The Abyssal (WIP) - 07/10 DEMO Update. Play as death itself!

Maybe he’s into that kinda stuff


Good for him if he is, isn’t any less weirder for me. I prefer my romantic partner to not be abusive that’s all 🤷


yeah… maybe stop pushing the author to add more ro. I’m kinda feel bad for the author since ppl keep pushing them to add more, not only in this forum but in their tumblr page also…
Its their story dude, not yours. :pensive:


Does Nemeya the goddess of night get along with her brothers or maybe they hate each over


We’re up to what, six, maybe seven now? It’s enough of a pain in the ass to write 2-3. Get off Matt’s back, guys. ._.


I said wish I wasent asking for him to put another romance there is a difference between wishing and asking guys don’t need to be rude


Hulda is the female.

Can we stop arguing about ROs. I feel like the author has made it clear that Sol is gender locked and plus there are already enough ROs, there is no need for an extra gender locked female RO.


You replied to wrong person dude.




Well it turned out that way cause people misread my reply on here


Can people just stop engaging when people mention adding more ROs it just goes circular even if it was a misunderstanding


Mine wasent even asking to add another romance I just wished hulda was one but not saying I wanted the person to do that


Yep. I’m ready to bet the entirety of my snack stash that Chamion would flip. I mean… He was shown to be mad at Death doing their job? And sitting at a party? And generally… existing? So since Death did not only escape (how dare they :roll_eyes:), but also destroyed a good chunk of a continent, Chamion would definitely go ballistic.

I’m also sure this will be used to put Death further into the bad light. “Look what happens when Death is on the loose, we were right to lock them up!”. Fantastic.

I don’t know if Death and Chamion could ever come to an understanding. It would be sad if he just stubbornly refuses to see reason. He could be a cool dude once he put his millenia of grudge behind him :woman_shrugging:t2: who knows.

Oooohh that’s a good idea!! It’s equivalent to serving divorce papers on him :joy: I like that. My Death crushed the sunstone on spot, but maybe I’ll let them keep it now haha.


The writing is brilliant but the story drags a bit, for me. We’ve had a LOT of content but the story hasn’t really started yet. There’s a lot of description, internal thought processes and background building but virtually no character interaction, few choices and sparse action. As I said, the writing is excellent but I found my interest waning, waiting for something to happen, for the actual story to begin. I think some of the description and background could be dropped and if necessary, dripped into the story later. I think this would make it more engaging from the outset. As it stands, I think you could lose a lot of readers in these opening chapters. I don’t mean to sound overly critical. I’m just giving constructive advice, from my point of view. I look forward to seeing how the story develops. :slight_smile:


I’m so conflicted about what you just said!

Like, I didn’t feel the story dragging and I don’t consider we had a lot of content so far, since the updates were relatively small - it just felt longer since well, we had to wait in between updates, which is normal.

But on the other hand, even if I don’t agree on the “ground level” of your comment, I DO agree with the fact I’d like the “meat of the story to start”, but it’s not because my interest would be waning and I don’t think it’s too slow or anything - it’s simply the fact we don’t get to decide much about our MC’s thoughts for now, something I already commented on. We make decisions - like what do do with the sunstone, how to fight off the wardens and stuff like that, not to mention choices about MC’s background - but when it comes to reacting to what’s happening - deciding what are MC’s feelings, a lot of it is “enforced” atm - for a lack of better word, cause I don’t really like using this word here.

But I already talked about that before, and I don’t necessarily think there is an issue with the rythm or anything per se, it’s just that while we wait for the next update, the story stays “stuck” with the MC being in a certain mindset - for me - or I guess with the “starting action” for you, from what you’re saying.
I’m not that bothered for now, just eager to control my MC a bit more be able to stop the rampage :rofl:


It’ll be fun to learn how close or far off half the theories ends up being as the demo grows (and especially when the story gets fully released). :laughing:

I honestly didn’t even make that connection. :laughing: I just thought of Lunik (my Death MC) seeing it as a piece of Sol’s soul that they still may not have the heart to harm it (because a small part of them is still a gentle soul), but that they also want little to do with anymore right now. But they also want the necklace that Sol has that’s connected to them, so Lunik is keeping the sunstone as both something to trade their own necklace stone back with saying no will not be a actual option Sol, don’t try testing your luck too much and to truly feel free of Sol by returning the sunstone and reclaiming the stone that harbors at part of themselves still in his possession.

