The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart (WIP) (Ch 5: 10 Nov 2023)

I see where you are coming from. I still feel like the apology was too sudden but that’s my personal view.

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I mean, you have to take into account that seeing someone hurt by what you just said is pretty sobering when you didn’t mean to.

That’s just how people generally react.


But the thing is, it looks like Lestrade did mean to hurt Sherlock, that’s why the apology seems sudden. I’ll go take another look but reading the scene, it seemed that Lestrade was being deliberate.

  • Still adore L! Them and W are a delicious pairing of light and dark for my Sherlock. I love the fact that he immediately regrets his words when he sees the hurt he causes Sherlock. It seems right that he would be caught off guard by Sherlock’s emotional response in the face of his scathing words as my Sherlock lives to annoy him and seems unflappable around him. Really only shows their true thoughts to W as I’m building the relationship with L.

  • My Sherlock ended in a compromising position with H, so W was upset with her as well. She’s flirty but kind of oblivious to H’s intentions until W clarifies. She was feeling confused and a little let down that W wouldn’t come especially as she already told him that she basically needs him. Then she tries to help L and gets the brunt of his frustration… the only 2 people that could hurt her feelings have and she’s not sure how to deal with that. She’d withdraw and focus on the case, also stopping her normal teasing behavior with them as she’s unsure of how to confront these feelings. She’ll still be her oblivious flirty self to H and new characters introduced at the ball but surprised and flustered if they are forward with her.

  • Buildup is great and I’m excited for the ball. Really hope to drag out the protectiveness and jealous from W and L as Sherlock withdraws due to hurt feelings and gets attention from some other RO. Even though I’ll be choosing the 2 of them in the end… or however that plays out! Super excited for more!


Oh and about Watson clearly trying to ‘give us space’, my MC is like ‘I know exactly what’s happening and I don’t like it’.


Same :smiling_face_with_tear: my Sherlock needs her Watson!!


Im dumb what’s happening.

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Basically Watson is distancing themselves from our MC, seemingly so getting some independence help us.


I dont want independence get back here Watson :rage:


Exactly what I was saying.


Yesss, I agree! It would be more nuanced if the reaction was dependent on the Sherlock, for example, if the Sherlock was nothing but kind in all of their interactions L could repent more quickly, but then, my Sherlock was a pain in the ass so idk :laughing: either way, easier said than done :sweat_smile:

That made me remember my theory that when Lestrade and Watson chatted and talked about Sherlock (the conversation you can so insistently ask about in previous chapters) they most assuredly expressed worry for their vice and how were they coping without a case :joy: I can almost picture it!

Aksjdkdk mood
I have mixed feelings: I love Watson’s development bc I love the drama and how oblivious they are to their own jealousy but I don’t want them to give my MC more space :cry:

On second thought, now that I’m less angry with Lestrade, I think their reaction is alright, but sometimes the flow of the conversation itself seemed a little sloppy, but only with certain choices, it seemed… overly explosive? As if there wasn’t a strong enough trigger to their reaction other than the constant company.


I tried to leave, but then Lestrade accused me of always leaving things in disarray, and I said this:

“—Oh—alright—and your MO is what? Day-drinking? Disappointing your peers? General deterioration—”

Which is rich coming from my alcoholic Sherlock, and Lestrade didn’t fail to point that out. :laughing: And then I, of course, threw a drink right in their smug sexy face!

Lestrade was such a tsundere in this scene :joy:
L: Leave!
Sherlock: Ok, I’ll go…
L: How dare you leave?!

When I said that Sherlock is usually the one that gives Lestrade the most scathing comments, I also meant another fight scene from the second chapter, when Sherlock “let them have it”. I expected Lestrade to bite back, but all they said was something like: “so that’s your opinion about me, I see…“ But this time Lestrade really thought: “Not today, Satan Sherlock!” and didn’t let Sherlock have the last word. :grin:


I’ve loved every update so far and this one continues the trend. I’m weak for some drama so chapter 5 is especially fun. For the first bit with Watson, it very much feels like a result of my Sherlock’s relationship with W, their concern makes sense. I mean, W walking in on their partner with a random person and seeing their expression? Makes sense, just hope we can reach Watson soon. (Watson in this story is one of my favorite characters in any IF I’ve read)

• Concerning L, I like them much more now. Compared to Watson trying to bring up Sherlock, remind them of just how much good they can do, L feels like they exist to ground Sherlock, remind them they can’t fix everything and everyone no matter their abilities. Of course, this also means they can serve as a sort of wake up call to Sherlock.

•Sherlock is definitely a bit torn up. I’ve played them as someone generally kind to others and having faith in the few friends they have, so this blindsided them enough they’ll have to be more hesitant around L next time.

•Build up is looking good, but with these preparations I can’t help but feel it could attract attention from a certain someone. Definitely hoping to mending things with Watson before or during the ball. I imagine things may get tense at the event.


Ch 5 questions:

How do you feel about L now?

Mostly the same as before. I like them, but I have others I like more (Watson and H). I decided to focus more on the cute apology and desperation than on the angry rant lol. So in the end it was no big deal, as long as this is a one time thing and doesn’t keep happening. It was endearing watching them so panicky and desperate for MC’s forgiveness afterwards.

How is your MC doing?

You know when you cry for a good while, let it all out, and then feel better? That’s her right now I imagine. Lestrade hurt her, but they apologized and she’s the type to forgive quickly. And I think she found this new side of Watson a bit… enticing lol. She hasn’t processed yet the part about keeping their distance. I think she won’t believe that until she sees it. Sooo, she’s like “phew! okay, that was a good cry. Oh, my, I have a ball to prepare for! Omg, a ball!”

