The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart (WIP) (Updated: 21 December 2021)

This is one of the best WIPs I have read. I have been looking for something akin to old the detective classics, and this scratched that particular itch precisely. I can’t wait to see how this develops. Good luck!


@TheDiamondTyrant :heart: :heart: :heart:
Yay! I’m so glad you like Grace and her grumpy ways :heart_eyes: :sparkles: She seems so far to be the least popular character sadly, so it’s always fun to see someone who likes her! :sparkling_heart:

@Astralise.Ink Wow!!! Thank you so much :scream: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Good luck with your game too!! :sparkling_heart:


It’s somehow weird for me when Lestrade is a woman. With Watson it’s easier to accept it, I even watched a series where there was ‘Miss Watson’.

But Grace Lestrade? Sometimes I forget that she even exists :sweat_smile:


But Grace Lestrade? Sometimes I forget that she even exists

Yeah, haha, I’ve definitely heard that before :sweat_smile:

But that’s very true–I don’t remember ever seeing a female Lestrade in any rendition :thinking: which is a bit sad, we need more women grumpy detectives! :sparkling_heart: :heart_eyes:


The fact she seems to be the least popular is a crime against our grump of a detective. I take full offense to this (/s) and will now only every play through with her as the one true love of one Sherlock Holmes!


Thanks a lot! Can’t wait to see what you do next.


Elementary I suppose? It even had a female Moriarty.

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Yeah, Jamie Moriarty, art restorer :joy:
she was also Irene :woman_facepalming:

I didn’t like the whole idea. And how this character was shown.


Please, blur the spoilers! This is a VERY big spoiler for Elementary :persevere:


@TheDiamondTyrant I approve of this very much!! :smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

@Astralise.Ink :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ohh, yes, I’m afraid @Kirlett is right—would you mind censoring your words @Cingulum_diaboli @Astralise.Ink ?

I personally really liked the Watson in elementary—I thought she was great :blush:


Fixed. Sorry about it.


Thank you so much! :blush: :sparkles:

Found a pronoun mistake when asking female Lestrade for details.

“She looks up at you for a second to see if he should continue. Your silence and continued presence lead her to flip to the next page of her notepad.”

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Ahh! Thank you so much :heart: It’s fixed and will be up with the next update :blush: :+1:

Ugh, I fell in love with this story immediately, I’m so glad I finally decided to read it! Seriously, it’s so good and has become one of my favorites here. I never thought I would say this about Sherlock Holmes when I am totally team Hercule Poirot, but here we are. :joy:

Also, I don’t know if anyone else here has watched Killing Eve (if you haven’t yet, don’t do it, it’s for your own good!), but F!Lestrade reminds me a lot of Eve Polastri (workaholic, grumpy, secretly unhappy with life at home and forced to put up with a smartass counterpart), so I based my F!Sherlock on Villanelle (an incredibly attractive jerk who loves to show off how she’s the best at everything she does and seriously believe that she would still be the best at the things she doesn’t care to do), and let me tell you, I had a lot of fun with these two.

Thank you so much for this amazing story!


:relieved: I take gleeful enjoyment from this :sparkling_heart:

Wait, so I shouldn’t watch killing eve?? I’ve heard it’s great, and I think I’ve seen a little of the first episode :thinking:

Thank you so much for playing (and writing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:). Weird question—you said you finally read it, which I read to take that you had seen it but never clicked—was there anything in the description that made you apprehensive? I wrote it a bit too quick, and I’m afraid it might send the wrong vibe, perhaps :thinking::sweat_smile:

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I would say watch the first three seasons and then completely forget that the last season exists, the ending was less than satisfying and was especially traumatizing for the queer audience. I mean, at least it’s a good example of how people shouldn’t write the worst possible ending for a lesbian character just because they wanted to shock the audience.

I guess I’m still a little bitter about it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Oh no, no, it was completely my fault. My dumb ass didn’t notice the “gender-choice” there. So I simply decided to read it because I love crime novels and realized that I couldn’t pass this story up, even if I had to play a male character. When I finally noticed that I would have a choice after all, you could say I was pretty happy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That and the distinct possibility of a good old enemies to lovers lol


Oh no :cry: Well then, if I do watch it I’ll take your advice! I’d probably take an “incomplete series” to a terribly ended one :sweat_smile:

Ahh, okay! I’m really glad it worked out in the end then! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

… Maybe even multiple ones :kissing: :+1:


I noticed this was updated on dashingdon, but no mention of an update here – was it just bug fixes?

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