The Aegis Project (spy/thriller) (new demo 26-Dec)

Yes… i totally agree with this, i fail a check while trying to get into the gala event… and was captured, thus forcing Angel to come rescuing me and then allowing me to take a ride with her :-):blush:

This is a great opportunity for me to say Thank you to Angel , instead of “I hate you” :-):grin:


Good question. Rel tracks how nice/positive the MC has been towards Angel, and therefore it’s something like ‘how Angel thinks you feel about them’. Respect is a bit tricky - some is gained by impressing Angel, some by their judgment of the MC’s character. In general non-spoilery terms, it affects how highly Angel thinks of the MC, but also how much of a threat they think the MC is. There are upsides and downsides to both high and low respect.

And the reasoning for that particular stats boost is: if you refuse the kiss, Angel is kind of insulted, but also thinks you did it because you’ve figured things out. If you kiss them, yay kiss, but you’ve also fallen for the ol’ honeytrap routine so you’re obviously a sucker. :laughing:


Oh totally, I agree. My only concern, and the reason I brought it up, was because I’m just worried how it might feel for readers who are just trying out the game for the first time to fail every stat check in the first chapter because the character they chose to play as didn’t take the right stat. First impressions and all that.

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I made a tumblr blog :
For assorted extra material (I’ve posted some character moodboards already) and questions :slight_smile:


im confused whens release date?

There isn’t one yet–the game is currently in draft revision

I... Can't believe I didn't post this here.

Inspired by This Ask on Tumblr!






and I’m sorry if this question already been answered…does angel a slow burn or this game?

really can’t stop to smash the button of my time machine(let’s pretend I’ve got one myself) to the day I finally purchase and play the whole game, can hardly wait.

Hi~ @Scribblesome, ummm here’s some suggestions…requests…


He looks sheepish. “No, thank you. All this time I kept thinking I should do something, you know? Only you showing up actually got me to do it.”

He moves in closer, his intention clear.

And here, I think…might just me, missing(? losing? sry my English kinda suck) some atmosphere than the old demo, I like Angel’s hand on MC’s shoulder and neck, if MC doesn’t want to kiss Angel can just push away…but but I like some more intimate interaction…yeah yeah I’m a big baby cough

Annnd how much suspicious should MC gets caught? I keep it low on 17 silly me…since high suspicious makes me nervous, buuuuut I notice Angel will be show upon on rescue MC soooo…


Two men up there, one standing pretty close to the edge.
You cling to the edge. The two men haven’t noticed that anything’s wrong yet, but that won’t last long. What’s your next move?

And here, might as well describe what these two guys are doing when MC does their business to save themselves that they are too obsessed to notice MC, like which direction they’re facing or why they don’t hear MC’s action…


It was answered a while back!


Thank you very much!!!

how an evil Angel…steal my heart… cough

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Thanks! :blush:

About what the goons are doing, yes that’s a good suggestion, I might add a line to make clearer what they’re doing.

About the kiss, I think that depends which path you take to get to that scene? Some of them have Angel being touchier than others :slight_smile: but overall the change was to give the player more agency.

Suspicion needs to be below 25 to not get caught.


> But you’re distracted from that thought as Jet touches your shoulder. He still looks shaken, but has regained some composure. “Valerian, I don’t know how to—I mean, you saved my life.” He looks into your eyes and reaches for you.

YOU ARE A MAGE YOU KNOW!!! yeah I think i finally made it buuut seems like not enough compare to old demo, Angel’s hand not onto MC’s neck…I think I’ve done my best—oh I even find out how to totally disappointed Angel (my poor MC do not cry) or be injected without kiss—…is that touchiest Angel?

And why these guys keep calling my MC “he’s weird.” despite which action my MC did…it’s fun though.

OMG look here, I FINALLY remember why Angel know MC’s name,


it’s really obvious silly me, I’m TOTALLY startled when Angel finally show up and call MC by his name cz I’m simply forget it just came out from MC’s own mouth…and silly MC tell Jet(Angel) his real name…cuogh I’m okay with that though…but maybe give some reason why MC tell Jet(Angel) his real name…? or agent’s secret identity is not a thing…?

The name thing is handwaved a bit more in the new version of the first chapter - MC didn’t use their real surname, and I guess whatever first name they have is just a really common one in this universe (yes, even if MC is named Ebony Darkness Dementia…)

Who’s calling the MC weird?

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You are lifted bodily and dragged through a side door. Cool night air hits your face. You catch a confused glimpse of a large black van, doors standing open, before you are thrown face-first into the back. Maybe two people follow you in, one of them Peter, who is holding a whining gadget next to your head.
“He’s wired,” he says curtly, and then the whine increases and there is a sudden sharp pop in your ears. Your earpiece! “There,” he says. “No help for you now.”

I think that ‘he’ is MC?

Is the new demo ever going past the 1st chapter?

@Runbunnyrun, oh, “wired”! They’re talking about the microphone and camera stuff that MC is wearing :slight_smile:

@Sac_Man, probably not; this is it until the proper beta test.

Never noticed these are two different words until now…:joy:I think I need to change a pair of new eyes. face palm

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Just hit a milestone! :star_struck: The end is now in sight … just the other side of the big complicated climax chapter.


I’m so excited to see what happens next. Keep up the amazing work


Thanks! :blush: