The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart (WIP) (Minor update: 9 Juli 2022)

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@Cingulum_diaboli Ohhh, haha, That’s quite close to what I was imagining too! :joy: Though there will be a more ‘functional’ decoration setting for a crazy scientist Sherlock—I imagine those chairs are quite expensive and it would be a shame if they blew up in an explosion…

His penetrating gaze is beyond any mere mortal to withstand :kissing:

@Xarena That makes sense—it gives me nap vibes too… Sort of like a cosy museum

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That’s an interesting thought, I’ll have to think more on that! :smiley:


If someone tried to play the game the last ≈ 10 minutes, and was like: This game has a really strange start… Then you probably encountered my error of not removing my testing goto… :joy:
It should be normal now. Sorry about that :pensive:


Well, got to say, this was so fun!

I enjoyed the depth of the character creation choices quite a bit! Though I really dodged a bullet… Almost named my lady Sherlock ‘Sherla “Sherlock” Holmes’ before I hit the next button.

Also, Lestrade is so sweet! But shh! Don’t tell them I said so!

Definitely gonna go follow you on Tumblr right now, if I haven’t already. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


:sparkles: Tiny announcement! :sparkles:

Because of the amazing reception, outstanding feedback, and willing beta readers/testers, I have decided to make the entire game!

(If anyone is confused why this is an announcement, I wrote in the first post that I was still unsure if this is something that I would finish or if it was enough to improve my writing with the demo or up to a certain point.)

The game’s plot is structured to be 25 chapters, though most will be much shorter than the first chapter. And hopefully, there will be some fun surprises for everyone along the way! The finished game length is hard to say, but a very rough estimation would be between 200 000 words and 400 000 (I’m leaning towards the lower end of that, but I could be wrong).

I do study full time, but I feel motivated to try and juggle the two! I find the act of writing this more fun than any hobby I’ve had before, and now I will spend the time I spent doing those things on this instead :smiley:

And finally, I have now updated many of the things I wanted after the feedback given (though some more complex changes remain to be explored). And I have started writing and am starting to piece together the scenes I had written out of order. Therefore, I can give you guys a feasible date of August for the next update, which will include multiple smaller chapters.

Thanks again to everyone who has been so supportive, kind, and helpful! Know that it really helps :heart: Oh, and that I still very much love getting your feedback/criticism, by message, Tumblr, or here, no matter how small or specific it is :slight_smile:


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Very happy to hear that, because I am thoroughly hooked by the premise!


Only today I notice that part of the first post and, to be honest, I was a little scared :sweat_smile: so, I’m very happy with new announcement.

I hope you will have a lot of fun writing this game, and it won’t interfere too much with your duties.


WOOOOO :partying_face:


@Hannya :heart_eyes: I’m so glad to hear that! :blush:

@Cingulum_diaboli Ohh haha. :heart: I’ll try and find a good balance :heart:

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Will Watson have suitor? If i remember correctly he got married in book. Suitor would make nice jealous moments.


Best WiP I’ve seen in months. I don’t think I can describe how much I like this. And it’s only one chapter.

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Depending on which scholar you talk to, he may have had up to three wives, not to mention “an experience of women which extends over many nations and three separate continents.” There’s definitely competition.


Ooooh…… I just played this game and let me say author you GOT ME HOOKED :heart_eyes:

I’d always find the Sherlock Holmes series to be very interesting so I was pleasantly surprised to see an adaptation of the series on CoG.

I love how you wrote the demo and I hope to see more of this series


@E_Nyholm I currently have no plans for that. There probably wouldn’t be room for that in the story, but there might be a reference to Mary (his wife) somewhere :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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@Tarlonniel Oh my haha, I hadn’t heard the three wives part before :joy: Let’s say that the current Watson is a little bit different, and too much devoted to Sherlock (no matter the relationship) to dally across continents :sweat_smile: Perhaps I’ll add some dialogue options on everyone adoring Watson at the ball (If anyone here has played dragon age inquisition, I imagine a similar situation that happens to Cullen in the Winter Palace).

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Ugh I love the dragon age games, my favorite Characters are Solis and the iron bull of course Cullen and Dorian are favorable Characters too
Because of this game I went back to read the Sherlock Holmes books. ALSO I have a question, you know how there are choices to pick which bad habit we have? if we are “romancing” a character or vise versa would there be an option for the RO to bring it up? Like out of concern?


I still haven’t romanced the egg, too angsty haha My all-time favourite is Alistair :heart: I think he has some of the best lines in any game + the delivery by the vo is also so great. Morrigan is also a wonderful tsundere :sweat_smile:

I’m honoured :blush:

Yes! But not just in romances but in the main story and in other types of relationships. The copes are much of Sherlock’s externally obvious internal struggles (I don’t know if that made sense…). What I mean is that people notice—and that it will have an effect and change some choices/reactions/text here and there. It’s one of the biggest choices the player can make in the game :slight_smile:


It could just be that somebody asked about Watson’s dating life and Holmes is little too interested of subject


There will be a lot of intellectual ( or even philosophical :thinking: ) discussions and theories on this game so let’s prepare for the ‘big brains’ because they will appear soon, I have made an inference about our victim’s appearance in this part of London ( a very shallow one ) so I’m looking forward for the next updates :+1:


And I can’t wait to read those. Hell might even take part in them .


I once joked about your WIP blowing up like unstable TNT but now you’re dropping thermonuclear bombs onto this forum

Most excellent,Doriana-Gray.Keep it up,proud of you


@E_Nyholm I’ll try and remember that if I ever see a good opportunity! :smiley: :+1:

@pomster Haha :joy: Thank you! I have to admit I feel quite overhyped… Like those stocks that get priced very high and then plummet once on the market (I’m not sure that is how it works, I know nothing of stock…). Or like cyberpunk and fable 3 (though I kind of enjoyed fable 3).
I just hope people will be alright with a few chapters of a slower pace and more character moments before another investigation of a similar feel to the first chapter. The MC will, of course, always be Sherlock Holmes, so their struggles and deduction skills come into play even in these less investigation focused chapters. But still, perhaps be prepared for a different feel? Or let me know once it is out how you wished it was different :joy: