The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart (WIP) (Ch 5: 10 Nov 2023)

Allow me to answer this properly, I hope it’s not too late.

There would be no copyright issues, as long as the author don’t reproduce certain scenes of certain works.

But the figure of Sherlock Holmes? Is 100% free Domain.

Why? Because Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was European and his work was publised in London. That means that it will go by European law.

Now I shall quote the EU on that (which btw it was a retroactive normative)

“Copyright in a work in Europe lasts for 70 years after the death of its longest living creator. If copyright is held by a corporation, then it lasts for 70 years after publication. Once this temporary protection has come to its end, the work will fall into public domain.”

The first story made by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, featuring Sherlock Holmes was “Study in Scarlet” in 1887. Following that rule and even if “Doyle State” are the descandants, the character copyright has already expired.

So basically, when it comes to the figure of Sherlock Holmes, the author shouldn’t worry.

PD: I found a bit weird questioning the copyright of a classic

(Disney loves to sue everybody btw)


Mystery, murder, and romance? I’M IN!


This one’s so good! I love how varied the character you play as can be… you can be a hundred different people, all of them deranged in varying amounts and flavors. It’s so fun. I also like how you get to choose your character’s opinions on all sorts of things, down to their own face lol.

The writing style is lovely too. It just has such a nice sound when I read it in my mind. I found the character creation just a bit exhausting near the end though, just the bit about what outfit to wear to dinner cause you had to go through three (I think?) lists all after each other in the middle of the story. The creation in the beginning seemed less intrusive because the story had not begun yet, but the part about what the character keeps in their pocket was nice and added a bit of depth to the MC, I think.

The love interests seems wonderful, so far. I can’t help but feel like Watson hides some deep, dark secret, no one is that sweet… right?!


Well, if you count being a veteran a dark secret :smile: But it’s not a hidden one.


I’ve never needed something so badly without knowing it then with this game.

Everythings really evocative and I love the tone what with how it reflects the original stories but also gives it a more personal touch.

I think where I really fell in love with it was when I was eating with Lestrade and chose to throw my sandwich-half on the ground out of awkward sympathy, it’s something so specific and unique showing how your character is able to be multifaceted and choose different actions with the same result, but with different motivations.

On a more personal note I’m not the type of person who generally lacks representation, but being able to choose the depression flaw and the story not just acknowledging and reflect that as a core part of the character, and not just realistically portray the actions, behavior, and relationships of the MC and the others, but realistically and accurately portraying what those are when it comes to longterm depression and that reflecting in the characters who have clearly been dealing with it for a long time…

Well being able to see and play as that type of character and reflecting my own battles with longterm depression, well I just don’t have proper words for it so all I can say is thank you.

Thank you so much.


@nolosepos_pospos Thankfully the copyright issue is near its end :blush: In about a week the final books are out of their USA copyright in full :yum:

@MadDog5 :kissing_heart:

@Opticfiber Ohhh! Yes, I wasn’t entirely happy with the flow of the dressing scene—I’ll probably go over that one again later on :blush: Thanks for letting me know, please tell me if there’s any other fixes that I could do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (I have a lot of love for constructive feedback :laughing: :+1:)

Watson, huh? :face_with_peeking_eye:

drop sandwich in solidarity is at this point a meme in the discord :laughing: Everytime I write silly things like it I am always seconds from deleting it–until I remember you, the readers, seem to enjoy such things :smile: (which I am happy and thankful for!) :heart:

:heart: :face_holding_back_tears:


I think I found a bug. My Watson was Jane but this part treats her as John


I love how WHINY that paragraph is. “Mimimi unsafe mimimimi dangerous for the brain mimimimi imminent destruction mimimimi. I never get to have any fun.”


Take it easy on Watson. Hanging out with Sherlock is probably the most fun they’ll have so what happens if Sherlock gets stabbed? No more fun for Watson.


That wasn’t me talking about Watson,it was me talking about Sherlock. They’re the ones who’re whiny.


That’s why we love them though. :wink:


I think there’s a drabble on the Tumblr blog involving Sherlock getting stabbed.


I am in love


@Personaddict07 Thanks for the error catch! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:smiley: There’s two! (or wait, was one getting shot?)

Very glad to hear it! :heart: :heart_eyes: :heart:


One was Lestrade seeing Sherlock shot, and one was Watson seeing Sherlock stabbed. Since Bored mentioned Watson and Sherlock getting stabbed, I was precisely referring to this one.


