The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart (WIP) (Minor update: 9 Juli 2022)

I really like it so far.
You should maybe add a back system during the creation character. Especially with how we cope with boredom, to see exactly what mean something.


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@Nael Thank your for the feedback! It’s super helpful! :heart_eyes: Could I perhaps ask you some more questions in a message?

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@Lordlorac Ohh I could do that—do you mean stuff like “did you mean to name your character Name ‘Sherlock’ Lastname?”? And I think being able to see the text for the copes is a good idea, I’ll test it and see if doesn’t disrupt the flow, but otherwise I’ll add it! Thank you for your tips/feedback :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I did some research and it seem that MOST of Sherlock Holmes’s book and character did enter the public domain. You have to take care not to borrow too much from books wrote between 1923 and 1927. Or you have to wait a bit to be sure as all of Arthur’s Conan Doyle books will be in public domain in 2023.
But most likely, you won’t have any problem with your game.


I remember back in sixth grade when I was absolutely OBSESSED with anything and everything related to Sherlock Holmes. And this? This has awakened that part of me.

The demo is really good! The writing is great, it’s almost like something you’d read in an actual Holmes novel! The pacing is pretty good, and the game’s pretty interesting right off the bat. Also, as Lordlorac said, most Sherlock Holmes’s novels entered the public domain, so as long as you don’t borrow much from the books your good to go!


Lestrade my beloved

That was a great demo! I love customization so I like that it was so fleshed out


I have a question thought… Nothing serious but… What are Moused hair?

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@Lordlorac (Disclaimer, I am not a lawyer and I don’t know what I am talking about.) I came to the same conclusion with the copyright—but I think I remember reading that the Conan Doyle estate argued that some of Sherlocks traits that are more explored in the later books, such as empathy or stronger care for Watson (paraphrased of what I remember them saying), and that that means that that is copyrighted with Sherlock still… I think the court disagreed, but I still don’t think I dare do anything beyond post a free demo until the full copyright end in 1 year and six months :0

Hahaha, Oh man, someone already sent me a message of that error, I hoped no one would find it until I had time to fix it :sweat_smile:


I absolutely love this story!! Interactive fiction based on classics like “Wihelmina” is always great! I feel like it has so many possibilities and your writing is really inmersive ans descriptive.
Sherlock and Watson are the otp but ill make sure to play every route because all the character sound like fun.
Do you plan on making a tumblr dev blog for the game?


Ya I think they are suing the creators of enola Holmes under this argument.


Ah, I figured it was something like that. Still, it’s kinda weird to see “Your body is .” Maybe you can make the sentence disappear entirely from the stat, or have a different descriptor for the narration? For example, I think “nondescript” would be inoffensive.


RIGHT??? I didn’t think I’d care about Lestrade much, beyond friendship bc I had a different RO in mind, but like… I’m in love??? I love him so much??? The fact that he notices tiny things about you (in a kind way), making sure he always has an “extra” sandwich, or the blanket without even having to be asked, it’s just so :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


WOOOW I’m a fan of Sherlock Holmes and I really liked the demo
Playing as a detective with detailed crime scenes? COUNT ME IN :joy::heart:
I’m sooo excited for this game you’re really doing a good job here


YEAH this blanket scene melted my heart it was so sweeet :heart:


I don’t think you need to worry, you’re not likely to create something to get as much attention as a Netflix movie here anyway, but the whole ‘emotional Holmes’ argument is pretty paper thin anyway. Sherlock on the BBC pretty much has elements of it already.


@slightlymelodramatic Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m not too familiar with Tumblr, but I’ve seen a lot WIPs seem to have them. It might be fun :slight_smile: What would be good to put up on the Tumblr blog?

@Jeeshadow1 Yes, that was what that was about! On that topic, I quite enjoyed that film. I thought I wouldn’t, but it was fun :blush:

@CrayFoPottah Nice catch, thank you! I’m changing the descriptor :smiley:

@alliebee :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Who did you first have in mind? :sweat_smile:

@derekmetaltron Haha, true. I think I’m just quite paranoid about the American legal system from seeing so many movies… Being sued seems like a terrifying and expensive process :fearful:


By no means would you be sued before receiving a CnD. If you had ignored a warning to stop your project, then there would be sufficient grounds to act, but you’re not going to be in trouble for creating a fan work that (as yet) doesn’t earn you any money.

It’s good to be cautious, and respectful of copyrights; for now just focus on having fun exploring the world, and plot you want to create. :grin:


@Doriana-Gray If you create your Tumblr, you will be inundated with lots of weird questions about characters from fans… but it’s not that scary at all. I guess? :eyes:
Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No pressure, you don’t have to do it right now if you don’t feel like it.


Haha alright, sure. Sounds… fun :joy: I’ll make one sometime this week :+1::grimacing:


loved the demo! can’t wait to see more, by the way love the way no romance is gender locked, makes my bi, gender questioning, self very happy to replay around with all the combos.


Glad to hear you enjoyed the film! I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, its just a lot of fun and Henry Cavil has an interesting spin on Sherlock! Probably will play with a female MC so half tempted to actually giver her the first name of Enola instead of Sherlock!