The Adventures of Pinkerton Gumshoe!


We were called in to investigate a reported murder… The scene was gruesome and no witnesses, which I consider odd because the scene was at a snack bar in the middle of the conventional convention, a convention for all things convenient. As my partner and I investigated we reached the same conclusion. “We have no idea what to do” and "I am kind of hungry… Saying that we thenvgrabbed burger’s from the local drive through , we then went back to the scene… After reviewing everything only one single question ran through my mind, one that would change my life forever… Did they forget the onions?

Soooooo… thoughts? Want some more? Anybody

Chapter 1…
“Did they forget the onions” I asked to nobody in particular… nobody in particular answered me… “Did you say something Pinkerton” my partner Don McCrook asked “I think they forgot the onions on my burger” I said “Yeah I think they forgot mine too… which I consider odd because we specifically asked for onions” He mused “Yes, but what do you expect from a fast food joint” I said “But anyways we should get back to work” I also said… As we investigated the scene I noticed some things on the ground, Onions… A comically large pile of onions were on the ground alongside what appears to be the remains of a burger…

It shall be 3 short stories each about 30 chapters…
I just figured out how to have youtube open while I type up the story so expect more very soon…
Part1: the adventures of Pinkerton Gumshoe,
Part 2: The Adventures Of Pinkerton Gumshoe. This time it’s super… natural
Part 3: The Adventures of Pinkerton Gumshoe. The mystery of the trenchcoat


But will there be snacks? :wink:


Ummmm yes? What do you mean? I also finished chapter 1


How could you look at a murder scene after eating and not puke. Also i like it so far


Pinkerton is most likely too busy doing a monologue to be affected by it and Don is very used to crime scenes due to his years as a detective… also thanks


The main characters name is Pinkerton Gumshoe,
His partners name is Don McCrook


Once this book is done I have it published so everyone in the can read my perfect creation

I do plan to have some dark humor in it… at a level not unlike @Dark_Stalker


Black humor?


What exactly do you mean?


Dark Humor

What’s darker than black?


True… but yes there will be some dark humor most from Don McCrook’s point of view… Don is Pinkertons partner


I guess black humor would be looked down upon here… Anyway glad I was mentioned :blush:


Good ol al yankovic… the onions are a plot point…

Any time :blush:


The second part of the book will be from Don McCrooks point of view


Chapter 2 will be done soonish it’s not done yet due to a severe case of procrastination


One year and two days ago was my first post anniversary(I was just @Bluestar at the time it still counts)


I have chapter 2 and three done. Does any one want me to put them up?


I fear chapters will not come as fast as I am dealing with a personal enemy… writers block