The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart (WIP) (Chapter 3 update: 14 October 2022)

Then I feel toggle could be easily removed to keep this element of unpredictability or scenes changed a bit in order to avoid accusations of sexual assault. Jun felt unpredictable and stubborn, you were stuck with him and tried to overpower each other as much as you possibly could, Hawkins felt like they were always hiding something from you, always dangerous and unpredictable even when they change sides and start working with CODEC. Maybe not a forcible kiss, just the sensation they aren’t truthful with you, if you’re worried about bad reviews.

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It’s more that I don’t want to traumatize the reader :sweat:
But yeah–I might add the toggle thingy to the warning section of the character creator. That way, it would only affect the people who really want it–and not affect those who like (some–but not too much) tension or don’t want to be spoiled content or warned of the occurrence of content :+1:


I agree with the majority for once, the second option is the most practical one. Too much distance and the reader might get confused, not enough and you lose the ‘prose’ of the text so to speak.

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Sherlock Holmes
romance detective game

I didn’t know I needed it until I got it. :joy:


Was it a combination of the three things (Sherlock, romance, detective) or was it one in particular? :thinking::heart::sparkles:


I am a fan for all of the above, having them together only seems like an improvement over having them as individual pieces. :skull:


:heart::face_holding_back_tears: aww. Yay :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m really excited for y’all to see the next chapter! Let the games begin :sparkles::face_with_monocle::sparkles:


Honestly I just checked it out randomly and fell in love with the characters, way of writing and how the MC is handled.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s is very nice to hear @Dragomer <3 thank you <3

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Might be the most popular hosted game, Sherlock’s popularity and a solid writing

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Thanks :laughing: I really doubt it though.

On another topic–does anyone have a program or plugin to test screen reader functionality in IF engines? I’d love to test my game in both CS/Twine and see if they are both screen reader friendly, because so far I’ve heard CS does it really well so that would be a big pro to CS :heart: (for context I’m doing a port of a part of the game for Uni project, and I’m thinking of doing a lil comparison study).
(I’ve also heard line_breaks does something bad to screen readers, but I’ve yet to hear what that is and I do like using them for formatting :thinking:)


You might want to ask this over at the writer support thread, maybe folks there know something. (maybe wait a couple of days for the April thread)

Good idea! Thanks! :heart: :+1:


Oh my, please tell me you can romance moriarty

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My first guess would be to try it with an actual screenreader?


Now I’m curious, have you played the Frogwares’s Sherlock Holmes series?

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:kissing: :kissing: :kissing:
What do you think? :grimacing: :yum:

yeh–that’s what I’m looking for. But the only good ones I found were very costly. But after some more advice I got I think the built in Mac one might be good enough. And might even be a more common user experience than any of the more expensive ones.

Yeh! I played some, I think the older one I played was their second sherlock game? And I played a little of the newest one but for some reason never played more than the first case :sweat:


I’m curious: what’s everyone’s favorite piece of Sherlock media? The books, the Robert Downy Jr movies (who I 100% thought was played by Johnny Depp until high school)? Maybe this game is your favorite! I wanna know

My favorite is the show “Sherlock” with Benedict Cumberbatch. It’s a shame it ended, and I 100% blame marvel


I am curious–why is marvel to blame? :0

Not sure I have a favourite. I think most of them have something to give :thinking: but for some reason I feel like the books + rdj movies + sherlock (season 1-2) takes up the most space in my mind :blush: I only saw elementary and some of the older ones more recently so they don’t feel as nostalgic for me.

There are plenty of free ones. (Are they not good then?) Although if you’re on Mac, your options definitely are more limited.

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