The Abyssal (WIP) - 07/10 DEMO Update. Play as death itself!

Try subscribing on his Patreon, which receives extra updates on the progress and some tiers have early access I think. It also supports the author, which I’m sure they’d super appreciate!


I happened across this cyoa by accident but oh my goD ITS SO GOOD. I’m already hooked and only got through the demo, cant WAIT to jump on the author’s patreon and tumblr! Seriously tho, keep up the good work and make sure to take care of yourself dear author; I cant wait to read what else you have out there :smiley:


Betrayal is one of my favorite themes in writing. There’s just something so emotional and heartbreaking when it’s done right. I’ll have to smash my piggybank and join the author’s patreon.


Betrayal must also be my favorite thing in fiction. I realize in retrospect that all the WIP and IF that I follow deal with this theme.


Yeah, I love stories that deal with betrayal, both in a broad sense and in a romantic setting. But what I truly like about stories that deal with that is to be able to have a MC who forgives these things, who can be the “bigger person”. I strongly dislike vengeance stories if the actual vengeance is a mandatory thing - unless one considers to be vengeance having a character who is truly a saint, which would show the one who wronged them how wrong THEY were.
That’s why I’m so eager to be able to follow that path in this game :rofl:


That’s great :ok_hand: but for me revenge with violence is a must, it’s very therapeutic in a way.


Yeah, different people react different ways to things like that. I guess we could say we are wired differently. Like, for me, vengeance stories that force the vengeance part upon the player, as in with violence, are genuinely upsetting and make me incredibly stressed out and depressed (in a bad way - not in the “enjoyable angst” way). So basically the opposite of therapeutic. What I DO find therapeutic is basically what I described in the other message - the “proving how wrong they were by having the nicest and gentlest MC” part.
That’s why I was asking after the latest update if I should skip one update or not, depending on if the MC would start to calm down and if I could play the way I wanted (considering we know that will be possible, obviously). Up until now, acting violently was mandatory and I was starting to feel really bad while reading. Obviously, that won’t last unless the player wished it to, but yeah, with how upsetting it is to me, I would have skipped one update if that meant being able to start playing as I wished with the next one.


The worldbuilding really gripped me on this one, this is definitely one to keep an eye on, can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us. :slight_smile:


Who created the world was it Furyan gods or the creator himself also did gods create all life on the planet


The supreme being, the all, its explained in the prolouge


I’m the exact same way. I just really hate it when I’m forced to act violent in terms of revenge. Sarcasm is all well and good but actual violence… it’s not my cup of tea