The agonies of Stress


Stress comes in many shapes and form, and we all experience it. Stress in small doses can be helpful, motivational even at points, chronic stress and the likes, now that can cause some serious health issues.

Now the question here is, how do YOU get rid of stress? Or what techniques or ways have you heard of or used?

Weather it’s work, school, or a cog game dev, friends and families, or whatever, stress will sniff you out, it will chase you, and it will seize you. It waits as a pet, but left unchecked it will become untamed. What’s your escape from the beast?


Sometimes simply playing relaxing games or watching funny/uplifting videos can be enough to get rid of stress for me.

But if that doesn’t work, I take a walk around the block while listening to music.

Edit: I’m kinda curious about what other people came up with to deal with stress :grin:


Here are a few ways I deal with stress:

  • Watch motivational videos on YouTube (such as “People are Awesome” etc)
  • Listen to good music, loud, without headphones. Rock the room!
  • Convert distress to eustress by channeling it into something creative (writing, poetry, terrible drawings)
  • Relaxing with a casual video game (challenging but fun - something that doesn’t punish mistakes harshly)
  • Hitting the gym! I recommend it to everyone because weightlifting has changed my life
  • Stand in the sun with your eyes closed, listen to the world turn and know you’re an integral part of everything


I don’t really do anything about it.


Oh phooie, Cattie. ( = 3 = )

I find that exercising is an effective way to lower stress.
Plus, you get a stronger body + toned appearance!

Three birds with one stone! :smile:


Short of popping a propanolol, meditation is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress. Physically your heart rate lowers, emotionally you become more stable, and mentally you become more focused. Thinking of nothing is often far more difficult than it sounds, but your mind will love you for it.

Give the guided session here a go and see how it feels:


I almost passed out waiting for it to load <-<


When my son was playing basketball, and was at the free-throw line, I would see him make a fist of each hand and then slowly open his hands out before taking the ball and making the shot. He told me he was visualizing all the stress of the moment rolling down his arms into his hands, and then he would open his hands to release it. He made a lot of foul shots, and made them look easy.


Really now, combined meditation excercize while visualizing the stress being released. Excercise(3 birds) the others 1 each, 5 birds, one brick ^~^

Half an hour later ~ looks like I’m relaxed and stress free…too relaxed. I can’t sleep now >.>

Though I find working out plus upbeat music to be the most stress relieving things. As much as it seems when work starts piling up. Taking your mind of things for a bit of free time or otherwise distraction or stress relief activity, seems like it’s taking away from work time and adding to stress, but all in all it tears down that wall of stress piece by piece.

No clue if that made sense to anyone ^~^


My main ways are
A) Working Out. I’m a new person since I’ve started weight lifting, like I’m a 2.0 with all the same features of 1.0, except longer battery life, and less strain in everyday tasks.
B) Gaming. This has been my mainstay for YEARS, I need something that challenges me, something easy like CoD just doesn’t cut it. I need strategies, puzzles, or RPGs.
C) Meditation. Honing the spirit is just as important (if not more) than the body.
D)Sleeping. Sometimes, taking a nap is needed. dozing off and having a pleasant dream can be amazing (and to be honest, gives some great inspiration for WIPs…)


Yes, i meditated and now I can’t go to sleep at all…


I always (When i am stressed)

  1. Work out: be it jogging or dancing.
  2. Drink plenty of water ( always seems to make me a lot calmer)
  3. Drink mint tea.(Same here)
  4. A good nights sleep early on.
  5. Ignore the phone and computer.
  6. Take a moment to breath and pep talk myself.


i have generalised anxiety disorder, depression and autism and a stomach illness thought to be ibs

the autism means i cannot correctly talk about my anxiety. the anxiety disorder means i get stressed. the stomach illness turns that into pain. i am in pain or discomfort nearly every second i am awake (i’ve tried so much but barely anything helps at all, don’t ask)

i spend most of my nights feeling depressed because if i worry about something i am in pain, but i still have to do it. some days i can’t move from my bed i am in that much pain and taking the max dose of the strongest behind-the-counter painkillers we can find has done nothing.

so i’m immobile, then stressed because i missed something because i was in too much pain from being stressed. see where this is going? a vicious circle. i’m always stressed and always in pain. still, even though i can’t get away from it right now (stress always happens, it’s just a fact of life), i can alleviate it. the more stressed you are, the harder it might seem, but healthy and alert and awake you’ll deal with your problems better.

my disorders prevent me from going to the gym too often, but i find that music helps! writing down your priorities and measuring out what needs to be done soonest helps you to organise things: a weekly planner and reminder helps me.
sometimes external stimuli can remind you of stressful things; so once every so often take a break somewhere quiet and comfy, like a cafe or a walk through the woods, and try not to think, just enjoy.

  • sleep well! i cannot stress this enough!
  • drink enough water and eat.
  • make sure you have socialised in real life, even if it is just for a
    small amount of time.

a lot of people put work or accomplishment before anything else. accomplishing is good, but, if you feel on the brink, remember: your mental health and safety comes first before any obligations.


Bake and cook stuff then I would give it all to my neighbours. If it fails I would go surfing :sunglasses:


I beat the shhhhhh… it out people as Batman in either of the current three Arkham games.


i wish I were you neighbor grumble

@bagelthief now that is something that would drive me throughly mad, I applaud you for holding in there mate, truly.

Water Hmm…I’ll have to see about tossing out the sugary drinks and replacing with simoly water.


Like @anon48296871, I tend to do nothing about my stress. The effects of doing nothing for so many years has resulted in daily migraines and bodily pains.

However, although working it off (vague, I know) makes it worse, I usually ‘miraculously’ forget about the stress. Though I don’t think you’re as foolish as me to try this? In which case, perhaps going to sleep might help. This doesn’t help me because I have trouble going to bed. I wonder why that is. [Sarcasm]


Makes me take in depth the part 2~ Agonies of Insomnia

I really gotta burn myself out to fall asleep. Weather it’s watching a movie until I get too sleepy or bored, ro some other distraction. If I’m not exhausted, I’m not sleeping. The more relaxed I am, the less im able to sleep surprisingly. The more stressed I am, usually the more busy I am, the more I want and need to sleep.

sigh the agonies indeed.


Sleeping less could help you with that.

I used to have insomnia sleeping 8h/day.
It usually took me hours to actually drift off to sleep.

Now, I only sleep 5h/day, and my insomnia seems to be gone.
Some people require less time to rest, you just need to find the right amount for you.

(I’m not a doctor, don’t sue me if this doesn’t work for you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Ha ha! I know that’s right! :smile:
On typical nights, I go to bed around 8:00PM or 9:00PM but I don’t usually go to sleep until around 1:00AM or 2:00AM.

If I really want some good ol’ fashioned sleep, I gotta wear myself out first. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Lowers clipboard with pending lawsuit.)
Awwwww. :disappointed: