The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart (WIP) (Ch 5: 10 Nov 2023)

No, no. I was legit crying! Those were some sad scenes.

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Right there with you. I’ve cried over commercials before, and I absolutely teared up over L. I was so invested and those words hit hard!:cry:


I’m not an emotional person so when others cry during a movie or something like that I feel a little awkward…but I didn’t cry in the L fight scene at all.
I just used the most angry remarks @Doriana-Gray provided, and the emotional ones to make L feel ashamed of himself,

MWAHAHAHA I’m such a manipulator :smirk:. Sooner or later in the story I’ll probably be very petty to L and W (who is jealous for some reason :roll_eyes:)


I am vey fond of sherlock, I have watched all his movies. That man is so handsome


I didn’t cry over Lestrade but nearly did over Watson…John, why?? Why??? My Sherlock just wants to cuddle him and solve crimes together and eat Watson’s biscuits with their adopted pet bird :smiling_face_with_tear:


That movie is surprisingly sad! (I cry at the scene close to the end every time :sob: )


Right Dori?! Its so sad! :sob:


It’s a sneaky sneaky existential crisis movie disguised as a silly stupid comedy :smiling_face_with_tear: It’s no fair


Ok hi yeah, I said I had a whole document with my favourite moments from the game and then I never told you, and then I found out that Chapter 5 came out so I immediately dropped everything to play it (once again, at night), so here ar my favourite moments / lines from the game <3 (I apologise in advance for this unhinged comment)

Ok, right of the bat, I love everyone’s characterisation. When I first saw your post on Tumblr, I immediately went: “I am going to romance Watson. This is non-negotiable.” (and it is bc I love them), but I also love the way Lestrade is written, so I’m kinda like :eyes: I love telling him the romance options and watch his flustered reaction, just to obliviously go “? what do you mean” , very funny to me /pos

  • Calling him “silly little constable” is just. Yeah <3

  • Watson immediately calling the MC by their actual first name 0.0 hello

  • Speaking of, Lestrade using ‘Sherlock’ and then switching during moments

  • Also, any description of Watson, ever. Specifically the one from Ch2 detailing how we became inseperable, it’s so cute

  • But there is no triumph or surprise visible in Watson’s eyes. They never mean harm. Those eyes of cold opaline blue, perpetually warm when you are in their view.
    Her gaze is as it always was, with only an added hint of worry.


  • Also us lowkey waxing poetically about Lestrade and Watson in Ch2

  • The way it becomes apparent that Lestrade cares for us, I enjoy his tsundere / grumpy tendencies (I hope, I’m interpreting that correctly)

  • Watson telling the crowd of people at the crime scene about our cases, and everyone is just <3 at her. Like yeah, same

  • “Let’s go,” you say.
    Watson’s eyes crinkle with a wide smile. “By your command, Tam!”

  • “How happy you are now that she is always by your side”

  • Lestrade giving us a blanket at the crime scene and Watson inquiring why. (>> “I see…” she says in an uncertain tone. <<). I may be making her jealous unintentionally (or intentionally, depending on how you look at it, but I just love clicking all the romance options, I wanna know what happens :eyes:) (But also bc I’m just trying to be kind sjskjhk)

  • In her now glowing image, those eyes are the only part that appear gentle. At least…
    At least, they often are, when turned on you.

  • The carriage scene where Watson holds us down bc we’re driving over uneven ground and we’re flailing around is just. Yeah <3

  • Watson, concerned: “Are you alright?”

    Babe, I’m never going to recover from this. Hello??? Gay people real???

  • The entirety of the carriage ride tbh

  • “I forgive you”
    You could swear not even angels have smiles as bright, or saved shipwrecked-sailors as relieved eyes, as what appears on Jane’s face.

  1. Read this answering option and. Good Omens trauma reaction
  2. This line, hello??? I am eating your writing /pos
  • [When putting our head on her shoulder.] “You do not need to make a wager to have my support. You have it. In any form I can provide. Always.”

    crying <3

  • [About Lestrade] “No. But I wish we did- Lestrade and I could become something akin to friends, perhaps.”
    “I… think so too.” The corners of her mouth lift stiffly. “Mr Lestrade would make a fine friend to you.”

    Her respons, ughhhh yess. The slight bit of jealousy?

  • Once again, just all of the discussions with Watson in the carriage

  • “It is not silly at all. In fact, it is most flattering. And well done, Watson.”
    Her eyes close, and she takes a deep breath—as if to savour the moment. “I love your company.” Blue eyes open large, and a wide smile spreads. “Have I told you that lately?”


  • “Terribly silly, but I do not mind.”
    Blue eyes look into yours, and a teasing smile spreads. “I have used those exact words to describe you, Tam.”

    I don’t know which option I like more :pleading_face:

  • Once again, the customisations for your MC, including how we feel about being famous, picking our talent, our weakness; all of the room interior options are great, the clothing options

  • I love that Watson, when asked, will name the bird we caught “Mary”, I’m soft :pleading_face:

  • "Giggling and kicking my feet, I chose a locket with a broken chain to carry in a secret pocket cause it reminded me of Phoenix’ locket with Trucy, and since I’m already wearing a wristwatch, and these are the options [of what to put inside the secret locket]- I’m putting Watson in this, of course I always wanna have a tiny Watson with me, I love them

    Also, forgot that we had a brother lol wubs"

    Quote from my document, still a big fan of this piece character detail / customisation

  • Distraction is never far, not when you know where to get it.
    But it leads to restless dreary dreaming-
    Your vision is filled with a view of eyes so blue- of love so true

    “Not me hiding my face in my blanket cause it’s so cute” It is. So cute

  • Chapter 4

  • This man sure is capable of talking about tea at length. It’s rather impressive.


  • “Oh oh, this really is a rom-com” [said about Watson walking in on the scene in Ch4 where we spill tea on our clothes and the aristocrat helps us]

  • “We will be there,” Watson says, standing arms crossed in the doorway. “I am her writer. Her companion. I am a constant in her life, and I am part of the deal. You hire her, you hire me.”
    “Is that correct?” questions the client, for the first time meeting the others glare, coaxed by the strong force in Watson’s words and tone.

    “That is, in fact, correct, Mr Sir Hamish Bartholomew Jones Hawthorne, it’s either both or none. I’ll be going to this ball and I’ll dance with Watson and also kiss her cause I am in love with her-”

    Love Watson’s -_- attitude towards the client skdkhsdf

  • Mrs Hudson: “[…] Hamish- a real proper name, Scottish even.”
    Watson: “I do not see the appeal of such name, […]”

    LMAO, I don’t know if Watson says this regardless of their gender, or what they say when the client is a woman, but this is hilarious, please

  • Chapter 5:

  • Watson begins to explain, or rather—she attempts to—as her brows crinkle and mouth opens, then closes in a harsh line. Some unspoken unease is clear as she tugs at her tight ribbon necklace.
    The waited words press on you, the rush of the case urging you forward through the nearly-opened door. But, nevertheless, you remain patient. You must, for Jane.
    “Hamish?” she finally asks.
    “Yes?” you ask in turn.

    Just this paragraph

  • In regards to the client, the option to answer:

    “I don’t care for them either. But gods- I am wanting to know them proper, biblically if you know what I-”

    This cracked me up so much, PLEASE :sob: I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW HIM BIBLICALLY, I am still crying laughing at this

    love of my life light in my sky Watson aaahhhh” ← my reaction to Watson not coming with us, Watson please T-T

    That being said, I love the angst

  • During the conversation with Lestrade, the option to answer: “I need you.”, then to watch him get flustered, and then going “? What do you think I asked?”, is hilarious. I love saying the lowkey out-of-pocket options and then go “? What do you mean? This is an ordinary thing to say, why are you blushing”

  • [about Lestrade being the security at the ball] Out of all the coppers in this town, it had to be yours.

    yours <3

  • “Is it so bad? You and I… working together?”
    “It’s not…” his finger taps the bar, while finding the words, while urging them to be spoken. Finally, one word is whispered as if on its own, "Torture.”

  • This whole conversation with him, actually. Including him getting mad at us, which, what did I do, Lestrade, please :sob::sob::sob::sob:. I love that his “rant” always changes a bit depending on what option you picked beforehand

  • Also, I chose the following option with the tears threatening to fall, bc if someone I liked talked to me like that I would cry

  • The entirety of the angst. I love angst

  • You have a vice.
    But everyone does… Watson does not have the healthiest relationship with food, money, status, or maybe even you… […]

    (LMAOOOOO) (It’s the co-dependency, babes!)

