The Abyssal (WIP) - 07/10 DEMO Update. Play as death itself!

But Death had to be weakened by Sol before the other gods came in so I doubt his power is overestimated.:joy:


capturing death required sol’s cooperation and tricking quaboth into making the chains. in the event sol went ‘no, i’m not doing that’ im pretty sure he’d tell quaboth and the entire plan is screwed then. and even disregarding that, to be completely honest i cannot see as many of the gods agreeing if they had to go after sol too. amorr would be out, they didn’t want to go after death anyway. vaal would probably be out, she was on the fence as well. i feel like the twins, if anyone, would know a losing battle when they see it and dip. they’re assholes but they’re not stupid. i really just don’t see it happening without sol’s agreement


Maybe your right but either way i dont see chamion giving up his plan for revenge after 1 failure.


When is this game coming out because I can’t wait


The update is probably coming sometime this month or next.


Might be longer if they got by hit the writer’s block cos nothing has been posted by them for a long time


They’re very active on tumblr and they’ve been posting content on patreon recently so i dont think there on hiatus.


Lol wasn’t it supposed to be last month that it updated? Anyway I’m guessing it’ll be late June or early July we see anything


Im pretty sure the reason it was delayed was because the author had to get surgery (Btw my information is very secondhanded so i could be wrong this is just what ive seen on tumblr and the forum)


Two surgeries if I’m not mistaken, plus college. But they are healing well and working behind scenes. You should go to tumblr where asks get answered more often.


Well, that sucks (surgery), do you know what illness they have that required them to get surgery?

Nope i dont think they’ve mentioned it but im pretty sure there fine now judging by how active they are in the community.

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Tumblr is a pain to navigate through but its helpful to see what a games features are going to be. Other than that i dont go there much.

I remember reading one was a hip surgery but don’t take my word on it. The closest thing I found was this and there should be more in the #personal tag but they don’t appear


Ah, that is very sucky indeed, I hope their recent surgery went well and there were no complications.


Ahh I have read this demo like realllly long time ago and hoping to see what will happen after our mc break out from the prison! It would be really exciting to destroy the other gods and human kingdoms that support our imprisonment.


Im not sure there were any human kingdoms that got the chance to support chamion.

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I think the coastal civilizations that was mentioned in the original demo that the Abyssal destroyed when they escaped was worshipping Chamion as their main deity.

Not much of an loss for us anyway… just gotta devour all of those souls to screw with everyone


The impression i get from the asks the author has answered is that humans didnt even know that death was being imprisoned until after it happened.


That is true yes but humans were always aware of the existence of the deities. Even Chamion made a mistake of marrying a mortal woman and is currently taking out his tantrum on the Abyssal that probably had nothing to do with it at all.

Even the Abyssal had worshippers before they were imprisoned and when it happened, all of those worshippers were killed off by other deities’ worshippers.