The Abyssal (WIP) - Play as death itself!

Is there angels and demon like lucifer and is god in it and also is there Greek gods as well


There are demons, but they don’t have any connection with modern Christianity! This world is fictional and even if a few things can be related to ours, not everything is the same. I used greek mythology only for inspiration.


Love the premise and potential of this story… may I ask thou I noticed you mentioned abyssal gods may I ask who are they.


Heey, thank you, glad you liked it! The abyssal gods are gods born in the Abyss. There are three abyssal gods, Death, Quaboth and Nemeya.


This. Is. AMAZING!! I’m in love with your writing already :sob: :two_hearts: can’t wait to find out how wild wildmen are actually :eyes:
I also badly wanna know what Death did to the other gods that led to two thousand years of endless suffering, so that I can decide whether to give each of them a fruit basket and an awkward yet sincere apology, or to front stab those backstabbers with some Urúdum blade personally crafted and customised by my adorable Quaboth :person_fencing::person_fencing::person_fencing:


So who are the Furya gods

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Are the fourhorsemen around or no and would they ever be in this


Gosh! I love the fruit basket concept haha! But if anything I feel Death probably is more of an unlucky scapegoat than a real villain. I would now expect the other gods to gift fruit baskets or go full Abyssal on their ass! If they apologize then all is well. If not. . . :japanese_ogre:


You should put the main character on the pantheon

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Found a typo, On the 6th screen i believe (the button to reach it is deep in the abyss)
“Send” in the last paragraph Should be sent
If i could imbed i would put a screenshot


This game got attention. Look forward to the next update


Well, everybody has to have at least one kinda fruit that they like, right? :rofl: Even Ryuk can’t resist dem juicy juicy apples.

Since it was hinted that their punishment could be justified, I was curious if Death really deserved it. You’re probably right tho. I also think that Death’s hands were probably tied at that time and had to choose between two evils. Like, destruction of the world or harming the other gods or something along those lines? It could also be the reason (why Death did it) that was unacceptable to the other gods, or maybe questionable means to an end–

omg I’m slowly turning into the conspiracy theory dude :flushed: halp


Either way, I hope they really have a good reason cause I understand imprisonment but sending waves of pain one after another for thousands of years seems rather excessive and malicious. So rather than a basket full of apples, I might demand their first born and maybe more for retribution :dagger: :skull:


We may even have one of the gods a law of surprise haha

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I love seeing all the theories you guys come up with!! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

@BookieMonster Thank youu, it makes me so glad you that you love it!! The wildmen are very… humm… natural! Let’s just say that, lol! The suffering Death had to go through was a consequence of the only method capable of keeping them contained. Some gods took pleasure in this suffering but others just didn’t see any other alternative.

@DarkSaber You can find all the Furyan gods listed in the first post in The Pantheon tab.

@Harley_Robin_Evans Humm, kind of? Death will be given the choice to embody a new dominion in later chapters, and some of this dominions are part of the four horsemen, minus death, of course.

@Veraynea A fruit basket may not be enough though, depending… evil laugh.

@justanotherfangirl I fixed it! Thank you for the help!

@BookieMonster Hahahh this made my day!! :joy: :joy:
And yes, Death’s punishment will be justified or not depending on their motives for doing what they did! But that’s not all there’s to it… A few gods might have had a personal vendetta against them, and took this opportunity to enact revenge.


Wait so if a god is killed, there will never ever be a god for that dominion again? What is the point of gods then?


Actually the person said the god essence end up scattering and then later goes to the domain also person said the consense goes


A god is but a physical and sentient representation of their dominion, now for why they exist or not and what makes a dominion more important than the other, are questions that will be answered in the course of the story.


I’m just saying that it seems weird that a dominion can only ever have one chance at having a sentient representation since you said no another god from the same dominion can’t formeven if the previous god of the same dominion is dead? Or am I just misunderstanding things? No offense though :slight_smile:


Hold on isn’t Death supposed to be purely neutral as a being and entity. If that’s the case chances are Death was simply unlucky and/or scapegoated as that one user said. Of course with author saying that Geek myth is where their inspiration came from its also possible for Death to be imprisoned simply because he ate the last slice of pizza…actually thats a criminal offence to be fair. But seriously though it could be something serious like a coup gone wrong, it could be bad luck or it could be straight up godly pettiness…wouldn’t be the first time.


Can I ask what time period this is set in and if it’s our earth or a different world entirely?