So funnily enough she’s probably excited and content, with an uneasy feeling under it all.

How do you feel about the buildup of where we are now and where you think we are going?

WE’RE GOING TO A BALL! :nail_care:t2: After that, I have absolutely no clue. I like the flow of the story so far, not too slow nor too fast. It feels like we’re taking it one day at a time, but that’s good.


I must admit, I started reading this WIP with rather low expectations. I thought it was going to be just another romantic story, with the usual clichés, and just a little bit of Sherlockian flavour.

I was wrong, and for that I apologize.

I want to congratulate the author, for her careful and elegant prose, when writing this WIP. I was impressed to read how the author was able to keep writing the whole story in the same style and with the same consistency.

This should be something normal and not laudable, but I have read too many WIPs in which the author was unable to maintain a solid and coherent style. So I congratulate the author for giving us a fairly polished piece, in a work in progress.

I think the author does justice to a work inspired by Doyle’s books, for it has mystery and romance in equal parts and in a balanced way.

Now, while I enjoyed this piece immensely, because of how the romances are well created, diverse, and present a complexity reminiscent of real romances, I can’t help but worry about the future of this WIP.

Given the latest developments, during my forced absence, I can’t help but fear that certain people on this forum will end up ruining this piece, with their harmful and incorrect opinions.

From what I’ve read in this thread, and from what I’ve read on tumblr (aside from what I’ve experienced in-game) it seems like the author wants to explore different ways of having romantic relationships with the ROs, exploring everything from healthier relationships, to more toxic ones, and that’s not only a breath of fresh air in this food, but credit to the author, for providing such a complex fictional medium.

However - and as has happened in other threads - I fear that the virtue-guardian squad will come and complain that the author is not showing romance in a “Positive” way.

As an addendum, I must remind the reader that it is not the author’s job to hold your hand and tell you what is right and wrong, and that to expect to go in search of morality in a work of fiction is not only ridiculous, but a complete waste of time, reminiscent in the end of the ecclesiastical censors of the Middle Ages.

But I digress, right now, I have high expectations for this WIP, so once again I would like to congratulate the author on a job well done.

I hope to be able to continue enjoying this work in the future.


toxic yuri with lestrade when


I wholeheartedly agree! The writing and characters are fantastic and so charming. One of my favorite WIPs for sure, and I trust Dori’s vision completely.

  • I still love them, but I do agree with some of the comments about the scene feeling a bit off. I’m all FOR drunken confessions, good or bad, but they didn’t really seem at all… inebriated? They seemed very focused and precise in their insults, so it didn’t really come off that they were all that tipsy; which is confusing, because it doesn’t feel like they’d have lost their cool like that otherwise. I do like the hasty and panicked apology though.

YESSS!! EXACTLY! For a Sherlock that’s relatively composed and politely concerned, the explosion feels like it happened without a trigger (esp for a Sherlock that would be more discreet about their… habits, or would be obvious about their dislike for talking or acknowledging it, which L would have known about. (My Sherlock is too much of a mess to be this way, and for me the scene went fine, but it was in the back of my head, haha.) For Sherlock’s that are distant to L, who wouldn’t really interact with them outside of cases, it kind of feels odd? Like, “Dude I barely talk to you why are you getting all worked up about this. Why do you take so much interest in my personal life, what is this. What are you doing??” like, when would L have gotten time to have such strong opinions about this if the Sherlock takes such pains to not engage emotionally and not share any personal details.

I adored the scene, (panicky apologizing L is very <333, and my MC is a slightly codependent bastard, and would go into a similar panicky “What do you mean you’re leaving? You can’t leave! I need this! Get back here! Okay I’m sorry I’m sorry wait please don’t go–” were a transgression to be taken seriously) but I do think making it more clear in L’s mannerisms that they don’t have their full mental faculties would soften the abrupt change :sweat_smile:.

  • Shaky, definitely. They haven’t really processed Watson asking for distance (especially after everything with Lestrade,) so they’re kind of compartmentalizing? Focusing on the here and now, so to speak. Pretty shook by the convo with L, though, and will likely be subdued and closed off in their future interactions with them, instead of all the joking teasing. W asking for distance is probably gonna hit em pretty hard soon.
  • I feel some emotional breakdown on the horizon, I dunno who, but. Something is About to Happen. I also like the dichotomy of W being a responsible adult and placing distance between them because they think it’s needed, VS Sherlock puppy eyes pawing at the door like a pet locked out, sdhfnskjdbn. I like the buildup with whoever ~M~ is, though; the story has been focused on the MC’s relationships, but there’s still the undercurrent of the larger mystery, and it doesn’t lose that feel, which is really nice. I keep trying to make my Sherlock more emo or whatever, more stoic/reserved, more melancholy, but I CANNOT resist all of the silly options. He’s just a little guy!! A silly little guy!!

I used to love teasing L. Well I still do. But L are you kidding me? Obviously I threw the cup in his face. My sherlock was so mad at him… :sweat:

My MC is doing-ish still mad at L and W but she probably feels separate from both of them so in the next chapter. I’ll be with H more in spite of them…yes my sherlock is very petty. :laughing:

Finally, I think where we are now is probably good. Everyone in the story is kinda getting on my nerves except H and my pretty bird Mary, named by Watson…is the only one I can trust. But with the postiviness of this forum and your game the process might be long but the concept of this story will make it worth the wait! Plus we have the ball!!! :dress: :smiling_face: :dancer:

…I didn’t realize I typed so much!? :heart:
@Doriana-Gray (i’m still waiting for my sexy forbidden love with a criminal :smirk: )


My Sherlock is just “what just happened? …nevermind, I have a case”

(I still adore L. And my MC’s vice is berating anyway, so, fair.)