The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart (WIP) (Ch 5: 10 Nov 2023)

Writing isn’t an exact process in which you can answer that and you don’t necessarily want to impose deadlines that you can’t make because of various scenarios. So we ask that you don’t ask for updates when authors can’t answer when it’ll happen.


Oh yeah sorry didnt want to come across as needy, understand it would be quite hard to put a specific deadline to creative stories, great game anyway.


I’ve been watching Moriarty the Patriot and now I’m sad Moriarty isn’t in this (or if he is, he’s not a RO) because in my mind I’ve been thinking “fated rivals, but make it romance” :sob:

Still love this though!


Interesting thing about Moriarty, if you actually go back and read the original Holmes stories, he appears in, like, just three of them and one of them is the final problem, the one where the 2 of them go over the waterfall. In the overall canon, he’s almost nonexistent, But years and constant Holmes mania has turned him into the great mastermind behind all the situations Sherlock finds himself in.


It’s interesting that he’s not in much, honestly. Almost feels like a character mis/underused because he’s basically Sherlock’s intellectual equal. Almost like a foil in some aspects too. Idk how “bad” he is in the books, but in this show, at least, he’s more akin to a vigilante (albeit, a murderous one lol) with a just cause than someone that’s just like an evil killer.


Read the letter…


… which, may or may not be from Moriarty. Their identity isn’t confirmed, so people are free to speculate who it might be.


… which, may or may not be from Moriarty.

Clearly it’s from Ytrairom.

…who no matter what Sherlock keeps telling everyone, is totally not Moriarty with a fake mustache.

Glued upside down.


man i got sucked into the story so hard i cried at that confrontation with Lestrade, that was beautiful. my sherlock just can’t catch a break :pensive:


Right?! I also did. This was so good. I love the angst! :face_holding_back_tears:


I do have to admit, I’m a sucker for Lestrade as well. The banter, the underlying tension, the way Lestrade is so obvious about it in so many subtle ways…chef’s kiss, truly. Lestrade is either gonna strangle my Sherlock or kiss her senseless during a heated argument or maybe both and I will be screaming.

But then there’s also Watson and their possibly slightly unhealthy attachment to Sherlock…

Look. I will go the LT route. I am a weak woman and I can’t resist getting the both of them as jealous and pissy and tortured as possible.

(On that note, I’m very thankful that there will not be any poly option. On a personal level, it’s a big ick for me and would probably put me off the game.)


This is so cool <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much for sharing!!! :face_holding_back_tears: <3 <3 <3 (I love rereading these types of comments when I am low, so im sure ill be doing that a lot with this <3)

ThIS, and moments like this, is why I honestly recommend choosing ur own first name besides Sherlock <3 Its so much fun seeing the different ways they can address the mc depending on the situation or mood (AND THERES MORE TO COME, all the ROs use terms of endearment and nicknames differently :0)

There’s a variant if they share the name haha

But again I wanna reiterate that this was so lovely to read <3<3<3 :sob:

:kissing_closed_eyes: Its a good choice… it has some future effects even … :0



I’ve tried to look into this but im not sure exactly what the issue is, sorry this is so much later, but do you think you could expand on it?

Here are the options in the code, I don’t think im missing anything?

“All, meaning?”
*if (the mc and H are different genders and mc is not non binary)
	“All great men and women.”
*elseif (if mc is non binary)
	“All people—with a modicum of power.”
*elseif (if h and mc are both men)
	“All great men.”
*elseif (if h and mc are both women)
	“All women—with any modicum of power, of course.”

hEHEHE yeh :laughing: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :face_holding_back_tears:

Ohh, I shall add to notes to check—thx!


No way to do that yet, don’t worry <3 You’re good.

Discord or Tumblr might be the most common ways to get news, but I think this server also has the ability to get email when a thread is posted on? but sadly not just when it is updated or something.

There is <3

This was an incredibly sweet post to read. Thank you <3 <3 <3

I try and not give ETAs before I am a 100% sure, cause otherwise I won’t meet em :sweat_smile:
Thanks for playing! <3


It is very fun to write and im glad y’all think it fun to play too <3 :laughing:

Y’all, I know I haven’t been on the forum much for a bit. But im gonna try and be here more <3 take care!


It is a shame there isn’t a poly option, because the idea of Holmes/Watson/Mary tickles me pink from all the dynamics it could be, but I understand I’m in the minority of liking poly narratives in IF works. It’s also just a helluva lot of extra work on top of how much work IF already is

That said I’m fully on the Lestrade train because boy do I love tall dark and broody with a heart of gold, especially when there’s as much tension and history they and Holmes have. Love me some complex and complicated standings between people who waver on the edge of sort of work friends, sort of just coworkers, sort of simmering something that’s just under their skins. There’s conversations to be had and boy am I excited


AH, fellow appreciator of this relationship! I don’t think darling Mary as a character is included in this game, though :pensive: (unless you count letting Watson name the bird you catch, in which case they do name it Mary.)


I know the discussion is largely long past, but just read the latest update as I haven’t yet and I personally don’t think the outburst was as random as people were saying. Perhaps my view is tainted by knowing it was coming, that’s extremely possible, but given her clear headspace at the time it felt pretty natural, as did her immediate regret. I know it’s gonna be partially rewritten but, for at least my reading of it, I don’t think it’s totally needed.