The Amberwood Series (WIP) (REVAMPED)

Welcome to the forums! I’m glad you liked this! I hope the other characters are just as lovely when introduced, thank you for playing!

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You know that ask where you talked about the ROs embarrassing secrets? I’ve got just one thing to say to Cassius… 2+ hours of good chillstep! So no embarrassment about musical tastes here, or Imma slap you, Cass.
Mine tend to be a bit more flexible than most, though, so I guess I don’t get that same awkward feeling when talking about music? If anything, only an educated musical professional would have the ability to embarrass me because most of what I know about the subject itself is self-taught.

This next thing is just me gushing about a moment of nuance I didn't consider until last night...

That scene just after the neighborhood zombie attack when the MC is sorta “in shock” (as chosen by the reader/player) with Nyx is just so seriously sweet.

Especially when I take into consideration the things you’ve shared/hinted at with his background–both with, and without the MC present–and so while I didn’t completely appreciate his response to my MC choosing to ‘lean into his hand’ as I chose it, I realized later that I was subconsciously broadcasting a very important lesson Nyx has yet to learn. That it’s okay to reach out first, because my MC will not reject him. So reading through a couple asks over the last two days later it hits me, and I reflected back to that choice my MC made… Wow, what a truly great moment! :blush:

Just a small change of perspective made me realize all this, so I’m sure when I get the chance to play through the other romance routes, I’ll be surprised by a couple of the scenes there as well. I should also mention that this is not something meant to make you nervous about your writing since you doing what comes naturally has more than proven its worth, but I’m pretty sure I can call out you possibly being happy, and nervous, and internally kicking yourself all at once while reading this since you make no bones about being hard on yourself, and a perfectionist at that. You’ve definitely got this, Prism! :grin:


This…I don’t even know what to say. I’m honestly speechless. I never thought about the potentional importance just answering things on Tumblr and how it can further help develop characters. I mean, I already knew that last part but not in the sense that changes how someone might look at them!

Thank you very much for saying all of this. I’m my worst enemy in everything I do, and reading everything you’ve written…I need this printed and on my wall so I see it every day. Also, thank you for the link! That might come in handy while writing! I’ve been struggling immensly with trying to focus lately…


Thanks! Your characters are truly inspiring, so I recently painted Ileana. She really is very intriguing and I look forward to her appearance. I do not draw very well, but I hope you like it.



OOoo I love this! She looks so beautiful, and her dress is super cool! You did wonderfully! I understand, art is hard;;


I’m glad you liked the drawing :blush: I plan to gradually draw all the characters and show them here, if you do not mind. I really want to draw Nyx, but eh male anatomy gives me a hard time.


Feel free! I haven’t made any other threads dedicated for fan related things so; it isn’t a problem.

i hate drawing males so much. UGH women are more fun to draw! Honestly, just draw like…a headshot, it’s easier :joy:


Random poll time! From what you know based on Tumblr asks/answers, or the information given here… Which RO are you looking forward to the most (either for romance or friendship)? This includes Nyx and Cassius as they have yet to have romantic scenes!

  • Ileana, the Vampire “Queen”
  • Cain, the Dark Elf Prince
  • Freya, the Light Elf Princess
  • Nyx, MC’s childhood friend
  • Cassius, the stoic detective

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UPDATE: this is copied from my tumblr post.

MY GOAL is to have chapter 3 finished sometime this week, including up into Sunday. However, it may not be done until (ideally) early next. I’m sorry this is taking so long, and I hope it’ll be worth the wait. If nothing else, know that chapter 4 is the investigation and where things really kick off, especially with the inclusion of new scenes/moments.

I still plan to set up a Patreon after chapter 3 is completed, along with working out a plan that best allows me to work on giving you what you pay for without running the risk of pushing myself too hard. Gotta avoid burnout and unnecessary stress. I am thinking about waiting to answer all asks until the weekend, but I haven’t decided yet!


take your time


I read your message on the tumblr and therefore wanted to say, please do not rush yourself with the update, this will be done when you are ready. And I think we will all wait as long as necessary, so please take care of yourself.


In addition, I was finally able to finish Freya’s drawing. There are 2 options because I could not choose from them.Unfortunately the camera on my phone is just awful :no_mouth:




I like them both- although I am leaning a little more to the first drawing… :slight_smile:
I look forward to seeing more art from you should do continue!


LOVE ITTTT​:heart::heart::heart: cant wait for the next update!!


Thank you!


I have a weird feeling our childhood friend is a vampire or part vampire because it’s actually strange the other condition of being sensitive to the Sun and stays up late at night