The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart (WIP)

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart

Play as your version of Sherlock Holmes in this romance detective game!

Make an enemy of a friend and a lover out of an enemy. Solve the case of boredom. Have a pet bird—and best of all, play as a romantically and emotionally stunted genius detective!

  • Explore London in the late 1800s

  • Solve murders, hunt criminals, and possibly catch a thief

  • Have fun adventures and tender moments with characters you know and love

  • Form deep relationships, whether they be friendly, antagonistic, sexual, or romantic

  • Play as a man, woman or non-binary

  • Romance men, women, or both

Demo link:
The demo is around 24 000 words—and 12 000 per playthrough.

The character creator is extensive. I recommend skipping it and choosing a preset character if customisation is unimportant to you.

The possible relationships

John/Jane Watson - Dependable, kind, and loyal—a partner and a friend. The human embodiment of a golden retriever.

Gregory/Grace Lestrade - Sexy workaholic grump with a poorly hidden heart of gold. Will make sure you get home safe.

Irene/Irwin Adler - Charming scoundrel, clever schemer, and colossal schmuck. The flirty and fun rival of the century.

Hamish/Helena - This terribly haughty person of illustrious personage needs your help with a case. The gentleman/woman of your unachievable dreams.


Roleplay however you want, change up your personality depending on the situation or your mood.

*Personality stats are only for roleplaying purposes and won’t lock you out of content. The four skill stats are for investigation and action purposes (but are introduced after the demo). They are primarily static, and depending on logical or illogical use can affect gameplay.

The next update

It’s currently TBD. The tone in the next few chapters are calmer, slower, and will introduce some new mechanics. Chapter 7 will then again be more high tempo and long.

The story and demo are subject to change. Foreshadowing is hard.

Feedback is very welcome.
It could be that you dislike a word I use somewhere—or everywhere. A sentence you find very unclear. An error. A place where you would like more or different choices. An idea of something to add to the character creator. A paragraph that is too long or too short. I would love to know. Please share your thoughts. :heart:

Specific feedback and questions (read only after having played the demo)

Currently removed until I have new questions :slight_smile:


(I am not a lawyer)
The books are currently in a strange copyright situation in the US, as some of the last books are still under copyright there. Certain character traits of Sherlock are still considered protected by the Conan Doyle estate, though that is very much debated. But, after I did some research, It seems that dashing don allows fan fiction, which I suppose this is, and to publish it with hosted games, I would have to wait until the copyright ultimately ends at the end of 2022. If this is wrong, please let me know!


I know this will probably need extensive editing—the problem is I am very new to writing. I haven’t written anything before. Well, I liked to write stories when I was around eight years old, and I once wrote a short story for English class. But other than that, I have not done any creative writing before. I’m using this project to learn and improve. Another problem is that English is not my native language (though I sometimes prefer it to my own). So if you see any common or strange mistakes, please let me know, and the more detail on the error, the better.


Warnings: Alcohol, mentions of drugs, murder, blood, death, pain and suffering, mentions of abuse, unstable or unhappy mental states. (if you think I missed any, please let me know!)

Some art I made in photoshop of the characters:

Paintings of the characters (only three done so far)

//The paintings are one of many of my own “headcanons”, but certain features—like skin colour or ethnicity—won’t be expressed in the game so that people can build their own idea of the characters. If your ability to imagine the characters in a way that you would prefer is hindered by seeing them illustrated then I suggest you do not click on these.

Male Watson

Male Lestrade

Male Adler

Now with a Tumblr! :purple_heart:
Book club discord link: An affair of the heart - a Sherlock IF game (we are reading A Case of Identity)


Is this the Great Fire of London ?
Cause this WIP is straight up fire


For copyright issues: are you absolutly sure that they can be extended both to the stories that the character? A publisher once tried to sell some old and obscure Mickey Mouse comics (so bad that even Disney would pretend they never existed) and they got sued because the stories where in the public domain for real, but not the characters.
Last: I’m not an expert either but I’m almost sure that you can’t call it anymore a fanfiction if you plan make money from it


I am quite unsure of the legal aspect tbh. But where I live the copyright is passed, so worst case scenario i would have to self host the demo perhaps? And I don’t plan on publishing anything or making any money (if ever) before all copyright has passed :slight_smile:


I am also not a lawyer, but I’m reasonably sure that if Neil Gaiman can win a Hugo for a Lovecraftian Sherlock Holmes AU novella, nothing fazes the Doyle estate.


You can do whatever with Sherlock you wish. He’s bona fide (I watched O Brother Where Art Thou recently, sorry). As long as OP avoids using elements from a story done by some other company or author that’s more recent than the OG novels, it’s no issue.


Is there a specific reason as to why there can only be one body detail ?
I’m definitely not asking this because I want to create the ultimate Hunk/Babe/Hottie Holmes


I’m loving this already! Can’t wait to meet Watson :smiley:


Haha, well, I supposed I could allow more :sweat_smile: but it’s mostly there so other characters might comment on it. Perhaps see it more like your best feature, which doesn’t mean that you don’t have many or all of them :slight_smile:




Sounds awesome! Surprised you don’t have James/Jenny Moriarty or Sebastian/Selina Moran but otherwise a nice selection of ROs.

(Or Mary/Michael Morstan!)


I loved the demo, it was very interesting and fun to play! It definitely staved off my boredom. Your way of writing is solid and engaging, and also easy too understand for someone like me who’s not a native English speaker (crime-related ones or detective stuff are often quite difficult to read in my opinion)

Will surely keep my eye on this game. Please keep up the good work!

Edit) I was also amazed by how detailed and polished the character customization was. And how you flesh out the characters. Mad props to you.




I am so glad you had fun! :blush: And thank you! (I am grinning IRL now!)
And it’s so great to hear that it was easy to understand. I had really no idea if people would like/get how it was written :slight_smile: Thank you!!!


What’s the female version of Athelney Jones? :rofl:


Haha, good question. Athena, maybe? (Would probably not have them as a romance option anyway though haha, so they wouldn’t need to be gender flipped :slight_smile: )


Omg!!! I loved the demo! I had so much fun playing a female holmes :laughing::heart: keep it up~ I cant wait.


I LOOOOOOVED how this was written! Great style and incredibly engaging, right from the start. I’m sure it helps that Sherlock is so well known, but too many WIPs start off with a huge lore dump before they get to the hook, whereas this one gets to the interesting stuff immediately.

It’s also neat to be able to create our own version of Sherlock, even just going through the description of the different possible vices was VERY interesting, and I appreciated the variability. Oftentimes the harm of behavior like not getting out of bed are underplayed compared to other bigger, flashier unhealthy coping mechanisms, even though it can also be incredibly damaging. I can already tell that this is going to be a game that deserves multiple playthroughs, there’s already so much to see!


Great game :blush:. Can’t wait to more. Also can you adjust the title image so it can invert color in dark mode


A regular day in the life of My Sherlock with experiment vice and his best friend Watson:-