Oh, my Death was very, VERY tempted to toss or crush that thing. But much like with the sight of the golden roses, the little gentleness still left in Lunik has held them back from lashing out at either of those things (because at the end of the day, the roses and the stone were not at fault for what they went through).

The temptation is there (and will likely be tested the whole time the sunstone is still around them), but they’re keeping their emotions and impulse in check as much as possible through sheer force of will though that was not enough to hold back their outburst once they escaped.

I wonder if Death will even be meeting the same God of Seas as the one who wanted vengeance toward them so badly that he likely didn’t even need much persuading to the idea of sealing Death. Many years have passed after Death was sealed, and there is that chance those years may have changed Chamion in some way (maybe even the other gods as well, to varying degrees).

I’ve seen things often go two ways with vengeful characters after they achieve that personal goal of their’s: either destroying their initial target of vengeance doesn’t actually satisfy them enough and they get blinded by their wrath as they give themselves more targets to aim for in a attempt to fill a gap that can’t really be filled (at least, not in the way they’re trying to). Or they come to find the act of vengeance has left them empty and see their victory a hollow one that didn’t give them the closure they thought it would give. Both sides end up wandering aimlessly in a way because they were so focused on pursuing that personal justice, they never really thought of “what happens next?”

I’m not sure what side of Chamion we’re going to encounter in the present time. He technically partly got what he wanted in the past: the sealing of Death and making them go through their own despair. But at the end of the day, doing that likely didn’t bring back the important person he lost (and if it did, something may have went horribly wrong since, you know, he helped seal away the person in charge of the sleeping souls) and he likely may not have really thought about where he was going to go from there or what kind of effects would pop up once Death was taken out of the picture. Maybe he will continue to hide behind his anger and it only gets fueled more once Death not only escapes, but ends up (as unintentional as it may have been) dealing a blow to Chamion’s followers. Or maybe after taking out Death and their followers, Chamion had nowhere left to target his wrath and was finally forced to actually confront his grief and come to terms with the loss he experienced and how targeting Death didn’t make things better (maybe even made things worse in some ways, depending on what effects may linger from the choice to seal them).

Chamion will be a interesting foe, regardless and I am looking forward to see what the future encounter with him will look like. Even kinda see the Sea god as a warning of what could happen to Death if they allow themselves to be consumed by the desire for vengeance.

Although speaking of the Pantheon this particular conversation gives me two questions:

“Enough, both of you. We need to get this done before Sol gets here.” Chamion snaps, turning everyones attention to him. “Namur, the old man, was he able to finish the spell?”

“Yes. Even if Sol changes his mind he won’t be able to break the chains.” Namur intoned, his immaculate robes seem untouched by the filth on the ground as does his naked feet, his eyes, as always are covered by a white piece of cloth, rendering him effectively blind. “Who knew our answers rested with a mortal. It was… fascinating to see.” The blind god’s voice is cold and emotionless, perhaps even a little resentful.

"Well, you did it. I would’ve been more surprised if you didn’t know about his abilities. Only one rod remains, and then the spell will be complete."

First question that got brought to mind: despite clearly making plans ahead to make sure Sol did not get cold feet and end up freeing his friend/lover from the sealed prison, did none of the gods really plan for the idea that maybe one of Death’s siblings would attempt to break them out? I get why Nemeya probably wasn’t considered a possible threat (she doesn’t sound particularly close to Death and her ambitious nature could mean she wanted Death’s position for herself), but Quaboth is not only described as fiercely loyal to Death, but he is also partly the creator of what was used to seal Death in the first place. Namur is called the god of foresight, yet it also seemed like he might have a issue of possibly underestimating what some capable of (if we go by how he talks about the idea of a mortal having the solution to what they were planning). Did this god, along with the others, just really underestimate Quaboth’s tenacity to free Death, no matter how long it took? Or do they have plans for that outcome already and should we all suddenly be concerned for fire bro’s wellbeing? And had they had plans prepared ahead of time for how to deal with the recently freed Death or are they all scrambling to make those plans on the spot because few of them saw it coming?

Second Question: how badly are the gods being played right now? I don’t know, call it my baseless gut feeling, but I feel like whatever made them seal Death didn’t actually really solve whatever issue they had hoped to solve. If anything, I feel like they have gotten tricked in some way by someone (maybe even a unknown who is in charge of the group that mortal who did their part to seal Death is part of) and ended up digging their own graves by possibly making the problem worse or risking the loss of a possibly invaluable ally (AKA Death MC) to aid them in avoiding the disaster coming their way.

Just some added random thoughts that came to mind.