In conclusion: Listen, I went into this dead-set on Watson (and I still am, don’t get me wrong), but Lestrade is so :point_right::point_left:

I love clicking the out of pocket very forward things to watch him sputter and blush and then I obliviously go: “? What do you mean?” to see him do it again. Tsundere

But, I’ll also fight Bartholomew, deadass. I like him, but in a “it’s on sight, bitch” way. How dare you dismiss Watson. Seeing him kinda be :roll_eyes: at Watson is lowkey funny tho. Looked at her and immediately clocked her as a rival, that’s hilarious. Incorrectly tho, since he isn’t in the run for my heart, sorry ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

Also, you will let me dance with Watson at the ball. Please.

And Moriarty may or may not turn up. Watson, get the steel chair

In conclusion-conclusion, this game is in my brain. /pos
Cannot wait to see what else is coming <3


L meltdown angst

Awwwww yeah, that’s the good stuff


Oh man Chapter 5 was fantastic, I’m absolutely screaming XD
Sherlock is having such a weird/bad day, poor baby. At least she got to have a fun conversation with Hamish about tea but otherwise my Sherlock is just absolutely baffled and sad. Watson’s suggesting they spend more time apart, Lestrade is mad at her, and she’s got no idea what she’s done except care about these two very much!

  • How do you feel about L now? I the player am still v much torn between romancing him or Watson because I adore their dynamics and I’m a massive sucker for angst. I’m looking forward to seeing what his interpretation of making things right is and I’m very excited to see how our next interaction goes. All that said my MC is very likely to socialize most heavily with Hamish at the ball because Watson and Lestrade both don’t seem too keen on her right now and she enjoyed her conversation with him (while deeply misunderstanding how into her he is because I love being oblivious XD)

  • How is your MC doing? As mentioned above she’s having a bad day lol. L’s rant came fully out of left field for her and I def picked the crying option because I myself was also crying XD I’m glad she’s got something else to focus on cause oof. Double oof actually because I don’t think she’d be of a mind to mope about this to Watson after their conversation earlier. Poor bby. She’s excited for the ball tho!

  • How do you feel about the buildup of where we are now and where you think we are going? I’ve got no idea where we’re going besides to a ball but let me tell you I’m excited as hell to get there! You’re driving the plot wonderfully! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your story with us!!!


Assorted feedback:

Chapter 2
  • I love being able to choose Sherlock’s feelings about the fame, but the phrasing gets weird for Sherlocks who double down on the negativity or positivity. You seem to account for it after the selections are made but an adjustment of the phrasing could probably fix it. Something like:

How do you feel about becoming a famous detective? You…

loathe the attention
only care about the work, and publicity provides you with exciting cases.

You also…
choices here again

  • some of the vices feel like they would fit very well into Sherlock’s whole “Am I ill?” train of thought. It’s not something that feels like an inconsistency or anything, but I figured I would point out the opportunity.
Chapter 4
  • I often really enjoy the way you use mandatory choices as part of the narrative, but I am not sure I like the conversation carousels where you have to ask all the questions to proceed and the order impacts nothing. For example, when you ask H for more information about the ball. It seems like it would be more efficient and a lot less coding for you to just streamline that conversation into a linear narrative. It would also make things easier for replayers.

  • Nonbinary sherlock gets from Helena: “All people-- with a modicum of power.” In F!Sherlock’s route Helena says “all women” and with Hamish says “All men and women”. I guess since it seems like this would be related to H’s gender, and since we have established that non-binary people exist openly, Hamish should also say “all people” and Helena should say “all women” in all variants.

Chapter 5

How do you feel about L now?
a) how dare they say such horrible things to my precious Sherlocks who have never done anything wrong ever in their lives /j

b) In seriousness the angst was delicious and it definitely added layers to Sherlock and Lestrade’s relationship. Like if Sherlock romances Watson, Lestrade cuts themself off part way through “lo—loyal pup.” My guess is they were going to say “lovesick” which just: the potential drama if Sherlock romances both L & W. The possible implications it has about how close L & W are in contrast to what Watson told Sherlock when asked and/or the way it adds to Lestrade being more observant than Sherlock may necessarily perceive.

c) Also, I loved seeing the difference between the nice!sherlock route and the teasing!sherlock route. “I’m not like you. You’re…more.” ruined me.

