The Aegis Project (spy/thriller) (new demo 26-Dec)


Alright , i want to impress Angel even more by capturing her and then let her escape just so she knows i can do the same :-):stuck_out_tongue:

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Angel: looking down at the MC’s unconscious body

Angel: I could just set up my perfect death plan and leave.

Angel: …

Angel: But then they won’t know how amazingly I outsmarted them.

Angel: sweats nervously


I thought up a sad Xmas headcanon but I can’t share it because of character spoilers… I played myself…


I’ve added a new demo link to the first post, containing chapter 1 of the revised game! (I will likely be doing private testing for the rest of the game, so consider this a teaser)

What's changed?
  • Chapter One is now about 5,000 words longer, with at least 7-8,000 new words.
  • Stats! There are now 5 skill stats. I’ve also unhidden some personality stats that were hidden before, though they were already in the old version of the game.
  • More choices! Technically there are now 8 ‘endings’ you can get before the pit scene. Admittedly though 2 of them are similar to other ones, so it’s more like 6.5.
  • In general, a lot of balance tweaks (perfectly balanced, as all games should be… :slight_smile:)

Part of the reason for this is that I’m finding it tricky to set sensible stat boundaries in later chapters because I’m not sure how easy it is to get certain stat amounts for someone who doesn’t know the code backwards like I do. So it would really help if you could tell me what your skills stats look like at the end of the demo! (there’s a few more stat boosts in chapter 2 but not so many).


Will we be able to dabble a bit with the skills or is it best to stick with one or two skills that suit us?

I love the teaser and the added explanations. Can’t wait to play the whole thing! (and discover other lethal situations we can get out of with the audacious trait)


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That’s kind of what I’m trying to figure out! Sticking to one stat isn’t a good idea, as not every choice will use that stat.


I usually prefer to stick to two particular stats that suit my character the most, and use them alternately so they both increase and I don’t have to rely on one stat. That moves the story along nicely unless the stat-checks are intentionally made difficult to pass. Would that be a bad idea in this game, to leave a few of the traits at a pretty low percentage?

Here's what my stats looked like by the end of the demo:

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So I have a question. I like the story so far, but I notice whenever there is an update, the save files I have never work. It just continuously loads and never gets anywhere. It seems like this is a probably with most WIP’s where I have made save files. Is this just how it happens for everyone or…?

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Here’s my stats after the demo ends:


The save plug-in have a tendency to do that when the author update their demo. It’s not much important though since this one is on queue for publication and the final product don’t have a save plug-in anyway. It could be a bit of a hassle for the author to check out the save issue for this title.

If you have problems with other WIPs, it is best to ask over their respective thread or ask over this thread:

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Mmm, I don’t think it is advisable for me to focus on three different stats at the same time, but…


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Looks like you’re getting the stats higher than I thought might be possible for more than one stat, that’s good to know! Two high stats is probably the sweet spot.

Did anyone jump into the crocodile pit though??


I did. That was quite the feat.


Yes. It was badass. Cemented the “I’m in this for the thrills and deadly plans” playthrough for me.


Did you notice that flirting with Angel at the pit raises Thrill? :smiley:


My dog suggest something in the lines of

She useful but better not have loose ends…

Cuz immersion



had notthing better to do

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But i like the line of “the end justify the means” :slight_smile:

or something like " Friend of my enemy is my friend "…

I think I found one typo?

NB Angel, right after choosing to “I took a risk and explained that I was working against Petrovich.”

The “Jasper They” part.

And my stats for my first playthrough! I’m sure I’ll do another

Totally jumped in the pit. It was awesome :+1:

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I jumped in the pit my first time through. Best miss-click of my life.


I did! It felt very rewarding particularly as at that point, I had already decided thrills was good. I’m very excited about more choices that increase that stat.

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@Hearts - I had to throw the ‘Bond, James Bond’ name thing in there somewhere, didn’t I? :joy:

@sidonh - Honestly a high-Thrill high-Audacity MC is the ultimate ‘hold my beer martini’ character.