I absolutely adore this and how you have written Sherlock. So intelligent and astute and at the same time so oblivious and with an EQ in the negative. I mean, he’s so brilliant, and then he does these things…! Ah! I have always loved Sherlock, but you made me like him even more. I’m wondering if you watch anime because there was an amazing Sherlock anime (well, more about Moriarty) called Moriarty the Patriot. I really loved the chemistry between Sherlock and Moriarty in it, so I was wondering is Moriarty going to appear here? Enemies to Lover’s route? One can dream. :wink:

Also, I really, really like the idea with the appearance of Sherlock. Like that, people get affected and act differently depend on how he looks. Maybe some idolize him, and it’s easier to get an answer out of them? Or maybe it’s the total opposite.

Furthermore, Lestrade is super adorable!


:heart: :heart: :heart:

:laughing: :heart: :heart:
The incredible stupidity mixed with such immense actual intelligence is one of my favourite part of the MC :kissing_closed_eyes:

I have not watched the anime yet!! (I actually just had crunchy roll but forgot to :woman_facepalming: I think I’m gonna have to subscribe yet again soon)

So… is Moriarty gonna appear?? hmmmmmm, what do you think? :sunglasses: I do love myself some enemies to lovers

:heart: :heart: :heart:

:relieved: hearing that would make them blush so hard! (And make me smile)


I have a question that I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and I think it would probably be a good idea to get an actual consensus on the matter for once—

The topic is villain romance and sexual content

– and where and how I can/should draw the line.

As I see it, there are three common ways I could structure this:

  1. The common way is that both the player and MC consent to the content. This does not leave much room for a darker villain to be villainous to MC, but it keeps everything very non-problematic.
  2. This version I’ve seen more in literature, but it’s, for example, that the MC thinks, “I want this but I can’t bring myself to say it” / “I feel conflicted yet drawn to this”—so that it does not give the villain informed consent, but MC is at least somewhat positive to the situation internally. Another example could be that MC expresses doubts and conflicting feelings out loud to the villain, or the MC has severe power imbalances in the situation, and yet the villain goes forward.
  3. This one only works in interactive media, but it’s where the player chooses either the action of the villain to act, or the situation to occur (in some way). It could be as simple as a choice: “they kiss you”,—which says nothing of the MCs previous or afterwards feelings on the matter. But it could also be something that leads up to the situation, with implied warnings.

Which are you okay with?

  • 1. Both player and MC consent to all content
  • 2. MC consents but does not explicitly or traditionally do so
  • 3. The player consents, but the MC does not / or is conflicted

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Additionally, how far is too far?

I don’t think personally I would want to write a sex scene with (2) and (3), but what I had in mind was:

Sexual touching and attempt at kissing with dubious consent
(For a darker romance route)


Romantic touching, light cheek kiss, stroking of face/hair even if unwanted by Mc.
(For the lighter, softer one)

  • Knowing something like this is in the game makes me feel uneasy / I won’t play game
  • I like the idea of the content
  • I don’t care either way it’s in the game or not
  • I wasn’t going to play the game, but if it has this, I want to

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I just feel like… if I have a villain romance, but they can’t do villainy things to the MC, even if its just a little, won’t that feel fake? Additionally, the 1800s concept of consent might realistically be not so detailed and well-understood. I think if I felt this topic was completely off-limits, the “truth” of the character or scene might suffer.

There is also one issue with (1) that… well, in my game, I can’t have the MC be fully onboard with the villain, at least not mid-game. There would need to be some conflicting emotions at least—but that harbours into the area of dubious consent. And then it gets tricky.

Anyway—I want to get yalls opinions on this topic, as I feel like some might feel this whole game becomes a thing to avoid and even dislike because this is even (optional) content. Does anyone feel that way?
(I will, of course, also have general TWs related to this, but I’m not sure there’s a way to fully safeguard against possibly seeing the choices related to this, for example.)

Additionally, there are a few topics of consent and TW I can’t get into, because of story spoilers. But if you tell me your thoughts on the matter in general terms, It might help me be able to make a decision from that :heart:


I am definitely not playing a route that isn’t (1), but that’s ROUTE, not game. Personally, I have no issue with you including (2) and/or (3), provided I, personally, don’t have to go through them and these options would be clear enough about their non-consent that I can’t accidentally pick them.

Have something else, but have to brb for a bit, and it might take me a bit to articulate properly, so I’l edit this post when I come back.


Ah-- so as long as it is optional and clear enough choices to avoid-- it’s entirely fine for you? I feel like clear enough choices should be very doable — and otherwise fixed in beta. (And as you said you had to go, feel no hurry in replying :heart: )