The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart (WIP) (Ch 5: 10 Nov 2023)

@Doriana-Gray If you create your Tumblr, you will be inundated with lots of weird questions about characters from fans… but it’s not that scary at all. I guess? :eyes:
Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No pressure, you don’t have to do it right now if you don’t feel like it.


Haha alright, sure. Sounds… fun :joy: I’ll make one sometime this week :+1::grimacing:


loved the demo! can’t wait to see more, by the way love the way no romance is gender locked, makes my bi, gender questioning, self very happy to replay around with all the combos.


Glad to hear you enjoyed the film! I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, its just a lot of fun and Henry Cavil has an interesting spin on Sherlock! Probably will play with a female MC so half tempted to actually giver her the first name of Enola instead of Sherlock!


:slight_smile: right? Cavill was a strangely fun version of Holmes. Very different, but it’s fun to see something new done with the character :smiley: Ohh, honestly, it would be cool to have preset names for Sherlock that are callbacks to other versions, but I don’t think I dare to do that. But they can’t stop you from playing as Enola Holmes! :heart_eyes::ok_hand:


Or play Sheridan Holmes so I can play her like a functional sociopath. :smiling_imp:


I have a strange question.
Does anyone here like baroque decor, and why? :face_with_monocle:

I am currently writing some of the apartment decoration choices, and my current description is quite snarky because am personally not a big fan of baroque decor… :joy: So, if anyone is a fan, please tell me what makes it pleasing to you! :heart:



Edit: Oopsie, forgot to add a feedback. So far, it’s really awesome. Not difficult to read for people who have a basic knowledge of English, and yet you still manage to write something that really grabbed my attention. I really like the dialogue options too :grin:. Your character creator is really complete too, so personally it’s a big plus.
If you didn’t understand already, I only have positive feedback at the current state of your demo.
Take care of yourself and thanks for this promising demo :blush:


honestly, baroque decor just makes me feel classy and fancy.


I’m honestly not a big fan of baroque either but I do have an appreciation for it just because I’m a fan of history so whenever I see it I just immediately think of that time period which usually spins into me thinking of other time periods and that’s just fun… I feel like this comment isn’t too helpful heh sorry like I said I’m not a huge fan either.

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Kinda cackling right now, because while i do like baroque furniture and whatnot, I feel like it needs quite large spaces to not become overwhelming. So imagining a small-ish London flat stuffed wall-to-wall with gilt is somehow hilarious to me. Home sweet… bordello?

Same goes for rococo, mind.


Warning! Past saves will not work anymore!

I just made a small update (This is not a story update!)

It’s mostly errors fixes and misspellings—though I’m sure there are more that I’ve missed.

There is also an added mini-scene with the drinking cope if the player chooses to give the witness a flask of spirits—then you can choose to use your own or Lestrade’s.

I’ve also added a line about the witness’s blanket.

Small changes in the prologue.

The scientist former case background choice now has a bit more text as it was a bit unbalanced.

The character creator is changed quite a bit! At least in structure and ease of use.

@greasybrittle :smiley: :+1:

@Xarena Oh yeah, I know what you mean! Usually in modern uses of that style (movie sets and such) I feel they change it a bit to be more palatable to todays senses. But when I look at pictures of time correct baroque I have a hard time appreciating it :confused:

@Hannya Haha yes! You see my problem here. Perhaps I should just keep the snark…


My opinion of baroque is that I’m so not dusting a thousand tiny pieces of crap. :rofl: (God, I’m turning into my mother :face_with_hand_over_mouth:). But then, I pretty much assume Watson is the one to keep house anyways XD.


Well, baroque decor is very present in my country, on its many historical buildings, specially churches and old farms. Maybe I like it so much because I grew up seeing it, so it’s kinda hard to explain. The contrast it has, maybe? There’s as many round shapes (such as couches and chair legs) as there is square and lines (the decor in the walls and mirrors).
As I said, we have many churches in this style here, so althought I’m not religious, maybe I have associated it with some otherwordly peace and silence. I’m having a quite interesting reflection here, haha. And well, it’s classy, fancy, stylish, all I want to do is wear a top hat and drink tea (and I don’t even like tea) while I behavior my best, preparing to receive my visitors to discuss a nice Charles Dickens novel.


I love it, makes me feel like I’m in the sitting room of some highfalutin aristocrat from a Jane Austen novel. But most of her highfalutin aristocrats were written as unbearable snobs, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable in such a room, necessarily. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@Myrtle :joy: :joy: :joy:
Although Watson probably would be good at the job, Sherlock, Watson, and Mrs Hudson share a maid and a footman :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: You’ll meet them soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Nael Ohh interesting! I might borrow some of your thoughts… :no_mouth:

@Tarlonniel :heart_eyes: :joy: :joy:


I made a tumblr blog! :purple_heart: :yellow_heart: :purple_heart: :yellow_heart: :purple_heart:
(I have no idea what I am doing, so please tell me if I am doing this incorrectly)

I will accept questions, thoughts, headcanons, memes—whatever you guys want—just keep it civil I guess :slight_smile:


I have to admit, I’ve not been this excited for a WIP in a long time… Looking forward very much to the next update!


I imagined my MC doing some crazy ‘science’ experiments in a room like this:

:rofl: :see_no_evil:


I’m straight but i don’t know why i feel male lestrade portrait pretty intriguing