The Abyssal (WIP) - 07/10 DEMO Update. Play as death itself!

Ayo who is this genius God who thought they can imprison us forever. :skull::skull: I also just want to ask while being imprisoned are we still able to do our duty to reap souls?


Probably Namur, but it has been implied that he knew that we would get out someday.
The other gods put someone else in the job of managing our domain. So yes, the reaping continued.


Each time you respond to one of my theories with a vague answer I lose sleep time. I hate you (not really). Have compassion!:cry:


Base on the romance description I really like Sol, so I played his friendship route first then after that I also deeply realized that I like Aza’deh more than him. :sweat_smile:


Will you be adding more goddess to story since there’s only two and also does Nemeya the goddess of night get along with her brothers

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There are three goddesses so far, Hulda, Val and Nemeya.

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I think Hulda is actually a god not goddess

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So if we romance Amorr as male she will take the form as female is that what your saying

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They change based on your preference, if you attracted to females then she will take the form, if your attracted to males then to a man.


oh ok so we can romance another god/goddess besides sol


I’m getting the impression that might kind of be the case. Hard to really tell what exactly was nature of the relationship between that Chamion (though she likely could have been a former lover of his, but who knows maybe that could have been a beloved daughter of his), but she was clearly was someone important to the Sea God regardless. Important enough for the relentless grudge toward Death to be openly known and unyielding. Whatever the gods’ goals were when they made the decision to seal Death, they were likely not goals that Chamion himself shared; he most likely agreed to the sealing of Death solely to exact his vengeance on them. His motive for agreeing with the sealing of Death seemed to come from a entirely selfish place.

But if that person was mortal, what was the sea god truly expecting? A mortal life is a fragile one and Death MC is in charge of gathering the souls of those who enter the eternal slumber. Even taking out the eventual rest from old age, so many other factors could end up coming in play that could shorten ones life. My Death MC even talked about how they warned him of some inevitable outcome, and yet Chamion seemed still do unprepared for the outcome (which makes me more curious about the full story going on in that flashback). I do wonder if doing his part to seal Death and killing all their followers really did end up satisfying Chamion’s thirst for vengeance or if he found his victory a empty one at the end of the day and how he may feel in that case.

Speaking of Chamion, I found the mention of how the nearby coastal cities suffered pretty strongly from the blast a little detail that caught my interest. I imagine that those who live along coast probably take to worship of Chamion the most, so I wonder if Chamion sensed what his worshippers went through in their final moments. :thinking: Wonder if he may even be furious about Death’s return taking the life of his worshippers (which would be VERY hypocritical of him if he was, but I wouldn’t put it past him right now).

My own Death MC is keeping their sunstone, but currently doing their best to ignore it. Did I feel bad doing that? Honestly, felt like all the options had its own dose of angst to it, but ignoring the it felt like ignoring a puppy but practically feeling it looking at you with doleful eyes. But my Death’s current plans for it is to return it to Sol with their own hands so that they can be completely free of him, so yeah, they’re going to do their best to ignore it until they get it to the right hands.


I don’t know what to do with the sunstone.
On the one hand I want to smash it but on the other hand I want to smash Sol :smirk:


@DarkSaber Hulda is the goddess of war, she has a twin brother who is also the god of war. So in total there’s three goddesses. like @Vexilcvb said.

@Okami-Nora Your assumptions are very interesting, very interesting indeed :thinking: :thinking:


No they’ve already said multiple times.


Wish we could romance hulda shame haha

You wish to romance someone who laughs at your misery for thousands of years and treats you like shit without any type of empathy? Weird.


second that :triumph: :triumph: :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:

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Maybe he’s into that kinda stuff


Good for him if he is, isn’t any less weirder for me. I prefer my romantic partner to not be abusive that’s all 🤷


yeah… maybe stop pushing the author to add more ro. I’m kinda feel bad for the author since ppl keep pushing them to add more, not only in this forum but in their tumblr page also…
Its their story dude, not yours. :pensive: