The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart (WIP) (Chapter 4 public: 4 aug 2023)

I did have an idea for a event that’s a bit similar :face_with_peeking_eye: More of a stakeout, but same vibe.

:stethoscope: Don’t forget to inform the resident Doctor Watson if you are feeling faint or lightheaded :smirk: :flushed:

:rofl: :face_with_peeking_eye: Thank you (it was my one of the first—of possibly many—smuty writing practices and I wanted to start with something… more metaphorical yet not too vague.)

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If we’re talking about fav RO’s, I did enjoy H-- such a cutie in the simp route!! I’ve always liked pretentious talks over tea about literature with thinly veiled innuendos referencing the novels, or perhaps a particularly heated game of chess… I’m a nerd what can I say- but Lestrade and Watson will always be tied in #1 for me!! Aughf.

Something about the S-W-L trio gets me right in the feels. They are so different and yet they are able to worm their ways into the hearts of a person that is so difficult to understand, and they, perhaps, are one of the only people out there who really get Sherlock, who understand, and they need friends who do, and they can find that friend in eachother, a friend who can play up normality and domesticity and drinks at the pub and talks about rugby and share the fondness for the person that brought them together and Sherlock muses on how their own fondness for these two came to be, how, despite everything, they became essential to the Work, to the livelihood of Sherlock’s entire essence, because really- what is a person without friends to care for and to be cared for in turn? Something something ‘my relationship with you transcends boundaries of friendship and romance because I physically cannot be normal about people I’m attached to solely because it takes so much for me to get attached in the first place. I will actually collapse into my entire being if you die or if, worse, I lose your companionship, I’m not accustomed to this, this dependency, this need for the presence of another, I don’t know what we are and honestly I don’t care but if I lost you, if I lost you, I-’)

Sorry their friendship just gets me :sob: Tired, grumpy cat VS German Shepherd VS Insanely messed up Peackock. I hope we get more scenes with the three of them (ALSO ON ANOTHER NOTE I HEARD THERE’S GOING TO BE A W-L LOVE TRIANGLE??? MY HEART WILL SPLINTER INTO A 10000 PIECES AHHH… Unlike H and W they’re FRIENDS I’m gonna feel so BAD :sob::sob::sob:… maybe I WILL make my Sherlock aro after all. But no, despite my personal proclivities towards romance I can’t resist having Sherlock make them blush… :pensive: )

Sorry that was a tangent :sweat_smile: I just… really like SH works


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And it made me think of something—
Which is everyone’s favourite Lestrade version?
I think, despite the series being one that many today judge worse than most others, the BBC Greg Lestrade is my favourite.

(and once we have discussed Lestrade—I shall ask about yalls favourite Adlers, and watson’s and others too :kissing_heart:)


I love the BBC show, so my answer will be the same for all of them :joy:. I have read one or two of the short stories, and I’ve watched the Robert Downy Jr. movies, but the show is the only version to really solidify itself in my mind. To the point that when I read the originals and when I read this IF I was picturing a vague version of the actors

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My favourite Adler is from Granada Sherlock Holmes (actually the only one I like xd)



I know it’s not from a show or film but this version of him haha. I’ve played pretty much all the SH games and I like his and Sherlock’s back and forth the most. Also whenever Sherlock tries to blackmail him it’s just so funny.



Watson huh?

:laughing: I’m trying to imagine him in some of this game’s Watson scene and I’m afraid I’m failing :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ohh she looks great! :heart_eyes:
Who’s your fav Watson and Lestrade? :0

:face_with_peeking_eye: Which game is that? I’ve played one of the older console games, but it’s been so long I can’t remember if it was this one :sweat_smile:


I have a lot of gripes with BBC’s Sherlock, but I can say that one thing they did better than the books was Lestrade. He’s great. I adore him (and especially his dynamic with Sherlock and John!) He’s very different from ACD’s Lestrade, but in an exponentially positive way! I have a soft spot for the “and then there’s this guy, who is also here and relevant sort of” kind of characters, who aren’t technically part of the more main plot or a main character, but who nonetheless have a large role and affect the story. And also are incredibly exasperated. He also may or may not be one of my favorite SH characters :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

ACD ADLER<33333 She and her lawyer husband Godfrey are everything to me<3. I dislike the whole “femme-fatale” Adler trend with adaptations, because in the original she’s just trying to shake off a Nice GuyTM King and get married to her husband without being found or anyone getting killed! She’s smart about it, yeah, but unlike Sherlock she doesn’t want the attention, and doesn’t find her practice as much of a life need like he does. She doesn’t get “bored”, in fact, she seems to want to live a mostly normal life. Also she’s a retired opera singer and it’s implied that her age is not of correct marrying age, but her husband is still ride or die enough to get a 5 minute hurried wedding and pack everything up to move to another country about it, while doing a bunch of stealth “I don’t want my newlywed wife’s weird ex to see us or try to blackmail us about something” around london beforehand. Powercouple<3.


Him :sunglasses: ofc

My favourite Watson is also from Granada SH (I like it when he’s so eager xd)

Watson from S2010 is too grumpy, hysterical & drama king for my taste. I suppose being around that Sherlock could have affected him.

I need to finally find time and watch these two movies…


Guys, y’all forgetting Sherlock from jokes, it’s a strong contender, I think.

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The same character and voice model appears in Sherlock holmes: crimes and punishments and the devils daughter (which was slated as the animation didn’t match up with the voices and the story was kinda wacky at the end :roll_eyes:)

I also liked the bbc Sherlock lestrade but I wasn’t like a big fan. He had some good scenes with Sherlock I’ll give him that, but I overall felt he got lost in the cast as I found characters such as Benedict’s Sherlock and Andrew’s Moriarty much more compelling.



Loving Sherlock is a team effort. Lestrade/Watson/Sherlock polycule.

Because my girl is dangerously brilliant and terrible at managing depression.

Also is it bad if Sherlock goes all “eat the Rich” on H? They’re lovely but insufferable.


Eyyy :handshake: :sparkles:

? What joke? :thinking:

Mmm those two did have much more intense characters than Lestrade. I think maybe Lestrade’s more subdued vibe was what I enjoyed–felt very grounded in a wacky world? if that make any sense. But yeh, it was a smaller character in that way, and therefore easily less memorable.

Ahhh oki, thanks!

:laughing: I can’t disagree with that haha. Sherlock has a surprisingly large support system in the game :face_with_peeking_eye:

:laughing: oH Lol, don’t worry. Go right ahead :plate_with_cutlery: :money_mouth_face:


There is no way english speakers don’t have popular jokes about Sherlock, it’s a whole genre in Russia.
The most famous goes like this:
Sherlock and Watson are camping.

  • Watson, what do these stars tell you?
  • That tomorrow’s weather is going to be nice. And what do you see, Holmes?
  • That somebody stole our tent.

(Also I have an urge to type Sholmes these days, so The Great Ace Attorney’ Herlock is also fun and memorable).


AAAA I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT ABOUT HIM!! I also adored how the narrative role of “Watson” was spread out across multiple characters through the game!


I’m not native English speaker, but I don’t think there’s a whole genre of sherlock Jokes :laughing: But I have heard that one!


It’s an absolute classic, it’s its own thing at this point, that why I’m saying it’s a strong contender. Also there is a whole genre of Baskerville jokes, too.

While we are talking about Russia, outside of the classical soviet adaptation, there is a more modern one, 2013, and while it wasn’t absolutely groundbreaking or something, it was a cute, funny story about a too-much-of-a-genius-for-his-own-good Sherlock and oh-gosh-he-is-going-to-get-into-a-trouble-again-isn’t-he Watson, and I genuinely liked it, I prefer Sherlock depictions there he actually needs Watson for some reason. I was really upset when everyone was criticizing it left, right and center, because it wasn’t the soviet adaptation, and you can’t do better than the soviet adaptation, and apparently there is no more need for Sherlock media because there is the soviet adaptation… It really looms over everything Sherlock-related here.


I think it’s pretty cool how you’re doing this entire game as someone who’s first language isn’t English. Mine is but I can barely string a sentence together most of the time haha.

Have you always liked Sherlock holmes? :slight_smile:


Played the new update. Accidental hand holding* with Helena just like in my japanese anime. This be certified peak fiction.


Ohhh I’m impressed as well. I’m not a native english speaker either and so I thought our dear author Doriana was native bc of how well written the game is!
Now I’m curious about which one is your mother tongue? Mine is Spanish!

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