There is that choice though when Lestrade apologizes where they ask Sherlock to hurt them back and I was surprised there were not any options to refuse to do so and triple down on being a sweet baby angel like “I could never do that to you.”

How is your MC doing?

  • My favorite MC is fine but that’s because she is not good at perceiving her feelings, so she’s just “my companions are being strange and inconvenient today” and doesn’t understand why she is antsy about it. She also has not considered that Watson might continue to not come with, she just thinks this is a one-off. Attending the ball as a guest and not simply as a lurker there to solve crime is an inconvenience, but she is very excited about that letter writer who has promised to do crime.

God i love how extensive the character customization is, and the fact that characters actually acknowledges them too. Here’s hoping for more customization options, and maybe a surprise Christmas update? You never know.


Wow. Just found this and… I am in love!!!

I think I have fallen hard for Lestrade. Like, HARD. The first chapter really took my breath away, with how quietly attentive he was to my Sherlock. I honestly sped through the next few chapters (with one exception - more later :eyes:) because I was so eager to get back to Lestrade. I even kept saving because I was afraid I would accidentally romance Watson instead and I wanted to be able to reload…

Chapter 5… I actually got tears in my eyes. Well, so did my Sherlock… I love the angst. But I’m a little nervous, worried I messed up our budding romance. I hope he shows up at the ball, and we can awkwardly admit our feelings… and he will take me into his manly, rough arms and tenderly kiss me… LOL I’m getting carried away :yum:

I was a little side-lined by Hamish, I must admit. A handsome gentleman who appears out of nowhere and is clearly into my little Sherlock? Oh ho ho. But then I met Lestrade again in the next chapter and… sigh. Hoping for a showdown between them, mwahahaha.

Lastly, I want to comment on the MC customization. I LOVE IT!!! My Sherlock (“Bronson”) is a quiet, thoughtful little guy, totally unaware of his own beauty and often lost in his own head. I love the customization of the “vice,” too. Mine just stays in bed when he’s depressed. It’s so infinitely relatable lol

Anyway, can’t wait for the next update!!! Is there a way to subscribe so I can get an email alert or something? And the chance to buy the game when it’s fully released? I’ve only played a few IFs, so I’m a little shaky on how this all works.


Lestrade. Oh my god. My Sherlock wasn’t really joking when he said he ‘needed’ him. :hot_face:

I thought I already loved the guy as much as I could after their first meeting but holy crap, this latest chapter? I am a total sucker for the way you’ve portrayed Lestrade - every tortured inch of him with all the crap he sees and struggles to deal with (PTSD?) and having to deal with Sherlock’s massive ego, and worrying about him, and wanting him, on top of it. Torture indeed! lol
I cannot wait until the Ball and Lestrade, I truly hope we get at least a mention or two of him in the next bit cos of security preparation or whatever. I mean, I LOVE the cases and Sherlock’s deduction (love how you’ve written him, how you write in general), but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super focused on the character interaction above all else, especially when Lestrade next pops up.
And after their last angsty run in, the dynamic between them is gonna be tense and hella interesting. :two_hearts:


lol. I’m hanging for a moment when my big manly Sherlock, who has been giving Lestrade hell with his competitiveness and teasing, will just grab the tortured inspector and roughly kiss him in the middle of a row, and then both of them can immediately regret it (but deep down not really) pretend nothing happened, and make everything a million times more angst and awkward and filled with an even greater unresolved sexual tension, cos once you’ve had a bite of the forbidden fruit…

I am shamelessly for milking every last bit of sexual tension. :smile:


My oh my, reading this has been quite an experience, having come pretty much solely from a Herlock sholmes background for a sherlock archetype, I had with a little suspension of disbelief, thought to try and replicate his mannerisms.

I got what I asked for and then some, the odd responses, the comedic timings, his oblivious or seeming obliviousness to certain matters.

I have not had this much fun since I first saw Herlock sholmes, and by golly I need more of this. How did you within the span of five chapters. Make me intrigued, laugh out loud, feel like I’ve accomplished something worthwhile, and nearly leave me on the verge of tears?

This must be some magical spell, and I wish to remain under it.

I wish you the best of luck and success with your future writings and I cannot wait to see how it continues up to the eventual full version.


Cant wait for chapter 5, when will it be ready :))

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Hello and welcome! We like to ask that you don’t ask for updates in regards to chapters thanks.

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Ok np, how come?