The Aegis Saga - Blood


Congratulations on (almost) finishing your game! It’s an amazing story that you’ve worked so hard on; I’d be more than willing to leave a review when the game is released.


I would love to play and test the game


I’m interested in this story


I’d love to play and test the game. I can rate on steam or apple.


This sounds interesting.


I’m interested in testing and rating your game if you want.


I would love to test your game and post a review on it.


I’d love to test the game for you. I remember playing the demo a while back, and I was really interested in it. I especially liked the characters. I can probably only rate it on steam as I only have a computer to play it on.


I’d be more than happy to do so! I try to review all of the CoG/HG I read, anyway.

To be able to do so and save myself a few dollars (I barely make rent most months, woops!) would be a dream come true. :slight_smile:

No worries if you’re all full for testing, though. I’ll still buy it…especially if I have some Google rewards points available, hah


Yawn, thanks so much everyone, I fell asleep.

You should have received a PM invite now (i’ll do a check through now but tell me if you haven’t :relaxed:)


I would like to test it out, and most definitely will rate your game in store ^^


I’d love to test out your game and leave a review!


If it isn’t too late, I’d love to review your story as well!


Are you still accepting reviews for tests? If so, I’d love to take part!


I am definitely interested!


Also would be intrested in reading the full story


This sounds great. Sure, am I going to rate it on Apple Store, when it comes out :wink:


I’m interested in reading and playing your game, dude


I would love to read it, and rate it when needed :smile:


I would like to read the full version. After reading your demo. Leave review it ok. I am not a tester though.