The American Front: Invasion


A friend and I have begun work on a new game called the American Front: Invasion. I’m posting this to see if there is any interest.
It is the not so distant future where WW3 has been waging in Europe between The Russian Federation and Nato for three months resulting in a stalemate. In an effort to pressure the Americans out of the war the Russians recruit the Chinese into invading that’s right invading the mainland US.
The MC is hurled into this war when on July 4th a Chinese taskforce lands in ur hometown of Freedom City, WA and gets swept up into the local American forces trying to stop the Chinese Dreadnaught. Will u be a hero? Lookingout for yourself? Will you fight your enemy with respect or be ruthless to those that have invaded your home? Can they even be stopped?! Can you even survive?

Thanks guys for reading and please give feedback this community is great at that.


Sounds interesting and new


Will I be able to summon The Great Cthulhu and lay waste to the fabric of reality itself by destroying the very material plane humanity resides on, then create a new world of nothing but Star Spawn that will act as the ultimate replacement for our pathetic monkey selves, and usher in a new era of retribution for His Dark Excellency?


I’ve seen a similar premise done before with the Homefront series and Freedom Fighters, but this is the first time I’ve seen it done with the Chinese, and in Washington State, so I’ll give you that.

A couple comments:

  • Apparently there is a real life Freedom City, but it’s located in Denmark. Hehe.

  • Are we going to be drafted into the military or is this a resistance movement?

  • Can we collaborate with the Chinese?


I really like this kind of story, so I will be sure to check it regularly. Good luck and keep up the good work :smiley: (btw, do you have any explanation concerning why haven’t the warring countries used atomic bombs? Because despite meaning worldwide destruction, countries at war aren’t known for showing restraint, especially when they are invaded).


well, here’s my list of questions

  • can the player choose the role their character plays?

  • Can the player lead a team of fighters?

  • To what extent of the war will the player see? (will we see the ultimate end of the war, or will we liberate the area of our hometown?)


Thanks for the encouragement guys now on to ur questions:
@ArchangelVoldemort sorry man😥
@RagEgnite I did not know Freedom City was a real life city in Denmark. And I did play with the thought of being part of the resistance but to me that seems really over used especially with Red Dawn and the games u listed. U will be a part of the local militia ( it can be voluntary or sort of drafted) as to ur last question maybe.
@ruhenri nuclear weapons have been used limitedly in the North Sea and on the Korean Peninsula
@deznutes u can choose occupations u had before Invasion, u can lead a squad, and I’m hoping to make this a series so I do hope that you can see the end of the war


Oh and in case y’all were wondering some big inspirations for this are Red Dawn (1980’s one) and World in Conflict.

Plus here are the occupations and for the first chapter they each will have their own specific path (hopefully)
National Guardsman
Police Officer
Doctor/ Medical professional?
And maybe construction worker


Teenager? Count me in.


Thanks for the clarification. I am glad they did. It seems more realistic that way.

Why didn’t they blew up the entire world? Was there some kind of backdoor communication to stop using them before they would destroy the whole world?

That is nice. I am always down for a new CoG series, especially one with this subject. :grinning:


red dawn-like setting? check.
Teenage setting? check.
Nukes? check.

Count me in!


If you do base this in Washington state, you may want to put a little more of the actual military backgrounds in. We have a lot of personnel that rotate in and out based on their assignments - I realize your world is at war but the Puget Sound is one of the North American military hubs (especially for Navy) and like San Diego, area in Southern California, almost everyone’s life is touched in one way or another by this fact.

Unless your world you are making, Washington has developed differently then our real life state.


I understand where ur coming from I would personally love to add the regular branches. The problem would be coding bc every branches stats would different. Don’t worry tho they will make appearances. U will meet characters who are retired vets, there will be a regiment of marines, you’ll see Navy and Air force jets, regular army units. Now u have to understand that the American units will b spread thin since the landing at it town is a supporting action to the main invasion in Seattle not to mention the Russians landing in Alaska not to mention they took down the electrical grid of the Western US complicating communication


Like most of the people here, everything about the main premise for the story sounds like it would become a fun and interesting story to delve further into, and play in. The only issue I have with the plot, is mainly our hometown’s name, “Freedom City.”

I don’t know what my dislike of it is, and I can’t really express why I do not like it coherently, but it just sounds like you didn’t put a lot of effort into, although I would like to think you had. :stuck_out_tongue:

All in all, you may keep it if you’d like, but I personally believe you could do much better. Looking forward to how this progresses.


The concept sounds great and reminds me of the game of ps2 freedom fighter (but this looks like it’s going to see more war)


Honestly I agree with u and it is very plausible that it will be changed. In fact contest! Who thinks they can come up with an awesome name for a city?!


This games sounds like it could be really fun. Im just wondering if you had a stat system in mind yet, new town name Nuketown😂


Not quite yet 20 characters


The City of Dalton
Albany city.
Tahoe City
The City of Hanging Rocks
Potter’s Hollow
Pine’s Prairies
The City of West Easton
Town of Lakewood

Yeah… I’m no good at these this is just a few I can think of off the top of my head, just some things I came up with
Will any of them due?


Yes they will thank you!