in each branch


Man, could have used an animator like you back when I was making games in college! This is some great stuff, and I can tell it took a crapton of hours to put together. And that’s coming from a guy who can’t do any more than convert .fbx files to .obj’s! The cinematography, camera angles, even the pacing is at a high level.

You may want to try tossing a link over at r/3DMA and the other animation subreddits. Not really sure how an animator gets publicity—there’s not exactly a steam greenlight or app marketplace equivalent for animated shorts out there.


Hey Multiple Choice, good idea, I did that, I never have much luck with reddit though lol. Yeah there seems to be a lot in the way of machinima, however original animation tends to be left to studios I suppose. But all I can do is just keep putting content out there and hope that I slowly gather followers and notoriety.

Thanks so much for the kind words! Each episode I try to make better than the last. And yes definatley a CRAPOLLA TONNE of hours, days, weeks to make these, but in the end I think it’s worth it, and I enjoy it :smiley: