The Advisor WIP (Mini-Update 01/13)

I have complete (a week later than I hoped) my edits for the prologue and chapters 1 and 2. The edits for chapter 3 based on feedback will be out by the end of the month, along with the first part of chapter 4. I have come to a decision to only write one branch at a time, as I want each to feel unique and complete on their own. It doesn’t matter to which I write first, so anyone can vote for which route they would like to see first.

In this update:

  • Customize your relationship with your mentor.
  • Attend a council meeting (if you become the Jarl’s advisor).
  • Spend time with your companions before the attack.
  • A pronunciation guide and reworked stats screen.

Other changes:

  • Romances now move more slowly.

In the next update:

  • Chapter 3 edits, including further discussion on which route to take.
  • First half of Ch. 4 of the court route.
Which route would you prefer to read first?
  • Vildevakt path
  • Salvian court path

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About my vote; it’s not that I don’t want to visit the magic forest, I’m just under the impression that the Salvian court path might take a bit more time to set up well. :woman_shrugging: